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Part 22

Sorry this took me a couple days; it's a busy time of year (read: I was stuffing my face with mince pies) and the script inserter takes a really long time to do its job now that it has to assemble and compress so many more script files. Hoping to get it optimised a bit, but for now doing edits and revisions is a real chore because of that.
Anyway, satsu Claus is bringing you a big update today, so I'm going to spread it over a few posts so that it can be read easier. Away we go!

This post only

Much like Dorah and Delacina, Eru Shulay was split into two by the Empire. Conveniently, Mine Town and Toma also have a big mountain separating them anyway.

Why, that sounds like a brilliant idea!

I just realised "Rogue Clechia" sounds much better for this, but I'll be damned if I'm going to wait another 15 minutes to reinsert the script just to update another couple of screenshots. If I forget to change this later, let me know.

There's not much going on in Mine Town, so let's check out some of the sights.

Alcoholism is a popular pastime in the Devis Empire. Other popular pastimes include blood sports and abusing slaves.

Meanwhile in the item shop...

That's how Battlers roll.

The weapons on offer are gradually getting cooler names too, except for the totally ridiculous Mole Hammer.

I'm surprised you can get the sack for being drunk but not turning up to work is perfectly fine.

Let's check out the dormitories around the mine.

...Whoops! Grandpa Def said I'm not supposed to tell grown-ups.

The people here are spectacularly unimaginative. Fine, let's ask the guard nicely.

See, Old Man?

Yeah, I'm totally amazed the guard didn't just let me through. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

So the slave workers who happen to be a race singled out for abuse are being forced to wear stars on their clothing? This is familiar-sounding.

Whatever. A little smog is nothing to me! Don't you know who I am? I'm the Battler Filena! I done rassled with a alligator! I done tussled with a whale! I done handcuffed lightning, throwed thunder in jail! Only last week, I murdered an elephant by throwing rocks at it! I'll make the goddamn smog sick!

This is not the last time the script writers are going to do this.

I have a feeling this is going to turn into Errand no Filena.

Let's check around the town some more.

People in the Empire sure have a way of making you feel welcome.

Let's see what's happening at the mine.

Foreboding... they couldn't possibly be preparing to declare war against Filena?

Previously-mentioned named NPC alert!

Now, there's no hint at all from the game, but after you visit the mine, the dialogue at the inn changes. You'll see why, but only after the fact. Rushed scriptwriters!

See, I'm sure everyone guessed that one of the guys at the mine is an undercover Laritenian.

Yet more back-and-forth ensues.

Note that you'll need to talk to Nuno again here, despite no indication from the game that you should do so.

Sir, thank you for your valiant efforts to make the names Def and Leppard less utterly ridiculous.

The next day...

If I know these Laritenian men, he's probably having an affair with one of the guys at the mine.

I see despite that, you're still hanging around the bar.

Wait, what?

(with apologies to RedChocobo)

Nuno, I fear your career as an undercover spy may be short-lived, but God speed you.

Heh, whatever.

Yay! We're finally inside the cave! Here I demonstrate my genius by taking the screenshot while Filena is obscured by the wall.

As we approach the exit, a thick gas bulds up...




DYING *wheeze*

Well, that wasn't a very good idea.