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Part 23

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Filena gulps down some humble pie for the smug git at the item shop.

Sprite change imminent!

This was totally worth it, guys.

This guy has the right idea. He just runs all over the place non-stop without any protection, despite the fact this town is like a Koffing orgy.

Let's check out the weapons factory, which amazingly isn't guarded or anything!

Man does what Clechia do best: bitch and moan about how shitty it is being a Clechia.

I'm not sure if the Clechia are really in a position to be picky about that sort of thing.

I'm tempted to go back and name all the NPCs when I'm done with this translation.

Speaking of which, I had a small brain failure the first time I translated this bit.
The Japanese word for "cook" here was "kokku", from the German "Koch" but pronounced much like "cock" in English due the restrictions of Japanese pronunciation. Bearing that in mind, the first thing I thought was "Don't write 'cock', don't write 'cock'..."

Then I started thinking about a gay cook in Lady Stalker by the name of "Kokkusu", which I was thinking of translating as "Cox".

That was when I accidentally entered the cook's name here as "Cocks". Hurr.

Anyway, let's move on from the weapons factory and hit up some of the dormitories.

I may not be a little girl, but I'm not sure that's how I'd react if some stranger just barged into my room, especially while wearing that.


Note that Filena is keeping the biosuit on to hide her shame.

Oh Def, you always are a fantastic let-down.


Toma's pretty small, so we find the ghost house in no time at all...

...see, it has a grave and everything.

Inside, we find the main doors are ajar...

As we attempt to enter, a small boy suddenly jumps out!

...and then promptly turns to ruin the screenshot.

We interrupt this blissful childhood moment to bring you a word from our Imperial overlords.

Mr Wiggles was MY responsiblity, damn it! Ms Faulkner's gonna give me detention for sure!

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled Clechia idiocy.

Keel: drunken beardy doctor and ladies' man.

Filena kindly puts the doctor out of his misery, for all of our sakes.

The party head downstairs to plot against the Empire in private...

...and right after they do, a mysterious man comes in from outside.

Keel has a bright idea: little girls love guinea pigs.

The boy gingerly wanders along the wall... you can just see the top of his head in the next few screenshots.

Hands up everyone who forgot we brutally tore his father from limb to limb in cold blood right in front of him.

Filena's luck appears to have taken a bit of a nose dive.