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Part 24

This post only/Latest patch (translates up to the end of this post)

Fis, I'm telling the truth. Your mum decided she didn't love you any more and ran off to become a dancing nun.

Fis promptly runs away. With all the trauma this kid's gone through, I'm sure he's probably going to wind up being an angsty Final Fantasy hero when he grows up.

Fis! I was just kidding when I murdered your dad!

Kushka runs after Fis...

Oh Kushka, you're just as utterly useless as your grandfather Def.

Meanwhile, Fis is getting his ass kidnapped by the Black Devils again.

Keel seems awfully calm about the fact the building's on fire.

"Destiny" is the sound of scriptwriters throwing up their hands and going "I dunno! vv "

Bor is the capital of the Empire!

Filena, you did not just recommend Keel and the little girl stay in the burning building.

So long, awesome new sprite.

Filena's all "Uh, sure, whatever you say doc".

We descend to the basement!

Like all basements, this basement is teeming with monsters. Note the Mad Air on the far right... It's a lot stronger than the rest of the enemies here (which we've been fighting for a while), and loves status effects.

It also gives out loads of experience. Coincidentally, we're going to hit a ramp in difficulty soon.

I bet you're itching to find out what this does.

Why, I daresay this free healing might be some kind of a hint.

At the same time...

They may not be able to beat up a pair of girls, but they can commit atrocities on little boys with the best of 'em.

Flight from Toma, with Black Devil Beating @ YouTube

Lila clings to Filena...

Filena staggers around a bit, but Lila remains glued urchin-like to Filena.

...Clingy bitch.