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Part 25

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Sorry to keep you waiting.

One thing I'd like to get out of the way now is that I'm afraid that the quality of the translation is going to suffer a bit for now because it takes at least around 15 minutes to insert the script files now. This makes tweaking, editing and testing the script take much, much longer, so in the interests of keeping this thread updated in a timely manner, I'm going to let a lot of things that I'd usually fix right away slide for now.


We can go three ways from here. South-east will take us to a lighthouse that we can't enter. West takes us to a black market, and southwest takes us to the beach and another lighthouse.

Time to check out the Empire's healthy black market for weapons!

This was actually the first black market I found when I first played through the game. I must have been an idiot five years ago.

As you can see, this black market has an amazing selection of items, but they're all ludicrously-priced. No sweat, though. I took advantage of the free healing at the end of that last dungeon to gain about six or seven levels. We netted quite a bit of cash as a result, as you can see in the bottom right of the screen. We've got just enough to do a full armour upgrade and to get Filena a Crystal Sword, which is much stronger than our present stock of weaponry. Boots are nice, but no boots will do.
Anyway, this is all just as well, because the monsters get much stronger around here. There's a reason that free healing was at the end of the dungeon.

Enough chit-chat, though. To the beach!

As we wander down the coast, we find ourselves in a surprise new area.

Hey, characters with new sprites! Maybe they want to be friends.

Amazed to see new sprites this late in the game, Lila suddenly develops a severe case of inarticulate disease.

Okay, so I don't know what the sound that dogs make which isn't barking or growling is called.
Edit: Whoops, I mistook "kunkun" ("*sniff sniff*") for "kuun kuun" (*dogwhine*). This'll be fixed in the patch.

You think they'd be used to getting rumbled by now.


That's "gyappii" in katakana. Any suggestions for a better name? He's going to be around for some time.

"...I give dogs shitty names for fun."


Well, at least it's not the Black Devils this time.

Back at the beach...

16x16 sprites sure can hide it well!

I think Lila fails to recognise that Filena is never going to knock her up.

Now look what you've done.

Friends? Oh, er, sure. I hope this means you're willing to die for my cause like all my other friends.



Go, go, original Japanese ROM!

I'm Migo, yer guide to the lighthouse!
You wanna go inside?
Arrite, arrite... I'll take 1000CR fer the entry fee.

What will you do?
> Pay
Don't pay

My family live in there too.
Looking forward to servin' ya!

Migo's younger brother:
Y'can use the beds in the basement.

Use restricted

...And that's it. Totally useless, but I figured you'd probably want to know what was inside the lighthouse. In other words, this is all your fault, thread.

Moving right along!

After fighting our way across the beach and the forest, we finally arrive at the camp.

Finally, we arrive somewhere where the immediate response from the locals isn't "YOU STINK GTFO".

Filena is touched by the warm welcome, but quickly notices some serious business to attend to.

Eeeehehehehe, play with the sheeps!

...Let's find out a bit about these nomads now, shall we?

I spy a weapons shop at the bottom of that screenshot!


Ha! Ha! Going senile. Ha! Oh, you crazy old people.

We appear to have gone from "CLECHIA! " to "MEN! ".
Is this an improvment? Answers on the back of a postcard.

Meanwhile, Amanela is being a deadbeat layabout.

That's okay, I don't think it's just the Amakune. Men in general have a pretty shitty track record in this game.

After a quick tour of the camp, and getting to know the misandric Amakune tribe, Filena is all tuckered out. What awaits her tomorrow?