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Part 26

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The next day, we head over to Amanela's tent to see about this creepy old man she wants to hook us up with.

Something, however, appears to be amiss.

It just appears to be some sort of parasite.

Hands up everyone who thinks Lila can be trusted to help here without accidentally throwing the baby into the fire or something.

Filena gets a bit grossed out by the sudden childbirth scene and tries to walk away, but Amanela insists that Filena come and stare as a noisy, horrible little proto-human is squeezed out of her bloody vagina. I guess there's supposed to be something sentimental about it.


Thank goodness, for a second I thought the Black Devils were tuning into the horrible birth scene.

It looks like Milika is definitely dead.
I feel a bit better about acting on my sudden whim to strip her of all her equipment when she was last with us. You can't take it with you!

It looks like all the action is happening on the other continent now. Damn it!

Not a boy! A horrible, stinky boy who should be shot and then castrated! Men suck!

I bet you thought you saw the last of that sprite!

Annoying Baby also decides to throw in her two cents.

I think I might need to rephrase this sentence.

Yeah, thank you so much for making me watch you give birth, Amanela. You're a true friend.

Looks like we've got to kill time again. Let's examine the environs a bit more.

Why, this looks suspicious.

Oh come on, this design is just silly.

Suddenly, a sentry comes running down the side of the mountain.

Hey, wouldn't this be a great time for a cliffhanger?