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Part 27

This update only

When we last left Filena, one of the sentries around the Amakune campsite was rushing off to warn Amanela, the leader of the tribe, about some terrible news.

Let's go find Amanela and see what's up.

On heading outside, Gappy Hunter starts "talking" to Filena.

I feel it is my duty to point out here that Hunter's ultimate equipment is all named after Lassie, possibly the hardest equipment to take seriously after the Jesus line of equipment you can get in Shin Megami Tensei.

It always struck me as weird that we now have to go to Oligot Mountain in the west instead of Pilkit Mountain in the east where the sentry came from, but at this point I'd rather advance the plot than try and be contrary and head off to Pilkit anyway.

At any rate, Hunter has joined the party! (I'll have to photoshop this screenshot later because I forgot to change the name here.)

More importantly, however, we can now upgrade our equipment again.

Not a bad selection, and we can just afford to upgrade Filena's sword and spear, and some equipment for Lila.

With that out of the way, we're off to scenic Mt Oligot!

Figure A. Mount Oligot.

As we reach the top of the strangely perfectly straight slope, Hunter's canine senses pick something up!

Ah, he appears to have picked up the scent of afterbirth. Lovely.

Filena seems to take being told that a woman who just gave birth is more capable than her quite well.

What do you mean, "let" us fight?

And we're off! We've got to wander around getting into fights with Clechia Hunters and monsters until we find the leader.

Ah, it's so nostalgic having a full party.
Amanela comes equipped with good equipment, and some very good Spear techniques.

And for some reason, two spears. Remember that skills aren't weapon but type-specific, so this spear she's got is absolutely redundant. (While it's equipped on her, at least. )

Faced with a selection of two spears and a bunch of spear skills, I command her to do only what is right.

Incidentally, Filena's recently learnt this sword skill. It can freeze enemies, which like petrification counts as a 1 hit KO.

And by the way: Amanela comes equipped with a pearl necklace.

See that cave to the right? The way the path looks, you may think that it's inaccessible from here and go on. This actually fooled me right until this playthrough...

...because you can just walk right across.

And here's our handsome reward!

I guess we've reached the point in the game where treasure chests stop sucking.

Also, free healing!

As you can see, this equipment we got for Gappy Hunter is pretty awesome. He's now nearly 1.5x better at ripping out the throats of our enemies, the cute little tyke.

As we get to the summit, Amanela starts to realise going out and fighting right after giving birth may not have been a good idea.

Fortunately, Hunter isn't quite intelligent enough to take offence at this.


Filena starts off by attempting to freeze the Hunter, but no luck. It did take off a huge chunk of HP, though.

Meanwhile, Gappy channels his lupine bloodlust and tears the Attacker to shreds.

Lila is actually useful now, and OHKOs the Killer.

Amanela finishes off the Attacker, while I expertly miss the animation on my screencap.

After a couple more attacks, only the Leader is left standing.

But not for long.

Moral of the story: powerlevelling is the only way to fly.

And thus concludes part one of today's update, as I frantically dash back and translate something that I forgot to do! Coming up next: the road to Bor!