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Part 28

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Just as Filena and her friends bask in their victory, we cut to the Black Devils again...

Ah, nuts. I was hoping for an update on how the war was going, but it sounds like the Empire is holding its own against the Laritenians. Still, is it really okay for the elite of the Empire to focus on a single transvestite fugitive?

A full party is always such a brief luxury in this game.
Also, I forgot to raid Amanela's equipment. Damnit.

Yeah, me too. Lila's getting pretty creepy.

Meanwhile, here's a screenshot of a very optimistic member of the Amakune.

Sadly, Amanela neglected to tell us which way the Tilon Forest is! Let's try heading south for now.

Right, this looks like a dead-end. That small patch of forest looks familiar though...

This Black Market features a man who'll trade 10 Spikes for a Colichemarde...

...which I think you'll find is pretty awesome. Also, it looks like you automatically get Amanela's equipment.

Not much worth getting here though, but the bulletproof vest is worth picking up. Strangely, only Lila can equip it.

Now, this is more like it.
I bought 25 of these.

Tracing our steps back north, we follow a long and circuitous route to find Flack.

Thank goodness he appears to live in a brightly-coloured Monopoly house, or this could have taken a while.

It is awfully charming, though.

What's that, Hunter? It's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-kiri Rock? Scissors? What the hell are you talking about? Stupid dog.

Bor is the capital of the Empire.
(Clearly it bears repeating... constantly.)

...That's it? No search quest or anything? No boss to beat?

I... I could cry.

Lila's continues her dramatic slide into utter creepiness.

Though the graphics in this game were dated for 1995, I like that they put some effort into making the sprites a bit more life-like.

Flack then turns into a giant and walks right down to Bor.

Oh God he's gonna crush it

That was disappointingly easy.

Eternal Filena takes place in a perfect world populated by horrible liars and gullible guards.
Incidentally, this scene was quite interesting to translate.
The original Japanese version has a different terrible joke; Flack says that he's very busy, and then quips "I guess this is what you call being so busy you even want the cat to help!". This is a well-known Japanese idiom, but obviously makes no sense in English. I decided to go with the cat idiom, but I had to build it up a bit as you can see. I guess it's pretty obvious that I came up with that one.

We've finally made it.

We're finally inside Bor.

This is what the past nine hours of gameplay have been leading up to.

This is what Milika died for.

This is what Laris risked everything for.

Everything we've done so far is so that we can get here, find Uto and find out what Filena must do.

Time to end today's update here.