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Eien no Filena

by satsu

Part 29

(This update only)

We last left Filena right in the heart of the Empire, the capital city of Bor.

Taking Flack's advice to heart, Filena runs straight to the guards.

...who are decidedly unhelpful, but at least they didn't arrest Filena or something.

Sadly, the tried and true method of asking alcoholics for advice fails us here.

I think he's calling Filena a whale.
Also, it's amazing how people are so cavalier about divulging information like this. With competition like this, it's no surprise the Empire was able to conquer the world.

But feel free to tell anyone who looks like a Clechia!

Towards the north-east, we find a lift that takes us to the nice floor of town.

Sadly, it's full of assholes.

Apparently, the Clechia in Bor are all basement-dwellers. Be on the lookout for 16x16 sprites with neckbeards.

Sadly, asking around about Uto here is just plain fruitless, although I get the feeling we'll be back here later.

If you say so.
Also: Crap, an NPC with a name. Looks like we'll definitely be back.

Anyway, back to the ground floor.


Wait, I just asked you about a blacksmith. Don't go unloading your drama on me.

Also, it looks like he just has a cold to me. Stop being such a bunch of sissies, you vile Clechia!

Amazingly, the one person who actually knows about a blacksmith is totally useless.

This man is an inspiration to us all. If you're not happy with life, just stay in bed all day!

Crap. Even the man with a unique sprite is a dead end.

...or is he?!


Yes, it's only just occured to them to try following the tracking devices they know we've had for a while.

Meanwhile, back in Imperial Bor...