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Eien no Filena

by satsu

Part 30

(This update only)
IPS patch

When we last left Filena, her reunion with Uto had not quite turned out as expected.

Well, okay.

Fortunately, all of Uto's attacks miss, so at least we don't have the shame of getting our ass handed to us like some RPG heroes.

After a bit of back and forth...

After chiseling off another 3HP or so, Filena gets bored and decides to dispense with the scripted battle.

Yes, and it's conveniently located between Filena's breasts which you failed to notice.

Finally, some recognition.
After all the abuse and bullshit we've gone through by now, this is a real breath of fresh air!

There's something real charming about the way Uto puts it.

Well, shit. There goes the Kingdom.


I won't question why the radio reception in their own capital city sucks, but works just fine on the other continent.

So you see, being a servant isn't so bad. Let me tell you about the time I had the privilege of waxing the King's buttocks. I was overjoyed to be chosen for the task!

Hands up everyone who was expecting it to be stolen or something.
For what it's worth, though, the sword isn't actually that great.

Remember this was made in the 90s, when environmentalism was in, just as nonsensical Biblical allegories were.

Damnit, Filena, this is what happens when you walk around with a tracking device that doubles as a radio transmitter all the time.

Filosera is still around?

...Maybe then you can stop trying to jump into bed with me all the time.

Anyway, we're free to wander around again. There's a very small dungeon in here, but it's just a couple of corridors to the next scene.

Here you can see that the Sword of Filena is decent, but not amazing. evinced by this item we just found for Hunter down the corridor.

As we reach the exit...

Huh! Radio. What's going with that radio?
(Filena appears to be blessed with the ability to hear radio waves.)

Filena and co. try to escape...

...but in a sudden case of awesomeness, the Black Devil warps right in front of them and initiates a BOSS BATTLE .

Sadly, it's promptly dispatched by only a few of these, and then fed to Hunter.
Pretty poor showing for a Black Devil. Then again, I have been power-levelling a bit so I can blitz through random encounters.

Yeah, but he's dead now.