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Part 31

(This update only)

When we last left Filena, she'd just escaped from a secret passage out of Bor...

Perhaps not the most subtle of secret passages.

After a quick trek (and brief diversion to a Black Market, where we picked up a weapon better than the Sword of Filena not five minutes after receiving it), we are met by a town and a dead end! Best check out that town, then.

Perhaps this is a better name reference than "Def Leppard" from before. It's definitely way better than the next reference coming up a while later...

The Village People were considered the lowest of all Clechia, and dealt with promptly by the Empire.

Let's see what the locals are talking about!

The inn:

Don't worry, Filena is very good at massacring officers.

Uh oh, a unique-looking building. There better not be plot in here!

Oh good, it's just a fortune-teller. Considering how late in the game we are now, she's probably not going to tell us about our destiny and the huge 50-hour quest we have to embark on.

Well, that's cryptic. Why would we want to become Biseylas?

Since we've run out of things to do in Belushi (short of needlessly upgrade all our weapons again ), we check out the north of the town and find another area to wander about...

And it just happens to be littered with items.

I just took a screenshot here to show off the silly weapon that stole the Sword of Filena's place in our current arsenal.

Just after this battle, Filena also learned a new crystal weapon technique - Jumping Ray.

This item allegedly allows you to dodge elemental damage. Now, here's one major issue I have with this game: there are a fair few items you can get that claim to reduce or void various kinds of elemental attacks, but there doesn't actually appear to be an element system at all in this game. I don't think there are even any elemental attacks! I think the only weaknesses that actually make a difference at all are weaknesses to different weapon types, and even then it doesn't seem to have a huge difference on how much damage you can do.
My advice is to just not bother with elemental items and sell them so you can be like me and buy every single weapon you can come across. Weapons in this game become obsolete faster than PC hardware, but you don't really need to upgrade constantly. I'm just a huge item whore, if you didn't notice.

Anyway, we progress further along this area, cross the river, and come across a small house...

Sadly, it appears to be suffering Silent Hill syndrome.

Never mind. It's off to Lucibeh to massacre a bunch of soldiers.

Ooh, suspense.


Back to Belushi!

Back in the inn, we find someone who seems to be dropping some kind of hint.

That's pretty steep for a kaffiyeh, shirt and pants if you ask me...

This fortune-teller has instantly become much cooler than any other JRPG fortune-teller.

We head back over the mountain (though it looks more like a hill to me, but according to a movie I saw once Englishmen don't know much about hills and mountains), and on the way back to Lucibeh, try that house one more time...

After that little outburst, a girl runs out and falls to the floor sobbing.

...and Hunter gets left out in the cold, despite being a much more useful party member than Lila.

The old man is suddenly distracted by something mid-rant...

Translation Notes
I accidentally wrote "Grandad... Please... T_T" when I first wrote that line. It's not the first time I've accidentally translated a dialogue box with an emote.

"Now I can finally finish the painting" = "Finish my painting for me".

Filena tries to avoid a career in modelling, but Yakos pushes her to the other side of the room and starts Sophika painting.

Lila totally ruins the feelgood party everyone's having here, but to be fair, old Grandad isn't being very subtle about his sympathies here.

Filena seems to be followed by a miasma of death and illness that strikes all her allies and helpers.


Barabba 1 is in some serious denial.

I've waited for the day that I could cough blood all over you!

And with that, Filena made some new royal subjects to replace the ones she killed or allowed to die horribly at the hands of the Black Devils.

Filena and Hunter slaughter a bunch of soldiers while Lila looks at Filena's boobs.