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Part 32

This update only
(Patch coming once I've made some corrections)

In the last episode of The Sapphic Adventures of Filena, we had just gotten ahold of some Biseyla outfits to sneak through Lucibeh and make our way to our next destination: the ruined kingdom of Filosera.

Right, let's try this again.

On thing that I don't get is that it's referred to as a "former army base" in the Japanese. No idea if they mean "former army" or "former base", but either way, it just doesn't make sense. I decided to fudge a bit and just call it an old base.

I can give you some great discounts on anti-elemental items.

Wow, this cunning plan didn't even last more than a minute.

And with that, the officer marches off in an uptight huff.

You're an okay guard, Guard. Hope I don't end up killing you later.

Anyway, we're supposed to go to the room right by the entrance, but let's explore for a bit.

Looks like we're stuck in here.



Thanks, Lucibeh Armyshack.
We can get these later, but there's a good reason to do it now.

...And with that, the ITEM RAID!! comes to a close.

Time to go advance the plot.

Answer here should be obvious.


The angry officer suddenly storms into the room!

Clearly, all that headbutting hasn't been good to Filena's brain.

Hey, I remember these guys from the beginning of the game.

We break them.

Not that it's necessary now, but we can go back into this room as the officer has magically disappeared and get free healing.

Just as well, because we're plagued with random battles!

Brand new enemy sprite.

We fight our way back up to the locked door...

On opening it, the party is shocked and step back several paces...

What? But you look like all the other soldiers. Guess this guy's gonna be a pushover.


Guyras is actually more of a challenge than the Black Devils we've been fighting so far, but only because of this:

This takes a chunk out of everyone's HP, and he uses it every chance he gets. Plus, he's fast, so these things are coming every turn.

After several rounds, though, he dies to a bunch of Reverb Slashes from Filena and Throat Crushes from Hunter.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire...

This looks familiar...

We find another teleporter and start getting the hell out.

After fighting our way all the way downstairs(and nabbing a bunch of nummy items), we find the door is locked and we have to fight our way back up again.

This is UNIX! I know this!

Filena: Thank God, I'm starting to trip over all the soldier corpses.

Damnit Lila, I thought you were one of those leet haxors.

If there's one thing the Black Devils have mastered, it's awesome entrances.

Surprisingly, Grand Brain isn't as hard as Guyras, but can daze party members. He also has what appears to be one of the few electric attacks in the game, but it's not very strong. Maybe I've overlevelled.

After a few rounds, Grand Brain commences the talking of smack.

We break him.

...And that's right about where something really fucked up happens.

Filena seems to be pretty chill about the flying, talking embryo.

Anyway, all the random battles stop here, so we can just amble on out of Lucibeh without hindrance.

If I recall correctly, Lila spent most of the time healing everyone and cowering in the corner...
I mean, healing's good and all, but this is the modern age. We have items for that now.

Filena's probably starting to wish she ditched Lila back when she had the chance.

We head out, and after a short trek, find ourselves at a great bridge...