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Eien no Filena

by satsu

Part 33

And we're back. In the last instalment of Let's Proofread Eien no Filena, we had just crossed the delightfully-named Mamamia Bridge on our way to Filena's homeland, Filosera...

On the Filosera Beach, we find an old man who appears to be the sole tenant of the only house that shows up on the map.

Just in case you forgot what we were here for.

Only one thing left to do now. We finally set foot in the Sea of Filosera.

The light disappears into the sea, and then...

Suddenly, everything starts shaking!

The Palace finally reappears from the sea after 16 long years, and moves back to the coast.

Try knocking?

I dunno, he'd probably just sit and marvel at the statue's foreheads or something.

Wait, no one said anything about bringing back the palace.

Yakos: Oh yeah. Redheaded concubines were a dime a dozen back then.

Hey, I'm willing to risk turning you to seaweed to find out.

Meanwhile, the fortune-teller proves only vaguely useful in her fortune-tellerish way.