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Part 3

ErIog posted:


Well, it may have been so intensive because I went to a British university. I hear that US universities make you study all sorts of shit that's irrelevant to your degree, which surely must detract from the whole point of choosing one. Here you only have to study things directly related to your degree subject, and you have a pretty good choice for what you can do.
Thanks for JLPT2 congrats, but I think you might have been referring to the JLPT1 which has an awful, awful reputation for being pedantic. JLPT2's not so bad.
Good luck on your Japan plans. It sounds like you're a serious and conscientious student, so I'm sure your Japanese will improve by leaps and bounds if you keep up the good effort.

Anyway, moving right along with the game!

Select no, and all you can do is sit around and check your inventory and stuff. Let's select yes and get carted off to the impending bloodbath.

You're right, everyone in this game is a huge dick.

Looks like the Rector's got a special friend now.



Haha, lumberjack?

Fuck, why do all the nice guys always turn out to be into impaling people.


Religion in the Empire? Guess the Church must be evil too in this game.

Wait! I want to fight the lumberjack!

That's what you think. I checked my inventory and stock of weapons before battle.

The battle starts off with a hammer to the face for Filena, but her turn comes up right aftewards. Let's try out this Crystal Knife and its White Ray gimmick.

Okay, I guess this knife doesn't suck that much. In fact, it does enough damage to trigger battle dialogue!

Another smack around the face with the hammer for Filena, but years of child abuse have hardened her enough that she can take it. After spamming White Rays until we're out of TP to use it, we're left to just use regular weapons, the Flying Ripper, or this...

Let's mimic Final Fantasy Tactics!
("fhtc" is another one of those untranslated strings, rendered gibberish by font replacement.)

Right in his elephantine nuts.

Since Big Elephant only does 11 damage a turn, I decide to shame him and just stone him to death.

More like the assorted rocks, stones and pebbles strewn around the arena floor granted me victory.