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Part 35

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Since someone mentioned the treasure room, and I'm a huge item whore, I decided to screenshot this item raid too. The palace is full of great items - we've got two new pieces of armour, Filena's equivalent to a Megalixer, and an accessory that regains HP as you walk around, which I guess could be neat if you really need it.

There's also one fairly crappy item, but you can't win every time.

The other chests are sadly blocked off by this locked door, too.

As we head into the throne room, we stumble across a recorded message conveniently located in the... observation window.

Excellent! We have a mission!

Hint: Remember this.

Oh shit guys, you know what this means? I think Filena just scored herself an army. Maybe we can look forward to Suikoden-style tactical RPG action, or perhaps just the vindication of leading an entire army against the Imperial scum who've been giving us shit for our entire journey.

Oh, goddamnit. Filena just can't get a break.

Trust me, I was just as disappointed as you the first time I saw this scene, only to find that even the people who regard Filena as a hero laugh in her face when they finally meet her.
Guess we're just going to have to go it solo again.

I hope you get blown up first.

Heading up a little to the north, we find the lightouse we're aiming for.


Log book:
The Kingdom of Filosera is a prosperous sea kingdom that travels the seas of the world, fostering relations with countries of all kinds.
Now... the countries of this world are disappearing one by one due to the two-hundred year World War caused by the Devis Empire.
However, the sea country of Filosera is resisting the Empire with its overwhelming naval power and the light of the 6 lighthouses.
The battle between Filosera and the Empire is, so to speak, a battle between the sea and the earth.
The 6 lighthouses are the key to victory in this war.
The King of Filosera has set up a certain device in the 6 lighthouses...

> This only the first half of the logbook, as the other half of the logbook has been torn out.

Hm, interesting. We head up to the top on the elevator (you don't get anything for taking the stairs), and we're greeted with the rest of the document.

> The second half of the notebook is on the desk.

Log book:
...The King of Filosera has set up a certain device so that 6 lighthouses may be restored one day if they were to lose the light from their pedestals.
This device allows one to restore light to the lighthouse by inserting a Filosera's Wish jewel into the pedestal the lens sits upon in the light room.
However, the lighthouses' pedestals must be restored in the order that the lighthouses were built, or the process will not work.
Once a Filosera's Wish has been inserted into every lighthouse pedestal, a miracle will take place.

Hey, there's a ladder in the back that we haven't seen before in the previous lighthouses we've been to so far!

Ah, this must be the pedestal those vague documents were talking about.

> Inserted the "Filosera's Wish" into the pedestal.

> Revived the First Lighthouse's pedestal.

We're 1/6 of the way to reviving Filosera!

Hey, this is working out a lot faster than I'd feared. We're already off to the second lighthouse -- the revival of Filosera is at hand, and then maybe the game will stop shitting on Filena at every opportunity.

However, as soon as we land on the island...

...the boat gets swept off out to sea. I think I must have jinxed it.

I know random battles are standard, but they feel like adding insult to injury on this barren island.
Also, "Makhaira" took me ages to figure out. KATAKANA!!

Anyway, we battle through the annoying monsters and make it to the lighthouse, which means Japanese ROM time again!

> Inserted the "Filosera's Wish" into the pedestal.

> Revived the Second Lighthouse's pedestal.

Old Man: You damned monsters! How did you manage to get in here?!

Hunter: Woof! Woof!

Old Man: I can't believe it...
The pedestal has been revived!
Did you do this?

Lila: Y, yes, but...
Who are you...?!

Old Man: There's only one person in the world who can do that...
...Queen Filena, you're alive!!

Lila: Filena is the one NEXT TO ME!

Old Man: Wh-what?!

Old Man: That's the Filosera's Wish!
...Forgive my rudeness, your Majesty!

Filena: Er... Who are you?

Old Man: I am the keeper of this lighthouse.
Come, come this way...!

Lighthouse keeper: Ah... I see...
Your boat was swept away...

Your Highness! Have you already revived the First Lighthouse?

Filena: Yes... You understand what's going on quite well then, I take it.

Lighthouse keeper: There... I've found it!
Here's the Marine Compass!

Lila: Marine... Compass?

Lighthouse keeper: Yes... With the Marine Compass you can easily return to the continent without any trouble.

> Got Marine Compass!

Lighthouse keeper: If you use the Marine Compass at a lit pedestal, you can travel between lighthouses you've already revived at will...
Please, your Highness, take it with you...
Please be careful on your journey from here. Please use the beds here as you like if you come again.

Sadly, beds are a dime a dozen in this game, so we probably won't be seeing him ever again.

Anyway we use the Marine Compass at the pedestal, we're given the option to teleport between lighthouses, but as said before, we can only choose ones we've activated -- so, back to the First Lighthouse we go.
minor satsunote: I'm going to fix the name of the Filosera's Wish to "the Hope of Filosera" in the official release, but I'll leave it this way to avoid confusion for now.

Back at Filosera, Krim doesn't seem to mind losing his livelihood.

I bet you pessimistic misery guts all thought he was gone for good or something.

I like how Nest totally doesn't care about Milika.

...Everyone who forgot about Milika already, raise your hand.

Some Imperial soldiers gather in the distance...


Back at Mamamia bridge...

Coming up next... giving the High Priest some serious KILLISHMENT. (The clergy is always evil.)
I bet the Rebel Army will probably try and take the credit for it, too. Assholes.