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Part 36

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We make the long trek back to Bor, through dozens of random encounters because we keep having to go through the Belushi mountain area -- a mild bit of sadism on the developer's part.

Security is tight as always.

After quickly realising that's not the only thing the old man can't hold in, Filena makes a quick exit from the man's room.

I guess you don't know about the exit that's been left wide open.

This is a red herring Character With A Name. Have no fear; she will not attempt to join the party, nor will she die horribly trying to help you.

I skipped this lift last time we were here since I hadn't translated the file that includes the data for it...

...but now we can enjoy it in glorious English.
Welcome to Central Coliseum, mentioned a couple of times earlier in the game and distinctly underwhelming. Interesting is the fact that there are cameras and a small TV station, but there are no TVs anywhere in the game.

You want to rebel against the empire that rules the entire world just to keep fit?

Thankfully, Frente is very okay with it, and hooks us up with the goods. This is the last we'll ever see of her if I recall correctly, so I hope you enjoyed your time together.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Meanwhile, some shit appears to have broken loose, but the Imperials remain cautious.


Being able to translate this makes me feel like it was worth going to university.

I can see why the High Priest doesn't like hanging around you. You must be a real hit at parties.

Grilling the guy for more information just has him repeat that line over and over again, so it looks like it's time for some detective work. The room looks pretty ordinary, with no obvious exits...

Hm, that statue looks odd. Look at the bottom right of it.

Why, what could this mean?!

I have no idea, but in the mean time...

...the secret door's right here.