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Part 37

This update only

We've given free reign to wander around a bit...

To the right is a bare room where the naked bodies of used-up Meemez lie.

Microsoft (R) Evolution Program
Version 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_sp2_gr.050301-1519: Service Pack 2)
Copyright (C) 1981-2001 Microsoft Corporation

This product is licensed to:

Now stop the game, cuz what I'm about to tell you is so damn twisted

Not only is there a man in the computer

But the man is a midget - midget - midget

Lila runs up to Fis...

...but is tossed aside like a used-up Meemez corpse.

All his attacks miss, and Filena's attacks only do a token 1 HP of damage. You know what this means.

I'm trying! The game won't let me!

We run into the room behind the computer that Fis appeared from, and into a teleporter...

We run down a very long corridor, assailed by dozens of security troops along the way. Eventually, however, we finally make it to the end.

Let's end this.

The High Priest puts up a decent fight. He has a skill that hits the entire party, does a good amount of damage, drops your defence and makes you lose your turn. Thankfully, he's susceptible to the Melee move "Leg Sweep", which doesn't do damage but will make him lose his turn if it hits. Since he uses the skill as soon as the battle starts, I suggest having someone comically trip him up so that he doesn't get the drop on you.
He also packs an instant-death attack and another skill that hits all and reduces all stats (attack, defence, speed, etc.). Recovering everyone's stats could take up valuable time, but fortunately I've been overlevelled for most of the game and was able to break through with brute force.

We break him.
(No need to report skill names that don't match up 100%.)

Well, that was totally worth it. It looks like he wasn't the real leader after all, and all we got for our trouble was some pretty sparkly powder. And Filena's butch. She doesn't even LIKE sparkles.

Video of the escape @ YouTube

I quite like how Filena just casually asks Nest if he'd like to stick around. The JRPG standard dependent heroine/female party member archetype could do with a good crushing. (Yes, I know Lila is doing her best to represent it, but you can't win all the time.)