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Part 38

Because most of this update takes place in lighthouses, which as you know use script data we can't alter yet, most of this update is going to be in translated captions again.

The Third Lighthouse is conveniently right next to Bor...

Man: Zzz... Zzz...

Well, that's no good. Let's try the Fourth Lighthouse.

Man: Whaddayou want?
You wanna go into the lighthouse?
Who are you guys?!

Nest: Are you the lighthouse keeper?

Man: No, I just live here.
The lighthouse keeper's been pushing up daisies for a while now.
...Anyway, I don't mind if you wanna go in, but sorry - no can do right now.


Back at the lighthouse...

Lila: Then... when will you be able to fix the lighthouse's door?

Meat: ... I dunno.
Can't do it without the key to my toolbox.

Lila: The key to your toolbox?

Meat: Yeah... I lent my toolbox to my brother, but he brought it back without the key.

Nest: Okay, then why don't you go back there and get your key back from your brother?

Meat: ... Tsk, tsk, tsk!
You said you wanted something here, right?
My brother's at the Third Lighthouse.
If you wanna get in here soon, you go get the key!

Lila: I can't believe this!

Nest: He's got some nerve.

Filena: We've got no choice...
We'll go see your brother for you.

Meat: ...Really?
Sorry if it seems like I'm forcing you somehow.
My brother's name is Loaf...
As the name might suggest, he's always loafing around and dozing on the job.

Man: Mumble, mumble...
... What do you want?
I was having such a nice rest...

Lila: Are you Loaf?

Man: That's right...
I'm Loaf, famed hard worker!

Lila: We've got a favour to ask of you from Meat...

Loaf: Oh, that scatterbrained brother of mine...
Here's the key to the toolbox. Give it to him, will you?

> Loaf handed over the toolbox key.

Loaf: Well... Guess I'll go for a walk now.

While we're here...

> Inserted the "Filosera's Wish" into the pedestal.

> Revived the Third Lighthouse's pedestal.

We're 3/6 of the way there.

Meat: Hey, thanks a lot!
It's the toolbox key! Whoopee!
Now I can open the door!
Hup... Nrgh...
There! It's open!

Meat: You can go in ahead!
Now that I've done a bit of work, I guess I'll go for a little walk.

> Inserted the "Filosera's Wish" into the pedestal.

> Revived the Fourth Lighthouse's pedestal.

4/6 of the way there! Only two more to go!
Also, now that we've revived the Third and Fourth Lighthouses, we'll NEVER HAVE TO CROSS BELUSHI AGAIN. Thank God for that.
Anyway, on to the Fifth Lighthouse, right near where we first met Amanela.

Man: I'm Migo, yer guide to the lighthouse!
You wanna go inside?
Arrite, arrite... I'll take 1000CR fer the entry fee.

What will you do?
> Pay
Don't pay

My family live in there too.
We're at yer service!

Migo's younger brother: You guys wanna go upstairs?
Great. Mind if I take 1000CR toll money?

What will you do?
> Pay
Don't pay

Migo's younger brother: Cheers!

Migo's older brother: You guys wanna go upstairs?
Great. Mind if I take 1000CR toll money?

What will you do?
> Pay
Don't pay

Migo's older brother: Cheers!

Migo's cousin: You wanna go upstairs?
Thanks a lot...
Then can you gimme 1000CR?

What will you do?
> Pay
Don't pay

Migo's cousin: Cheers!

> Inserted the "Filosera's Wish" into the pedestal.

> Revived the Fifth Lighthouse's pedestal.


Back at the top of the lighthouse...

Filena: There's just one lighthouse left...

Nest: So, all the lighthouses will be lit up when we revive the next one?

Lila: Hey, you guys, by the way...
Where are we gonna get a boat to sail to the southern continent once we've lit the sea up again?

Filena: ... I don't know...
Anyway, Lila... we've got to revive the 6th lighthouse first.

Migo: Now that we've made a killing thanks to you guys, we're gonna go on a family holiday now!
No time to chat! I better be on my way too!

Don't you dare show your faces in Filosera. <>

We head off for the next lighthouse, near Toma. Along the way, we run into Muto on the beach where we first ran into Amanela and Hunter...

I have no idea what the point of this character is. Maybe he was important in the book or the anime or something, but this is all he has to contribute to the game.

Man: Aaaaah!
I-I'm just a regular traveller!
...Spare me my life...!

Traveller: ...You're..
Aren't you the Battle Writer from the Dorah Coliseum?!

Nest: How do you know about me?

Traveller: I used to work there!
...Oh no! Hide!

The party run off behind the lighthouse, while Hunter stands around like an idiot for a moment...

...before a sudden flash of Solid Snake-style evasive hiding brilliance.

Here's what the guy was afraid of: a party of big, strong pirates, and not of the LazyTown variety.


Back at the lighthouse..

Nest: So you escaped Dorah and became a spy for the Clechia Rebel Army?

Rebel Soldier: Yeah, that's right...
But still, what a surprise!
I thought Battler Filena had died a while ago...

Filena: What are you doing here...?

Rebel Soldier: I'm trying to recruit the pirates in the lighthouse into the Rebel Army...
We'll need strength in numbers if we're going to end up in a full-scale war with the Imperial Army, after all.
We've gotta get the pirates and bandits on our side.
Well then... I'm going to head back to my unit.

Nest: What about recruiting the pirates?

Rebel Soldier: Well... I've gotta tell everyone that Filena is alive first!

As soon as we head inside, we stumble across a random battle with a pirate. This place is full of them, and they're actually decent enough opponents even at my high levels. It's going to be a long fight to the top.

Incidentally, downstairs is full of pirate's booty.
Most of the items aren't great, but Hunter's ultimate headgear, the Lassie Helmet, and a Filosera Drop can be found here.

And a bunch of pirates.

After a long, grueling slog to the top, we come across a book.

> Found an ancient Filoseran book.

Ancient Book: The guardian god Noah who slumbers within the Eternal Iceberg will grant a boat of ice to the one who restores light to the 6 lighthouses.
Noah's boat of ice can cross the ocean using the power of the Sword of Filosera.
When the Eternal Iceberg reappears, so shall the legend of Noah be revived.

> Inserted the "Filosera's Wish" into the pedestal.

The revival of the lighthouses@YouTube

The miracle has happened...
Light has been restored to the world...
If life can be restored to the seas spoilt by the people of Devis, Filosera will be revived...
You must go to the Eternal Iceberg and meet Noah, god of the ice.

Filena: When we restore life to the sea, then Filosera will be revived...

Nest: But... What does that have to do with taking down the heart of the Empire in the southern continent?
Whatever happens, we've got to defeat the Empire...

Filena: Let's go to the Eternal Iceberg for now!
The god of ice, Noah, should be able to tell us something!