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Part 39

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After restoring all the lighthouses to their former glory, Filena's Filosera-sense starts tingling like crazy. We return to the palace to discover...

The door to the item room has opened!

Suitably, this is one of the best item hauls in the game.

It starts out nice with the best healing item in the game...

...and quickly progresses to awesome as we pick up Filena's ultimate equipment.
Sadly, it looks kind of odd without the Sword of Filena equipped, but it's too weak to be worth the aesthetic effect.

With that bountiful tangent out of the way, it's off to the iceberg, conveniently located by a town called Iceberg. It's between Bor and Belushi, and to the east.

First, go south at Bor...

Head east in the forest before Belushi...

...and hey presto, frozen peninsula out of fucking nowhere!

We walk right to the end without slipping off somehow, and finally make it to our destination.

This is it.

These TWO BUILDINGS make up the entirety of Iceberg. Now you see why we skipped it before.

As we head off to the Eternal Iceberg, one of the two townspeople suddenly calls out to us.


This is the third or fourth time they've had this conversation.

Back at Iceberg...

"Knock on wood" was the best way I could think of to translate the phrase "Kuwabara, kuwabara", which you may remember from Metal Gear Solid 3. (Where's :jap101: when you need it?)

I hate this dungeon.
There's no real gimmick here, no slippery ice, nothing like that. It's just long and circuitous, and packed with strong monsters that'll eat up all your TP. In other words, it's just frustrating and tedious. The items generally aren't that great, either.

Thankfully, the developers of the game had a heart and provided a short cut.

First, let's pick up the only good item here: Hunter's ultimate armour. We already scored his ultimate helmet at Sixth Lighthouse.

Now, head straight up from the entrance, and turn left.

Keep going along, and you'll come across what appears to be a dead end...'s not.

From here, you can just head straight up and around the corner, and bish bash bosh...

...Bob's your mother's brother. We've just saved ourselves a whole bunch of random battles at the cost of some crappy treasure.


"Filena saw some top secret data and escaped."
"Ehh. Okay, send someone after her."
"Filena's teamed up with the Laritenian rebels and killed a bunch of Black Devils."
"Ehh. Send more men."
"Filena keeps killing the Black Devils and now she knows about the secret experiments.
"I think Filena might be more than just a runaway Battler."
"Don't be stupid."
"Filena has invaded Bor."
"Filena has met up with a blacksmith in Bor, and they appear to be Filoserians."
"Don't be stupid."
"Filosera has just reappeared."
"I think Filena might be more than just a runaway Battler."
"Don't be stupid."
"Filena's killing all our dudes and is about to get into our base."

Thank God, I was worried you'd ask us to scritch you.

Oh Nest, you card.

Anyway, we go through the hole where Noah came from, and...

Behold! The Ice Ship!

Probably not the most luxurious of vessels; I'm sure the party are going to be freezing their asses off by the time they get to the continent.

Anyway, the event abruptly ends here and control returns to the player. This confuses a lot of players, but what you have to do is this:

And away we go.

Everyone, welcome to the end game.

As a nice little welcome present, the Sword of Filena has suddenly been powered up.

Ah, that's much more like it.

Thankfully, the world map is pretty small and limited, so we find the southern continent in no time at all.

However, the place is totally barren except for the caves here. Well, it's probably a route to the tower, so let's just rush through it raping and pillaging everything in our path!

Wait, maybe that wasn't such a good idea after all.


A sudden flash emits from the container, and the guard runs off.

I swear they actually used the phrase "experience points" in the Japanese text. There were a few typos in the original script, though, so maybe an overzealous script writer wrote that instead of just "experience".

On the bright side, at least the crazy old man offers a free rest point in his hut.


This was one of the first files I translated. (It only contains these two lines.)

Time to use the suspicious powder we procured from the High Priest...

Okay, that was pretty cool. No wonder the High Priest looked like he was he having such a good time all the time.