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by satsu

Part 6

Well, this doesn't sound good. Let's check with our new friend in high places.

Well, reassurance from a drunk I've just met is all I need to remove my doubts!

If I defeated an elephant by throwing rocks at it, I'm sure I can beat up my own brother.

Mystery Fratricide Battle commences!

Not seriously, no.

Sorry, I can't hear you over the sword slash sound effects.

Oops, I broke him.

This isn't going to do much for my reputation. On the way out...

Oh hey Milika, aren't you an exotic dancer or something?

Dear LJ,
Today I killed a man in front of his wife and kid. On the bright side, at least I wasn't related to him.
Current mood: Sad
Music: Eye of the Tiger


Dystopian Rhetoric posted:

Lila = Finela's brother.