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Eien no Filena

by satsu

Part 7

When we last left our hero(ine), she'd just mercilessly hacked up a man in front of his wife and kids.

And now, levity.

The guy in the room opposite also has something interesting to say.

Hmm... so it's like a bloodsport soap opera?

Let's see what Nest has to say for himself.

Oh Nest, you ambiguous alcoholic scamp.

Heading home, Lila rushes right for you.

It's reassuring to know that no matter what happens, I have a weepy slattern on my side.

I know what you think is "interesting", and I don't like it.

Oh, all right.

All the attacks up to this point miss anyway, though.

Now the attacks will land and do damage. A few Accel Slashes later, and...

Nest, if you scripted that spotlight...

Even my own brother!

Filena tries to fend off the guards, but...

At least someone's happy.

Guards should just shut up and guard. <>

It's impossible to enter the Bureau by yourself, so the choice is pretty much made for you.

I'll have to remember that line next time I try to get into somewhere where I'm not supposed to be.

This capture came out really dodgy, but Nest is supposed to be whispering something.

Alright! We're stuck right in the middle of the base of people who hate us. What could possibly go wrong? Let's check out our new party member.

I think that translates to "fucking tank". Reassuring. I ought to get that menu properly hacked some time.

Let's wonder around the bureau some. It looks pretty high tech, and there's items all over the place. Something tells me I should probably loot all the chests now.

Hey, what's this?

I quite like how although they have teleporters, melee weapons are still commonplace.

After a bit more looting and teleporting, we find a room that stands out a bit.

No prizes for guessing what's in here.



That's not what I meant, Nest.


Zenna, thank you for making me risk my life just to view your holiday snaps and home videos.

I think that rule only applies if you're on a ship, not a castle.

After one last lingering look from the queen, the wide doors slam shut.

The castle floats out to sea...

Uh, bit late for that.

At that, the video abruptly ends, and we are greeted by what appears to be all hell, and it's breaking loose.

Guess what? Code "Scramble" means RANDOM ENCOUNTERS. Good thing I anticipated this going wrong and looted all the chests first, so I can make a beeline for the teleporters.

Easily beaten.

Ooh, free healing. Let's abuse this.

Yay! HP and TP is fully recovered!

But Filena still feels hungry...

Moving right along, the guards keep coming...

But despite being three times the size of Filena, they're easily beaten.

Metal Gear?!


Suddenly, the Black Devil teleports behind Filena, and...