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by satsu

Part 8

This update took longer than usual, since I had to figure out how to take a video of decent quality and it just wasn't happening in Snes9x. I ended up having to do it in kind of a roundabout way in ZSNES, but the results are excellent. (I am actually doing this LP in ZSNES, but I thought Snes9x's recording method was more simple...)
Unfortunately, the final video took AGES to process on YouTube. I tried uploading it to Google Video first and it's taking even longer.

When we last left Filena and Nest, they were faced with a very cross super soldier - a Black Devil.

YouTube video link for the battle
(If you're a masochist, see the original SNES9x take here.)

After being pulverised by Filena and Nest's mighty foreheads, the Black Devil Barabba 2 lies vanquished upon the floor.

Filena and Nest promptly scarper.

After this last message, the wounded Black Devil expires and vanishes, old school JRPG style.

Language, Nest! This is a children's game about lesbian encounters!

How was I supposed to know Zenna's holiday snaps just happened to be top secret Imperial information?

I dunno, murdering a high-ranking super soldier and getting marked for death by the upper echelons of the Empire doesn't exactly seem like an ideal situation to me.

...Just as well, really.

I'm pretty sure Nest knows she's a concubine.

Nest dashes off, presumably for a bit of Dutch courage. Meanwhile, Filena takes a leisurely stroll around town, and by some strange impulse, stocks up on weaponry.

Hmm. The Clechia Quarter seems quiet. A little too quiet.

The front door to my house seems foreboding. A little too foreboding.

Before Filena can say anything, Milika bursts out of the door!

It's just going from bad to worse for Filena here.

Well, I suddenly feel a lot better about the situation now!

Milika attempts to poison the officer too, but he sees it coming and turns away.

Suddenly, a couple of laser beams take out the two guards accompanying the officer.

Damn, Nest! If you were toting that around the whole time, why were you fighting with a HAMMER earlier? Incidentally, I think this might be the last of this gun you ever see in the game. It's just as disappointing as Star Ocean 2's phaser (BURN!) at the start of the game.

Crap. That sounds familiar.

Nest opens fire on the officer...

...revealing his disguise.

Sorry, only main characters can get away with murder and irresponsible acts of violence and revenge.


I like how they're more interested in Nest than in Filena.

RPG Cliches 101: There will always be a sewer to slog through early in the game, and it will always be a pain in the ass.

After this, we return to Filena, Nest and the concubines.

Filena, Nest and Lila march off.

Milika joins the group, and they head off to the Academy.

School's out for the summer.

Nest diverts the Black Devils while the others flee. The Black Devils give chase, and...

..they are briefly blocked by a falling column...

...and are hindered again as the doorway collapses after Filena and the others flee through it.

Guys, you just set the biggest building in Dorah on fire. It's a bit late to worry about being subtle.

Meanwhile, the rebels flee down the prison corridor in the basement, when...

Milika drops something.

Before Filena can say "What do you mean, 'never mind that'?!", the sound of explosions fills the air.

Down the hatch, and into the sewers.

There's a good reason Nest says this, which will be revealed very shortly.

Filena now permanently has the Blind status effect, so every step you take will cause this horrible mosaic effect. The only way to stop it for now is to rearrange your party members. This will last a while, so for the love of God, change your formation. Some people don't do this, and I'm amazed it never occured to them to try and fix it.

Ah, that's better. Let's check out our current party.

- Blind Gender-bending Gladiator
- Soap Opera Scriptwriter
- Weepy Concubine
- Vengeful Concubine

Well, I guess it's better than Spikey-Haired Swordsman and Cute White Mage Girl.

Lila comes with a Medical Box, which rather than dealing damage, heals party members for free in-battle. It also enables you to use healing skills. Speaking of which, I wonder what kind of skills Lila comes with?


Let's wander around the sewers a bit and find our way.

Fuck. Random battles, and our best party member is perma-blind.