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Eien no Filena

by satsu

Part 9

Awesome, this looks suspiciously like free healing. I guess the game wants us to level. ZSNES FASTFOWARD, GO!

While levelling up, Nest gets distracted by the pretty sparkles...

...and stops to take a closer look.


Well, I won't be doing that again in a hurry.

After a quick reload from our last save and a bit more levelling, here's our current party:

Not bad, even though half the party is made up of members of the oldest profession. Those weapons I amazingly foresaw the need for weren't half handy, either.

While we're wandering around slaughtering the local flora and fauna, here's a tip.

You can temporarily cure Filena's blindness in battle by using Eye Drops. Filena has a pretty good hit rate even when blind, but it might be useful to know.

After heading north, we find another ladder and head down it.

Gee whilikers, I wonder what we're supposed to do here.

Flipping the switch shuts the door. The sewage may be overflowing in the streets of Dorah now, but we've got a new ladder to go down. (and treasure!)

Considering this was just submerged in sewer water, I suspect it'll just make you even sicker if you take it.

Down the ladder, and we find ourself in another room with a switch.

The path to the right yields treasure, the left, progress.

Another split path. Let's take the left, that looks promising.

Oh, useless treasure. Let's try the other ladder.

A short, winding path leads us to this little dilemma. Two switches!

The party head out, and Nest replaces the sewer lid before they all die from the smell and noxious fumes.