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Part 29: Chores of a Wizard Lizard

Chores of a Wizard Lizard

Last time, we were told to go deal with some Hlaalu assholes. So let's do that!

The place we're looking for is west of blah blah blah and we're here. There. I just saved you at least three screenshots of cutting ashlanders in half.

The invading force? Women in sack cloth.

Guess who won.

Deeper in, we see some skeletons. Whether they were summoned by Hlaalu forces or they're just part of our poor, desperate Telvanni's hobbies is never explained.

And a Dremora, I guess.

By this point I've cleared out most of the place, looking for where the hell the last woman's hostile-NPC-cry came from and wondering why Telvanni wizards need jails. Oh well, let's check in with our wizard!

Free scrolls! These summon a daedroth for a whole two minutes, twice as long as usual!

For those of you who were wondering, the last assailant locked herself in jail.

Back to Vos!

We're rewarded with a staff that compensates for its useful soul trap enchantment by having the attack power of a staff.

Next, the quest every gamer wants to be tasked with -- negotiations!

This quest requires you to know that House Redoran is somewhere in this building.

This seems like the place...

But no, the Redoran councilor I'm looking for isn't in here.

Yes, it falls to you, the player, to figure out that the councilors are just fucking around in their houses.

Then you need to search these gigantic houses for the correct person and say things to them. While suffering from a headache with people watching TV ten feet away from you, preferably.

For our efforts, a glove that we'll never use because the gloves we already own are way too good to ever remove.

"This time you have to press a button!"

Somewhere along the way I raid some ruins...

And traded a corpse some useless shit for a motherfucking hammer.

It may be a bit hard to tell, but that little door leads to Shishi.

This time, the people without armor are the ones that are already dead.

And the invading forces know how to dress like evil robot lizards.

Well, that's nice and obvious.

Twist the skull and a trapdoor appears that wasn't there before.

Mission complete! I've already gotten the skill-ups from these books, but A Hypothetical Treachery is a fun read that I must recommend to the thread.

Now, let's go see about our kickass wizard tower.

Cute, but it's not done yet.

Well thank god. We wouldn't want to go on an adventure for our wizard tower or anything.

Great! I'll just catch an extra-long wizard nap, then.

Nowhere near inhabitable, but a bit better. Let's let Llunela know.

See, that's more like it. The gold we have, of course.

To arms!

But of course it turns out to be one of those two-room dwarf fortresses. At least that was easy.

Hot damn! Two straight weeks of sleep oughtta be enough for the tower do its thing.


Fuck it, I'm going on vacation. You better be a tower when I get back.