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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

by ritcheyz

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Original Thread: Let's Take a Trip to the Big Apple - Enslaved: Odyssey to the West



Welcome to the Pyramid.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is an Action-Adventure/Platforming hybrid game developed by Ninja Theory, who are perhaps better known for the PS3 exclusive Heavenly Sword. Enslaved was published by Namco Bandai in late 2010 and was well-received by critics. However, this game was somewhat of a commercial failure, selling only 460,000 units, well under half of the million that Namco expected by the end of the year. To put that into perspective, Enslaved was outperformed by Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, which sold 490,000 units.

The story and characters are loosely based off of the Chinese story Journey to the West, although instead of taking place in ancient China, Enslaved drops the player, quite literally, 150 years into a post-apocalyptic version of the United States, where plant life has began to unseat the last remnants of humanity's grandest structures.

Graphically, this game is astounding to behold. In an ocean of brown cover shooters, Enslaved does its all to stand out. Unfortunately, I'm not lucky enough to have the Collector's Edition artbook, but if you have it and can make scans, or could show me where to find them (and if it's okay with the mods), I'd love to have an art section in the thread.

Joining me on Enslaved are going to be my pals Skoolmunkee, Big Grunty Secret, and for a limited time, a man we call Chug. I don't really foresee needing guest commentary for this LP, as with three to four people it will probably be too crowded already.

I hope to have updates every week or so, probably about 20-30 minutes long a piece. I'm also going to make versions with and without talking over cutscenes and important dialogue, in case of people who have either played before or don't mind us running our mouths. We'll try to not be obnoxious with it, though.

This beefcake is the character we play as. His name is a mystery covered in shroud. Maybe we'll learn it later?

As of Chapter 2: He doesn't have a name He says people call him Monkey, so I guess we will too.

Likes: Lifting weights, jumping, punching robots.

Dislikes: Being blasted off the side of a slave ship.

We don't really know much about her, except that she is also an escaped slave. She seemed pretty handy with the technology on the ship... Maybe if we find her, we could get some answers.

As of Chapter 2: She is Tripitaka, also called Trip. She says she comes from a community of windfarmers, and has enslaved *wink wink* Monkey to help her get home. She says she'll set him free when they get there.

This guy is Pigsy, a friend of Trip's dad. She says he's like an uncle to her, which is kinda weird considering how much Pigsy hits on her. This guy is funny and awesome and is the star of his own DLC, Pigsy's Perfect 10, which we'll get to after the main storyline is over.

Enslaved: An IntroductionYoutube 
Chapter One: ManhandlesYoutube Uncut Audio
Chapter Two (1/2): TangerinesYoutube Uncut Audio
Chapter Two (2/2): Uh, AlrightYoutube Uncut Audio
Chapter Three: Jesus, Chug.Youtube Uncut Audio
Chapter Four: R.I.P.Youtube Uncut Audio
Chapter Five: RADICAL!Youtube Uncut Audio
Chapter Six: 27 RobotsYoutube Uncut Audio
Chapter Seven: Father's DayYoutube Uncut Audio
Chapter Eight: Try JumpingYoutube Uncut Audio
Chapter Nine: SlabeYoutube Uncut Audio
Chapter Ten: TheoriesYoutube Uncut Audio
Chapter Ten Bonus: DadChatYoutube 
Chapter Eleven: Paper RouteYoutube Uncut Audio
Chapter Twelve: Man-HogYoutube Uncut Audio
Chapter Twelve Bonus: DadChat 2: Dad's RevengeYoutube 
Chapter Thirteen: Hog-Blockin'Youtube Uncut Audio
Chapter Fourteen: PyramidYoutube Uncut Audio

After the main campaign was over, I decided to play through the DLC for Enslaved, Pigsy's Perfect 10. Me, Skoolmunkee, and Grunt all return, with the addition of commentary from members of our audience! Participation ahoy! Pigsy isn't divided into clear-cut chapters like the main story, so I arbitrarily cut the videos where I see fit. Also I'll be trying to collect all the pin-up girls and food, which take the place of the masks that Monkey collects. Pigsy plays completely differently to Monkey, too, with an emphasis on gadgets and stealth instead of combat, while Pigsy tries to find parts to make a super cool robot friend.

Pigsy's Perfect 10 #1: Tactical Porcine Action (featuring Nushergrudger)Youtube Uncut Audio
Pigsy's Perfect 10 #2: Snortin' (featuring Random Ninja)Youtube Uncut Audio
April Fools' 2013: Dark Souls #1Youtube 
Pigsy's Perfect 10 #3: Pulled Pork (featuring Lanzy)Youtube Uncut Audio
Pigsy's Perfect 10 #4: Pork Storm (featuring jaydee864)Youtube Uncut Audio
Pigsy's Perfect 10 #5: Pigsy BluesYoutube Uncut Audio
Dark Souls #2Youtube 

Fanart and other assorted things go here!

Internet Janitor made a boatload of cool fanart!

Well lookit' that, Monkey- another perfect 10!
Everyone's got food on the brain.
Internet Janitor once again impresses everyone with his detailed knowledge of Monkey/Troll anatomy.
Pro pick-up tips with Pigsy!
"Whaddaya say, Trip- feelin' hungry? No? How 'bout you, Monkey?"

Barf Wight made a few .gifs throughout the LP!

Butt shuffle!
Those eyebrows. So good.

Truffles, the breakout star of Pigsy's Perfect 10!

Best robot EVER
Spoilers for Pigsy's Perfect 10 #3

jaydee864 enhanced a few of Barf Wight's .gifs, as well as making a few of his own!
Ehh? Ehhhhhh?
Shake it, baby!
Where's the bathroom?
Better than a hula dancer.
Maximum Swag
You can tell by the way he uses his walk - he's a woman's man, no time to talk

Vilkacis also made a rad .gif out of a Barf Wight creation!
Deal with it, Trip.

Azure_Horizon did a few write-ups of the similarities between Enslaved and the original Journey to the West.

Our resident artist and man-ogler, skoolmunkee, has been drawing some quick sketches of our intrepid heroes throughout their journey through the post-apocalypse. These pictures usually contain spoilers for their related episodes, so watch before you look at these!

Chapter One

Chapter Two
Eff yo ladda
That boy needs therapy!
Trip's a jerk.
Quit it, Monkey
Knock it off, Trip!

Chapter Three
Don't be that guy, Monkey.
I have no clue, Monkey.
Monkey's no casual.

Chapter Four
This isn't a sketch, but Skool decided to make something because she wasn't there.

A hundred pull-ups
It followed me home!

Chapter Five
My ride(s).

Chapter Six
Seriously, Mark.
Monkey wasn't invited.

Chapter Seven
Command. Be mine.

Chapter Eight
A pretty accurate map, actually.

Chapter Nine
Skoolmunkee was still drunk when she drew this.
This too.

Chapter Ten
The most partiest.
Pigsy the PUA
I'm swooning already!

So in a random Skype call, Skoolmunkee had me describe a random person. Little did I know that she was drawing my dad!

Chapter Eleven
How precious.

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen
We're all curious.

Chapter Fourteen
Rip in peace.
Happy Mask Salesman, you're in the wrong game!

What really happened!
No one died!
Outfits unlocked!
Put a shirt on, Monkey!
Love is in the air!
The true ending.
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