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Part 3: Pigsy's backstory explained.

Cho Hakkai/Zhu Bajie (Piggsy)

Zhu Bajie is another member of Xuanzang's traveling party in Journey to the West, and the final reference Enslaved has to the original novel. He is part human and part pig, and a huge glutton. He's also very lazy, and is very lecherous towards women. Guan Yin bestows upon him the name Zhu Wuneng, which translates to "pig who rises to power", which refers to the fact that he has a lot of pride in himself despite being disgusting.

Xuanzang is the one who gives him his name, and Bajie in particular translates to "eight restraints", to remind Zhu Bajie of his Buddhist diet. Zhu Bajie and Sun Wukong have a constant battle with one another, mostly because Zhu Bajie is very jealous of Sun Wukong.

The novel consistently calls him an idiot -- from the author, to Xuanzang, to Sun Wukong. Originally, Zhu Bajie commanded an army of 80,000 heavenly soldiers, but was banished upon flirting with the Goddess of the Moon at a party up in Heaven by the Jade Emperor. His punishment varies -- in some versions, he was forced to live a thousand lives where each ended with a tragic loss of love (i.e., whoever he fell for would meet a horrible end); in others, his fall from Heaven was tied to Sun Wukong's. Either way, he was reincarnated upon descending to Earth as a pig upon falling into a pig well.

At the end of Journey to the West, he does not receive enlightenment as his desires for food and sex still define his character. Instead, he is deemed the "Cleanser of the Altars", allowing him to eat as many heavenly leftovers as he wants. He also holds the title of "Heavenly Tumbleweed."

In battle, Zhu Bajie uses an nine-toothed iron rake that weighs 11,000 pounds. While there are other characters in the Journey to the West story, this is the last one that makes an appearance in Enslaved.