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Escape from Hell

by CrookedB

Part 10: Blood, sweat and guilt

Only one location left for us to visit before we head to Big Boss Capone's city.

The City of Devils' guards are non-hostile... for now.

The pentagram is supposed to instantly teleport Hell Guards to the Prison of the Damned.

It didn't work for me for some reason, however, and our party just stayed in one place. Must've been a bug.

Heading west brings us to the Bank of the Undead.

Some Dead Beings are guarding the passage leading to the treasure chests. The beings are friendly, though, so we better not attack them. Damn karma metre.

They want everything we have. What they mean by that is our blood, as we were told by that long-fanged guy at the Bank of Avernus:

Good thing we're carrying three gallons of blood... we give them all to Count Dracula...

...obtaining three Bulletproof Suits in return. The suits should come in handy in Capone's City.

AAA, to the north, is where we can get some of our automatic weapons recharged.

Interaction with 1 Sheriff

All the Sheriffs in here greet us with one and the same phrase.

Walking up to the counter, we hear a voice:

It tells us we can reload any one of the listed weapons by approaching the proper table in the north of the room.

Near those table, we meet a Cowboy.

None other than Jesse James. We already looted Phu-Do's crates, though.

Outside, in the southern cemetery, Wyatt Earp tells us we'd need a hammer to smash that aquarium we came across earlier:

Interaction with 1 Sheriff

"Let me teach your group what I know."

He also teaches us the Rifle Combat skill.

With that, Blonde learns her first passive skill, hey!

Satan's Speakeasy is to the northwest.

Lots of demons in here. No tormented though. I wonder why...

Interaction with 1 Lesser Demon

Interaction with 1 Sheriff

The boy?

Oh, it's Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid!

Billy told us to ask the bartender for a drink, so let's do just that.

Expectedly, the rotgut lowers our companions' HP.

Meanwhile, things start getting dangerous...

Interaction with 1 Hell Soldier

First a Hell Soldier recognizes Richard.

Interaction with 1 Gun Slinger

And then...

Interaction with 1 Hell Soldier


I wouldn't exactly call that "without warning", though.

Anyway, everyone except Billy the Kid attacks us.

The Gun Slinger, equipped with a Dark Pistol, proves to be the most troublesome opponent.

Blonde levels up! Her stats, however, predictably remain just as miserable.

In the northern cemetery, we come across Wild Bill.

He's another recruitable companion.

Wild Bill isn't half bad.

For now, however, let's stick with Sparticus and the blonde.

In the northernmost corner of Los Diablos, we discover yet another healing statue. No need to write the locations down, really: rechargeable health alone takes care of everything.

A sauna within a sauna.

Some hellish magazines on the tables.

One of the magazines, Rolling Bone, is automatically added to our inventory. It is, however, totally useless as far as I know.

A maniac greets us:

And immediately attacks!

Blonde deals with him, and we can enter the next room.

Our health gets depleted as we explore the steam room. There is a point in doing that, however.

Holding the toilet paper is a Petrify Rod.

The Rod only has three uses. It could probably come in handy once in Capone's City.

Outside, we are attacked by 4 Evil Women. The women are dangerous as they can put our characters to sleep by mind-dominating them!

Sparticus makes level 5, getting even more powerful.

Now that the entire placed has turned hostile anyway, we can loot the chests at Al's place:

Inside the first chest, we discover an Ermine Cap:

Useless as far as I'm aware.

Red Cape is a peculiar item: when used (and it can only be used once), it renders a friendly target hostile, making it possible to attack friendlies without sacrificing karma.

We also find a Bullet Proof Vest and a Healing Spray, but meh.

With that, I believe we're done here in Los Diablos.

Making our way past numerous enemies, we crawl our way to the southwestern part of the map. Capone's City awaits!

When suddenly!

Bah, Evangelists! What threat can they be possible be to us?

Turns out they can.

The Evangelists get us frozen with guilt before we can even act!

That didn't go too well... So we equip our machine guns and take the preaching ones out!

Feels good!

And here it is, Capone's City.

This should be fun.

Next time: we'll have to kill you