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Part 11: Things you can do with a rifle and a sledgehammer

Previously on Escape from Hell, we reached Capone's City!

But... let's retrace a little and do things a bit differently.

First off, let's temporarily replace Sparticus with Wild Bill.

Why? Because of this:

Let me break it down for you.

So yeah, that's why. We need a spare Dark Rifle to improve Richard's Pick Lock skill. (Plus an additional Dark Pistol could always come in handy.)

For that, we travel to the Prison of the Damned and hand the rifle over to Houdini.

We do watch, and here's what we see:

We see Richard's Pick Lock now equals 20. Good going.

Which leads to another thing we can do...

But let's re-recruit poor Sparticus first.

Welcome back. The goons here haven't voted against you... yet.

And hey, he even has all the items we decided to leave on him earlier. That's convenient for sure.

So yes, about that other thing we can do.

Back to Satan's Halo we go.

And then to that heavily-guarded place.

Yup, that's where Billy Bob, the arch demon in training, resides.

But who cares about him?

We have a drawer to unlock!

A Tommy gun! The only non-dark firearm working inside Capone's City! (For some weird reason.) For the reason explained by Waffleman_:

Waffleman_ posted:

The reason Tommy guns work in Capone's city is probably because Tommys were a popular mafia gun during Capone's time.

You can shoot it 70 times and it's an automatic weapon, meaning it targets entire groups of enemies and generally wreaks lots of havoc.

But... wait a sec. You remember that unlucky man inside an aquarium, don't you?

Yeah, back to the prison. We have some withered souls to bash.

That lucky Sledge Hammer drop is all we've come here for.

You get the idea, right?

Time to free you, strangled man.

Facing the tank, we have Sparticus Use the newly acquired mighty hammer.


Richard's Bluffing goes up to twenty.
An Asbestos Suit makes a nice bonus, I guess.

All that done, we head back to the entrance to Capone's City, killing things along the way.

That pays off: Blonde is lvl5 and Richard lvl7 now.

Inside Capone's, the guard doesn't take kindly to us at first.

The city is apparently off-limits to non-authorised living beings like us.

But hey, we didn't get all those skill increases for nothing!

With our superior Bluffing skill, we trick the guard into letting us in unharmed. (Which we wouldn't have been able to do with Bluffing < 20, so there.)

Tremble, Capone! We're out to get you.

(Not much of an update, huh? Well, yeah, things got a bit busy for me. This weekend maybe?)

Next time: now you know why the Hell Guard eat donuts so often!