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Part 11: Stratum 2: Redemption

Besek was reported to be far larger on the inside than the outside, so large that a desert greater than that of the southern continent could be found within it.
- excerpt, “Legends of Besek, Vol. I”

The Broken Land

This desert seems to stretch on without end.

Video- “Redemption”

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Ally Team:
I’ve swapped out Vivian in this map for Yuri. Yuri provides me with healing that’s going to be most welcome because the Majin are about to become really nasty. One big addition is that Ares can now use Spears. This gives her reach and a new attack type.

Enemy Team:
We’re up against a large and physically powerful set of Majin here. We’ve got the standard Thiefler for stealing our chest loot, two Laquo Magus just like the last map, two Hecta Gigas, two high level Velox, and three Armatus.

Hecta Gigas are seriously nasty. They’ve got an attack as powerful as Terranus on the last map, are very resistant to Pierce and Light attacks. They have Fracture Attack and a special move that hits all the spaces they can reach. Fortunately they’re pretty vulnerable to most forms of magic and Strike attacks, and they’re ploddingly slow.

Armatus are actually much worse than the Hecta Gigas. They have attacks that can Bleed and Fear, they’ve got fewer weak points, and they act much more frequently. Luckily for us they can’t move very far, so they’re at least pretty easy to control. These Armatus are resistant to Air and Slash, later ones will be effectively immune.

These Velox hit harder, have Longbows, and a Bleed Attack. They’re super annoying, especially since they’ve got fewer weaknesses and a lot of Overkill HP. Still, compared to the Hecta Gigas and Armatus they’re a bit less scary, if only because they won’t be one-shotting squishies.


We’re going to deploy like this so we can push forward hard to catch the Thiefler before it reaches the far chest, which is consistently its target. Whether this is worth doing or not will remain to be seen.

Tactical Objectives:


Ashley, if you’re still in pain, you should rest.
I’m fine, really.
Holy Atona, please guide and protect us.
Majin! You better watch out!
The Tetractis…!!!
The road to Izel…

We push forward towards the near bridge. The near Armatus is very aggressive and will advance even if it can’t immediately engage. We’re going to need to deal with him somehow. We hit it with some magic and Glynne goes out to stab it. We’re going to give him Slashing Art to mitigate its hits. Oh, and Reyna levels up.

Still no Class Change, though, and no real new skills. Just to get her extra EXP I have Yuri buff our melee group’s magic resistance. The near Hecta Gigas advances to ineffectually flail at Ashley for minor damage.

Ashley, he’ll be fine!
Let’s just concentrate on this battle!

We split some of our firepower onto the Gigas, though it’s much easier to bring down in principle thanks to its Strike vulnerability and Ashley’s vast superiority. We keep Armatus tied down as best we can, we actually want to deal with the Gigas first.

Hey! What do you mean by “Izel”!?
Ignorance! You know nothing!

We continue to pour down fire on both Majin. Hecta Gigas uses his special skill, Hecta Crush, which targets all four squares he can reach. We then pay him back by overkilling him. Meanwhile, the second Hecta Gigas starts advancing on the same side as the Armatus we have engaged. Ashley and Glynne are forward enough to cause the first Laquo Magus to engage too. We splat the Thiefler with a Sacrasphere. This is where I don’t pay much attention and accidentally kill the Armatus with a spear strike from Ares. There’s two more, though, so it’s not that much of a problem. Ashley whacks the Laquo Magus who engaged in the head then moves back to help with the Hecta Gigas, which we’re slowly dragging into range to overkill.

But why…?
I’m glad this is so easy that you have time to daydream!
Can’t you think of a better insult than that?

I keep the pressure up on the Laquo Magus and get Ashley ready to bash the Hecta Gigas down. I actually send Ares towards the near chest now so she can pick it up and then get back into the fight.

I…I just…!?

Ashley takes the Gigas out. Ares reaches the chest, which has the incredibly awesome Fey Vest in it. This is Leather armor for females only with great stats and which provides immunities to fear and confusion and it’s going on Ashley immediately after this. We capture the Gigas and start moving Ashley and Ares back into the fight as Glynne spears the Laquo Magus like a fish, finally overkilling it. We push everyone ahead. Since Ashley and Ares are still catching up, Glynne takes the lead with a Slashing Art buff. Sadly this doesn’t stop him getting Feared by the Armatus. Unfortunately for it, Ashley gets in range to hit it with a Sacrasphere, which Confuses it.

We pour firepower onto the Armatus to drag it down into overkill range, eventually causing Stein to level up. He doesn’t really get anything out of the level, though, and he’s starting to be in danger of not being useful. We got close enough to the Velox for it to engage, and it Bleeds Ashley with its attack. We cure Glynne’s Fear and Ashley’s Bleed and then finish the Armatus off with a Combo, leaving Velox all alone.

Falsin, your arrogance will… destroy you!
Don’t underestimate me…!

Glynne manages to level up after capturing the Armatus. He just gains stats, he’s not quite at his next skill yet. Ares moves up to hit the Velox and gets a level herself, with much more effect than Glynne.

Ares now has Fearless Attack, which cannot be countered. It’s pretty nice to have, a lot of these Majin actually do have a counter rate. Velox keeps shooting people with Bleed attacks with varying success, and eventually we pin it down with Ashley and Ares and overkill it. The far chest has a Flail in it, which is a decent one hand mace that is made totally useless by being male only. Needless to say when I found out I went through a bunch of trouble for that I was less than happy. Now we’ve just got the final island and a Laquo Magus, Velox, and Armatus. We push ahead and smash the Magus hard, quickly overkilling him and allowing our melee group to move on to the Velox. The Armatus moves in as well, and swinging at it makes Ashley level up as well.

I actually show her equipment screen here because there weren’t any real changes on the skill screen. Her elemental stats are so high because she’s got Magus Def on. Velox actually gets itself into a position to shoot Yuri, who is hurt but actually in a pretty good position to level up later. Ares gets feared by the Armatus, which briefly foils the combo I hoped to set up on the Velox. Still, it can only delay the inevitable so long and a combo from Ares and Reyna sends the Velox into the great beyond as well. A Sacra from Ashely and a Sacra II from Yuri finish off the Armatus as well, causing Yuri to level. Even better, Reyna levels capturing the remaining Majin. No new skills for either and no class change for Reyna quite yet but still very nice.

Battle Results:

Ashley 17->18
Glynne 12->13
Reyna 10->12
Ares 11->12
Stein 7->8
Yuri 10->11

Armatus Lv 12 x 2
Velox Lv 12 x 2
Hecta Gigas Lv 12 x 2
Laquo Magus Lv 10 x 2



I don’t know what Glynne’s problem is recently, he’s really on edge.

Video- “Redemption Lead Out”

ClClick Here For Video

(It feels like something’s… crushing me from the inside…)
(Free yourself… End your pain… You know how, don’t you?)
Oh, Glynne!
What’s wrong? You don’t look so good.
No, I’m fine…
(What in the hell was I just thinking!?)
Ashley, I have to talk to you about Reyna…
Not again… Glynne, I’m sorry, but I don’t think he’s that bad.
Are you kidding!? We STILL don’t even know who he really is!
That doesn’t mean we can decide who he is for ourselves! He’s not our enemy, Glynne!
Dammit, Ashley!

Why are you so paranoid? It’s not like you…
No, YOU’RE the one not acting like yourself!

H-Hey, Ashley! Wait!
(*sigh * What am I doing…?)

We were silent all the way back to Isapolis.

Nena: I heard that Reyna’s really a man.
So if that’s true, um, I was wondering…
Which one do you like, Glynne or Reyna?
I want to know… What’s it like to be in love?

The Count’s helping try to keep the peace too.

Glynne and Reyna seem to be at one another’s throats as of late.
They were glaring at each other right outside your lodgings.
I feared they were about to fight, so I stepped in to prevent it…
Looking back, I’m very relieved I wasn’t attacked in the process…! Oh, my.

I wish mystic prophecies were less, well, cryptic.

Shivan: I see two lights, drawing closer together but never touching.
A darkness threatens to extinguish one of these lights.
You must remain strong and believe in your friends.

Velnor: Did you know that Reyna is a… Oh, nevermind.
No, it’s nothing, really!

Leon actually had some great information for us this time around.

Leon: A Majin no one’s ever seen before has been sighted in the next Stratum!
It’s some kind of fire bird… so get ready to be attacked from the air.
I also heard it has magical powers. Was that helpful?

We’re getting ready just in case Leon’s intel is good.

Basil: Many lives have been saved because of you.
I am grateful, as it Count Duphaston.
You’ve won the hearts of everyone in Isapolis. We’re all glad you’re here.

Muse: Why’d you join the Church, Ashley?
It’s kind of strange that a girl like you is a Protector of the Faith…

We were joined by a few new allies this time around. Irina’s one of the Valdian Knights’ most skilled archers.

Irina:I do not mean to intrude in your affairs, but…
Your comrades Glynne and Reyna… Their hatred for each other seems dangerous.
But I suppose acting hastily could only make things worse. Good luck…
Can my humble sword be of service to the Church?
Thank you. I look forward to our next adventure.

Irina’s another solid mercenary, she’s a healer/archer hybrid. She’s got some great support abilities and I’m inclined to use her. Her best feature is going to be the Divinus skill she gets in a few levels, which cures any Status.

We also recruited a spear-Koona, who seemed concerned about something.

Ossa: …Gninethgirf os!
Drah krow ll’i! Nioj I nac?
Daeha deeps lluf-f-f-f-f!!!

Ossa’s a Koona with a spear-type attack. He also has Earth magic but suffers from the standard Koona problems of not being able to upgrade equipment properly and having terrible magic resistances.

I had a suggestion for Evan, don’t know if he’ll take it.

Hi, Evan.
You know, I was thinking about your situation…
If you’re not sure what to do with yourself, how about joining the Church?
Evan: Me? Join the Church?
I highly doubt that the Church would be interested in someone like me.
Don’t worry. I’ll put in a good word for you.
You can start as an assistant in one of the smaller congregations.
Evan: Thank you…
That is quite an offer, but I will need some time to consider it.
Of course. You don’t want to rush into anything.
Feel free to stay here as long as you need to.
Evan: Thank you, Miss Ashley. You have been more than generous.
I’m just a humble member of the Church. We’re supposed to help people!
Evan: Well, I’m truly grateful… of course, I wish you and I could’ve… Nevermind.

Um, anyway, Zadikus seems to have finished with the boar earlier than I expected.

Did the board give you enough exercise? Wait, where’s the boar at…?
Zadikus: So, I’m standin’ there, see, and the boar, see, he comes chargin’…!
I give him one good punch, and now he’s on the ground, squealin’ and hurtin’!
So now, I’m standin’ there, feelin’ bad ‘cause I just hurt this li’l fella…
I’ll tell ya, though, that boar had nothin’ on me!
I guess you ARE pretty strong!
Zadikus: Ain’t that what I been sayin’, Miss…?
Well, next time I’m gonna bring you something stronger!
Zadikus: I’m countin’ on ya! No more of them boars!

Keiko’s still stuck here, I’m not sure who can help her find a way home.

Hi there, Keiko.
Have you found a way to return home?
Keiko: Hm, I dunno…
Well, I don’t think it’d be written in any of the holy scriptures…
Yeah, that’s probably true.
I’m a Protector of the Church, so I can’t help you with any dark rituals…
Keiko: Oh, I see.
I’m sorry.
Keiko: No, no, it’s alright.
I’ll go ask some people around town.
I mean, I should find these things out on my own, right?
Well, be careful.
Keiko: Hehehe, don’t worry.
Okay. If you need anything, just ask.
Keiko: Alright, thanks!

I’m already regretting saving Nolstein.

Um, what…?
Nolstein: The stories of your beauty have not been exaggerated…
How would you like to become my mistress? We are a perfect match.
Excuse me?
Nolstein: To become my wife, you would need to be of noble birth.
But a pretty commoner has her uses as well, as I’m sure you know…
I don’t think you understand. I’m a Protector of the Faith.
The Church has strict rules, even if I WAS interested.
Nolstein: You can always leave the Church.
You don’t look powerful enough to really defend the Church anyway.
Oh really…? You sure about that?
Nolstein: Of course! I can tell just by looking at you that your power is noth—
Holy Atona, I call upon you to smite this foul creature!!!
Nolstein: GAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He’s not going to be sitting right for quite some time, I might have gone a bit overboard. I almost wish I could have told him how wrong he was with the rest of his crap, but it’d really be too much trouble if people did find out. Best to keep that to myself as long as I can…
- journal entry