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Part 25: Stratum 1: Fallen

It is hard to imagine in modern times the level of threat posed by the Majin. There are many records of single powerful Majin holding entire regions in a grip of terror.
- excerpt, The Fall of Valdia

Familiar Places

The Count gave us a warning about the larger Majin before we left, which turned out to be very timely. I still couldn’t believe we’d seen Cenwyn Marsh earlier.

And that turned out not to be the end of the strangeness.

I’m somewhat concerned that even our expert on Besek knows very little about this place.

Video- “Fallen Lead In”

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Besek is mentioned only briefly in the Valdian scriptures.
The contents aren’t very detailed.
Then, what DO you know?
Please calm down, Commander. Our scriptures aren’t very exact on this matter.
I have browsed a few pagan scriptures, though…
They say Besek is comprised of four Strata, and each is protected by a guardian.
But here’s where it gets a little tricky…
The Second Stratum branches into three paths, and the third branches into two.
The layout of Besek is quite complicated. I-I’m sorry, Commander… I don’t know how to say this…
This is where you tell me that finding the Princess is going to be difficult, huh?
I’m sorry, Commander…
Well, can you at least tell me where we are now? What is this place?
Um… About that… Actually, the description of this place varies from scripture to scripture.
What do you mean…?
Well, it’s just a conjecture…
But this part of Besek changes its appearance based on who’s here.
I see.

I’m even more concerned that he might well know a lot more than he’s acting like he does.

It’s always wise to learn about your enemy.
Here they come…!
Sorry, Levatte, but we’ll have to finish this later. Let’s deal with those Majin!
Y-Yes, Commander!

The Majin are getting stronger, we must be going the right way.

Video- “Fallen”

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Ally Team:
We didn’t pick up any mercenaries in between maps, so we’ve just Olifen’s base party. Won’t be a problem, though.

Enemy Team:
We’re up against a very diverse group of Majin here. We’ve got two Stelios, two Laquo, a Gripnor, two Jade Sylphs, and a low level Cancer Gigas.

Jade Sylph is a weaker form of the Lapis Sylphs we saw in Doom Shade’s map. It’s very similar to the higher level version, it has Aero magic and is mainly vulnerable to Light and Dark. Physical attacks are nearly useless, and Aero spells do nothing to them. This is actually a good Majin to get Levatte some experience on, since even his relatively weak Sacra spells will wreck them.

This is the lowest-level large Majin in the game. It’s a lot like the version we saw in Desert but lacks the nasty active skills like Fracture Attack. We can take it apart with Strikes and magic pretty easily.


We deploy aggressively towards the near Laquo and Jade Sylph. Since we’re outnumbered 2:1, we need to go all-out and smash the Majin as quickly as we can.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture all the new Majin.


Yeah, I recognize it too.
This place is familiar to you, Sir Logue?
It sure is.
This is where Olifen received his first honors in battle.
It’s where he proved himself capable of being a Commander.
Proved himself, huh?
So how did this place end up in Besek?
Storytime’s over. We better get ready.
May Holy Atona bless our swords with her might.
We shall vanquish all evil, in the name of Valdia!

Our first step is to get some buffs on Logue and advance just out of the Laquo’s range. Then when our next turn comes around we can charge it and take it out all at once.

Hey, Boss, this isn’t the time for reminiscing, is it?
I know.

Step one is to stab it in the face with Olifen. We upgraded all of our weapons, and we see the effects immediately when we nearly kill it in a single blow.

Nevermind that! We have a battle on our hands!
Levatte, don’t overdo it, you hear?
I-I’ll be okay, Ma’am!
Let’s just hope so.

Step two is for Marie to overkill it with a spell, which gets her a level. No new skills this time around, but just wait a bit on that.

Bless me, Holy Atona, if I die…
Levatte, relax!
If you let your fear control you, you WILL fail.

We hit the near Jade Sylph with Olifen, who casts on Logue. Logue hits the Sylph in return, causing him to level up. He doesn’t get any new skills, though.

Levatte, get it together. Quit your whimpering!
Hey, Boss! Can’t you try encouraging him a little…?

Levatte manages to Overkill the Jade Sylph with a Sacra, and we scoop up both of the bound Majin. We start pushing onto the bridge, which lures in a Stelios. This puts it into a perfect position to be stabbed by Olifen, taking it immediately into the red zone and getting Olifen a level. No new skills this time either, but again hold on. It attacks back and then runs away, for what little good that’ll do it.

Don’t you have anything better to do!?

We keep pushing across the bridge. We want to send Logue to start on the Cancer Gigas and get our casters firmly in position. Olifen deals with the Stelios with insulting ease.

Stay focused, Levatte! They can smell fear.

The Gripnor in the middle advances towards us and starts casting, though that’s not too much of a problem. The Cancer Gigas also moves up and hits Logue, but we manage to cripple it with a Fracture Attack in reply. The Gripnor is weakened by a spell from Marie, then finished off by a Combo from Olifen and Levatte, who levels up.

Levatte gets the spell Fortify, which buffs the overall defenses of a group of allies. It’s pretty awesome, much better than any of the individual type defensive buffs. A Pyro from Marie weakens the Gigas a bit more, and Olifen and Logue Combo it down. This gets Olifen another level.

Olifen gets an Evade skill, which fits well for him because he’s always going to be relatively lightly armored. Now we start pushing towards the second bridge and the Laquo that’s waiting on it. We weaken it with a spell from Marie, and it advances and hits Logue in return.

Sir Logue!? You alright?
I… I’m fine.

Logue and Olifen take the Laquo down with a Combo, getting Logue a second level. No new skills again, but Logue’s not really about skills anyway. The chest has a Novice librum, which comes with a cast of the Somnus skill. Now we advance across the bridge towards the Jade Sylph and Stelios. We weaken the Sylph with an attack from Logue and a spell from Marie, who levels up again.

The Majin should cower in fear in the face of the power of our Pyro II. Jade Sylph drops to a Combo from Logue and Olifen, and then Stelios to a stab from Olifen followed by a Pyro II. Olifen manages to level up a third time capturing both Majin.

Battle Results:

Olifen 6->9
Logue 5->7
Marie 4->6
Levatte 4->5

Cancer Gigas Lv 6 x 1
Jade Sylph Lv 6 x 2
Laquo Lv 4 x 2
Stelios Lv 3 x 2
Gripnor Lv 4 x 1


A horrible sound rang through Besek after the battle.

Video- “Fallen Lead Out”

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I-I should never have come here! I knew this was a bad idea! I knew it!
What was THAT!?
You guys alright?
We’re fine. How about you two?
I’m alright… A little shaken up, but that’s all.
Very well…
Levatte, what was that sound just now?
I…I’m afraid I have no idea, Commander.
You don’t know. Then why are you here with us?
And your performance in battle… All you do is whimper.
HEY! He’s a priest, not a trained knight. You can’t push him around like that!
No, if he’s going to come with us, then he has to pull his weight.
I guess your war medals are more important than the lives of your teammates, huh?
Excuse me…!?
No… Ma’am… He granted ME the privilege of joining his team…
I’m deeply sorry that I’ve let you down, Commander Olifen.

Is he just getting flustered, or is he holding out on us? I suppose I’ve got to trust him, but he’s making it hard.

Hey! What’s with you?
First, you say you don’t know, and then it sounds like you’re saying Besek is alive!
Yes, I suppose you could put it that way. Besek might be alive.
Stop joking around!
I think the quake was caused by the ruler of Besek.
Someone rules Besek…? Who?
Oh, you haven’t heard?
They say that someone or someTHING controls Besek.
At least, that’s what the priests back home say…
Ma’am, you aren’t supposed to talk about that…
Okay, okay! Whatever you say. Happy?
Thank you. I suppose some further research into Besek is in order.
If we search Besek thoroughly, I believe many things may become clear to us, Commander.
Fine. Keep in mind, though, that our first priority is to rescue Her Majesty.
If your research slows us down, you’re putting her life in further danger.
Y-Yes, Commander.
Whatever you say, Boss.

Our pace is bad enough without having to waste time with some kind of research into this terrible place. The Count’s been nothing but cordial, though that doesn’t mean he’s not setting us up.

Be warned, Besek can engulf you in darkness at any moment.
But if you trust in your comrades, the path will be opened…
I shall look forward to hearing more of your exploits, Commander.

There are some… interesting people hanging around Isapolis recently.

Ares: Rescuing a princess? How exciting.

There are even some others here from the Knights.

Alexei: I’m here to investigate Besek, under orders from the Council!

We ended up taking on an old mercenary named Komori’s contract, the Majin have been coming in increasing numbers and we might need the help.

Komori: Aha, so you’re looking for the Princess?
I’m here with my adopted daughter, Nena. She has a vendetta against Majin.
Hey, would you like to hire us? Nena and I make one tough team!
All we need is food and shelter, and we’re set. Let’s go slay some Majin!

Feinne’s Notes:
We saw Komori late in Ashley’s story, he’s a relatively weak melee fighter who also gets healing, buffs, and earth magic. We’ll use him for now, but he’s not that good.

There are Koona around town, too.

Leon had some valuable information for us.

Leon: Have you heard the word about weapon types? It’s pretty deep stuff!
There are 3 weapon types: Slash weapons include shortswords and greatswords.
Pierce weapons include rapiers, spears, shortbows, and longbows.
And lastly, Strike weapons: Axes, maces, librums, and staves.
Find each Majin’s weakness to each of these types to gain the advantage.

The musician we rescued from the Majin was still warming up when we got back, most of the band is still lost it seems.

Muse: I was just practicing onstage a minute ago. I’m sorry you missed it.
But it’s so hard to dance in rhythm when there’s no music!
A band used to play here, but they were all kidnapped by Majin!
If you rescue htem, we’ll have amazing music to listen to again.

Mana’s doing well, I think.

Please, call me Olifen…
Mana: O-Okay, Mr. Olifen.
What can I do for you, Mana?
Mana: Um um um… Why did you become a knight?
That’s an unexpected question.
Mana: Oh, I-I’m sorry…
No no, it’s just that people don’t usually ask me that.
Okay, let me think…
I come from a military family, so it just felt natural for me to join.
And I was never very good at anything else besides swordsmanship.
Mana: So not all knights join up “for king and country,” do they?
Hahaha, yeah… but it’s just embarrassing to admit it.
Mana: Well, thank you for sharing that with me.
I-I’ve had fun talking to you!
That’s good to hear. See you next time.

I just wish we had some way of knowing that the Princess was still okay. I just have to believe that we’ll make it in time…
- operation record, Commander Olifen