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Part 43: Stratum 3: Arbiter Part 2 Boss: Luxaphel

And so Blessed Saint Luxaphel, the Archangel, did rise up against the powers of darkness and cast them back to their grim home. His task complete, he returned to the side of Holy Atona once more.
- excerpt, Valdian scripture

The Right Hand of Izel

It doesn’t matter if they’re demons, angels, or gods. I’ll kill anything that stands between us and the Princess.

Video- “Arbiter Part 2”

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Ally Team:
Our same old group of mercenaries, there’s a lot of powerful Majin out here and we’ll need the healing.

Enemy Team:
This is actually the nastiest group of Majin we’ll see in Olifen’s Tale. There are two Lapis Sylphs, two Zyr Phantasms, two Unseelie, and two Garuda joining Luxaphel. We’ll need to push through most of the Majin on one side to even get to the big guy.

And here he is. Luxaphel is a nasty Light caster, he can heal and even has a special spell called Sacraspire that does a bit more damage than Sacrasphere and can Seal instead of Confuse. Luxaphel is resistant to all types of magic save Dark, but unlike King Bellion he’s actually vulnerable to physical attacks. This makes him a bit easier to Overkill, but do keep in mind he’s got a really tough base defense.


There’s no way up without passing through one whole set of Majin so you absolutely need to try and force one side without getting the other. If you’ve got two Garudas at once you’re in really, really deep shit and need to pull out all the stops to make that not the case.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture Luxaphel


We start out with our normal set of buffs flying around. We push quickly to the side to ensure we don’t have some buffing Majin from the other side wander into us while they’re moving around looking for friends to buff. We even give Logue a Magus Wall buff so he can take a first strike from the near Lapis Sylph, which turns out to have been a decent plan because it does indeed cast on us with an Aerosphere. We quickly cure bleeds from Olifen and Ares, heal Ares, and get ready to engage our first Majin.

The scriptures say man is born in the light.
And when he dies, he returns to the light.
I wonder if it’s the same for Majin…?
Levatte, stay focused!
Whether you’re angel or demon, it doesn’t matter!
I’ll strike down anything that stands in my way!
You think you stand a chance against your own gods!?
As your master, I shall educate you in such matters!

We start the show off with a slash to the Lapis Sylph. We’re definitely going to have to deal with the Garuda soon, and Unseelie is a real possibility as well. Zyr Phantasm not so much, it generally won’t move to cast on us.

Sh-Shut up! I’m not listening to you…
You treacherous Falsin… Your soul is tainted…
And your life is a failure.

We keep throwing everything we’ve got at the Lapis Sylph, short of using Malus II. We’re going to need that here in a bit. Lapis Sylph is almost down, it’ll just take a bit more to bring things over the top.

Keep it together, Levatte!
B-But, Ma’am…!

Levatte does a good thing, killing the Lapis Sylph with a Sacra. We even get a good status restoring item from killing it, a Remedy. Now we’re getting ready for the incoming Garuda and potentially an Unseelie.

Luxaphel is a Majin of Light.
If we use Dark magic, we should get through the aura!

Logue whacks the Unseelie since the Garuda isn’t nearby yet. It then runs up and nearly kills Ares in a single hit, because Garudas are stupidly overpowered. We start healing up and trying to get started on the thing, but annoyingly it just keeps evading all the attacks I’m sending its way. It takes a spell from Marie to get a proper first blood. Logue is able to get around to its side and block it off from my weaker characters, making things a bit easier. After a few more attacks Marie finishes the job with a Delirium. I also put a Magus Wall up on her, because I want her to be the vanguard of my offensive on Luxaphel. We’ll just have to see how that works in practice. Unseelie meanwhile has decided to finally start fighting and starts shooting at my back ranks. We do it the same way we do all Unseelies, weakened then burned down.

We’ve moved into range and Luxaphel starts casting with his big gun, Sacraspire. Logue takes a ton of damage, the chances of him surviving this whole map are slim. The Zyr Phantasm also started casting, but it’s running away at the same time. It’ll soon be out of range to do anything so we’re not so worried. Now we just need to get Marie into range to break the damn Aura on the boss.

She wouldn’t take people’s lives so violently like you.
Y-You’re right… I think…

With an S rank in Dark spells breaking the Aura was never really in question for Marie. Now we just need to try and finish the job without getting the Majin on the other side, or we’ll be in for a real hassle here soon.

Don’t tell me you’re scared, old friend.
I’m only scared that you won’t be able to handle him.
Ha! I’ll order you to stay back so you won’t get hurt!

Zyr Phantasm takes a parting shot at Levatte and then leaves the sphere of the world forever as far as I’m concerned. Now we get started on hitting Luxaphel. We do a lot of damage to it but the problem is that it keeps fleeing towards support. At this point I’m sure I will at least have to fight a few of the Majin on that side.

There’s no time for that! Concentrate on the battle!
Right, let’s finish this quickly.

We finally get Luxaphel down low, and the goddamn Garuda comes in and heals it. Even worse, I just plain haven’t been paying proper attention to Logue’s health and totally forget when he gets hit by a spell for a moderate amount of damage. I get Luxaphel down quite a lot again and then in a desperate attempt to distract the Garuda from healing I run Irina over to shoot at it. It doesn’t end up working, he heals the thing. Yuri levels up, she gets Prayer II this time. I get started on the Garuda, though it’s a bit too late to really help now. Then I get punished for not topping Logue off earlier because Luxaphel drops a Sacrasphere on him and Ares, confusing her and leaving him low. Zyr Phantasm still has an Aero II, and finishes the job with it. It then moves up next to Olifen, which is actually super bad because it means he can’t move. While confused Ares does a good thing and stabs Luxaphel anyway, so we’re still keeping his health low. Then things get even more annoying.

Garuda moves in and one shots Yuri. This was officially the Last Straw. Olifen hits the Zyr Phantasm since he can’t even move to reach the Garuda, and Luxaphel heals itself. I cure Ares’ Confusion and then finish the second Garuda with a Delirium from Marie and a Terra II from Levatte, who levels up.

He gets his unique skill, Soul’s Cry. It’s a powerful Staff based Light attack that can Seal. The Zyr Phantasm hits Olifen with a Malus that diseases him just to annoy me, but then it backs up allowing me to move again. But now things are looking good, no Garuda and we’ve got Luxaphel at a pretty good health level.

I’ve never read about Majin who call themselves gods…
Levatte, what are you talking about…?

We cure that disease, and then the game as always makes an awesome suggestion.

Wrong, Falsin! Your souls will be mine!
You’ve underestimated us… Now you’re in for a surprise!

I throw a Combo at Luxaphel and manage to Overkill it by one hit point, getting Ares a level as well. And that’s all she wrote.

My only regret is not being there to witness it…
But… I have served my role in this grand process…
Archangel or not, you’re headed for the Netherworld!
Arrogant Falsin…
The path to the Throne of God is open to you…
You unworthy creatures may get to see Izel’s rebirth…
But it will be the last thing you’ll ever see!
Shut up and die with honor, Majin!

Battle Results:

Levatte 17->18
Ares 16->17
Yuri 14->15

Luxaphel Lv 23 x 1
Unseelie Lv 19 x 1


It was time for the truth.

Video- “Arbiter Lead Out”

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His powerful aura… his words… Do you think he really WAS Archangel Luxaphel?
As a priest of the Church, I don’t think we can deny the possibility…
I’m afraid… we may be making a serious mistake…
You think it was a mistake to kill that Majin…?
No, it’s not that… I just feel there’s something deeper here… Something we’re not seeing…
I’m more worried about the rebirth of this “Izel”… What is that?

And it seemed Levatte had been holding out on us even earlier.

I guess this isn’t the time to feign ignorance anymore…
A small group of Valdian priests has been studying Besek for some time now.
Just as I thought…
They’ve been collecting information while they suppress the heretics…
And you’re a spy sent by the Pope, aren’t you?
Levatte, you don’t have to answer that.
Anyone working against Valdia’s interests must be executed. As a Knight, I’d be forced to carry out my duty.
Levatte, everyone has their secrets, and I’m not about to lose a member of my team for this. Especially not right now.
Commander Olifen…
Marie, you’re okay with this?
If you say so, Commander.

Still, I need to know what we’re about to walk into.

Well, tell me whatever you can… disclose, that is.
Yes, Sir!
As you know, the Pope and the royal house have been competing for power.
When Besek emerged, and the Princess disappeared, the Church panicked.
They suspected the disappearance of the Princess had something to do with the Eternal Poison, huh?
But that contradicted the King’s announcement that she was kidnapped by Majin and taken to Besek.
If her disappearance had been orchestrated, he wouldn’t tell people to look for her.
As the Pope saw it, there were two possibilities…
Either the King’s announcement was genuine, and there was no connection between the royal family and Besek…
Or else the timing was too convenient to be coincidence, and the Princess was indeed after the Eternal Poison.
The Pope’s a bastard…!
Marie? What’s wrong?

I’m going to be having… words with the Pope after we get back.

So the Pope’s determined to kill the Princess… whether or not she’s after the Eternal Poison.
N-No… the Princess is the divine reincarnation of Holy Atona…
The Pope wouldn’t dare…
But you had some doubts about the Princess earlier, Levatte.
Th-That’s not true. I believe in her… And that’s why I was suspicious of the way everything connected.
You and I are the same.
No matter what you hear, you don’t let it affect your belief in Her Majesty.

Everyone, please help me.
I need all of you if we’re going to finish our mission.
You don’t… mind that I’m loyal to the Pope…?

As long as he’s doing his part, I really don’t care what Levatte might also be up to.

You’re a pretty good guy, Boss, you know that?
That’s why you’d go against orders and rescue a platoon that was used as decoys and left for dead.
What are you talking about…?
I’m just… saying I’ll stick around. You need someone to look after you.
Looks like you’ve finally learned how to hold a team together, Commander.
I’m just glad I don’t have to continue on by myself. Thanks, everyone.
Now, let’s move out! The Throne of God lies ahead!

We returned to Isapolis one last time to rest up for what will probably be the final showdown.

You seem a bit anxious today.
But you’ve managed to venture this far! Verily, there is nothing to fear!
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some rather mundane matters to attend to…

We very well may never see this place again.

Muse: You must be pretty busy. You don’t visit me very often.
My dancing’s really improved since last time! Come see me when you get back!
Anyways, sorry for keeping you when you’ve got things to do! Goodbye!!!

The town’s been pretty dead, it seems like everyone who doesn’t need to be here has run.

Basil: Some of the refugees are heading home now.
I’m sad that I won’t be able to see them again.
But going back to family and friends is a wonderful thing.

The fortune teller is warning us of what may be coming.

Shivan: Yet I cannot see what lies beyond it…
Could the end also mean the beginning?

Leon is also running away it seems.

Leon: I’m thinking about leaving this town soon…
The Count has been keeping his eye on me…
It’s hard to become a master thief when you’re always being watched. I’m out.

The Throne of God… who knows what we’ll see there.
- operation record, Commander Olifen