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Part 44: Stratum 4: Sovereign Boss: ???

Some reports suggest that the Commander of the Valdian Knights returned to the Castle in time to defend it from the Majin.
- excerpt, The Fall of Valdia

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Today we discovered the truth of what’s really been going on. Who our real enemy has always been.

Video- “Sovereign Lead In”

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That’s impossible…
There’s no denying it… We’ve both been here so many times…
But why is Besek connected to THIS place!?
I never expected you’d be permitted to enter here…

It all makes sense now.

What’s the meaning of this?
Ignorant fools…
You’re the Commander of the Valdian Knights, and you still can’t figure it our for yourself.
Do you not recognize the throne room?
So this is real…?
Then… wh-where is Princess Lenarshe!?
The Princess is in my hands now. I suppose it won’t be for much longer, though…
What do you mean by that!? Tell us what’s going on here, Your Majesty!
Just as I suspected. King Valdus, you were the one who summoned Besek, right!?
Ah, you… Pope Renart’s little lackey…
I don’t mean to be rude, Your Highness, but do you intend to resurrect Izel?
Hahaha… What a clever little boy. You’ve been doing your research, haven’t you?
Your Majesty, please. What is it you intend to do?
I INTEND to take that librum from you and resurrect Izel.

Did the Count give us the Librum Aurora to stop this from happening? I’d ask him, but I know even if I do manage to track him down he’ll feign ignorance.

Indeed. The Librum Aurora is the key to resurrecting Izel…
And thanks to my dear daughter’s selfless sacrifice, it won’t be much longer now.
Wh-What…? What is Your Majesty talking about?
Let me inform you of the momentous events taking place around you.
The blood of the Valdian royal family is the catalyst to resurrect the Goddess into this world.
The inscription in the book is the spell to summon Izel.
I-It can’t be…!!!
The depths of Besek are connected to the Netherworld…
When the incantation is spoken, the Goddess Izel shall be reborn, into Lenarshe’s body!
This place… It’s the Goddess’s throne room…
What are you trying to accomplish by summoning Izel!?
Don’t you have any imagination? I shall harness the might of the Goddess!
With that unlimited power, I’ll open a doorway between Alea and the Netherworld!

I can’t believe this madman is really the King I knew. Or at least I thought I knew.

That’s why you threw the Kingdom into a state of chaos… So no one would know what you’re planning.
Your Majesty, as Commander of the Valdian Knights, I won’t let you go unpunished for your crimes!
Crimes…? Ha, this is the only purpose for Besek’s existence.
I am simply using this realm as it was intended.
Shut up!!!
King Valdus… for the good of Valdia and our entire world, I will execute you right where you stand!
How amusing! But you challenge the most powerful Archmage in all of Valdia! Are you up to the challenge, Commander!?

We had to be, the future of Valdia was at stake…

Video- “Sovereign”

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Ally Team:
We’ve got our normal human team out to start. I’ve got a full array of Majin ready to pull out in case of deaths as well.

Enemy Team:
This time we’re actually up against a pretty pathetic group of Majin. There are two each of Lapis Sylph, Chiroptera, Scytodida, and Zerda joining King Valdus. Let’s look at the King in Olifen’s Tale.

Olifen’s King Valdus is a Wind and Light caster that’s mainly vulnerable to Pierce attacks. It’s got Sacraspire and Aerosphere, but honestly it’s not as powerful as it was in Ashley’s Tale.


Just as we did with Ashley we want to push a side, a swift and brutal advance through the Majin is our best bet.

Tactical Objectives:
- Regicide


Was the King replaced by an imposter…!?
Simpleminded fooooools!
Valdian Kings have always carried the blood of Majin.
It is a well-guarded secret…
Only those with Majin blood can sit upon the throne.
Logue, I gave you the chance to join us…
But you cast my gift aside like a curse!
So… You DID know what you were doing!
You sent me to the Northern Lands alone, on purpose!
Now, I shall put you out of your misery, false Commander!
Y-Your Majesty…! Don’t do this…!

We start out pushing towards the near Zerda. I intend to pound it down like a nail as soon as it enters range, because while capturing these Majin would be nice it’s not crucial.

That’s not going to happen, Your Majesty…
Because I won’t let Izel take over the Princess!
Ha! Show me what you’re capable of!

Zerda advances to shoot at Ares. I push Marie up into casting range, which means it’s just about time to end its pathetic life.

Don’t drop your guard!

I go for a Dual Attack with Olifen and then Lead Marie to burn it to the ground with a Pyro III. That’s how we roll in the hood. Meanwhile, there are two Chiropteras and two Lapis Sylphs starting to push towards me. Marie’s got another action already, so I send her to cast on the Chiroptera trying to flank us. I’m going to hold the main front with Ares and Olifen while Logue goes after the bat, it’s vulnerable to Strikes so he’ll be best.

I won’t serve a man who embraces the darkness!
Hmph! Then I shall get rid of my insolent servant!

We whack the Chiroptera with Logue, nearly taking it out. It retaliates with pretty laughable force and then tries to outflank me again, though it’s not going to get away.

Do you know how to destroy it?
Use your most powerful attack, Commander…

So yeah, we need to use Everthrust to break Valdus’ Demon Aura, just like we needed Punishment in Ashley’s Tale. I make a bit of a mistake by grouping Ares, Olifen, Irina, and Marie into a shape that’s perfect for being hit with Aerosphere. The Chiroptera there moves up to attack Ares and then a Lapis Sylph manages to Bleed ALL DAMN FOUR OF THEM. You know what, though? It’s no big thing. I start hitting the Chiroptera, knowing I’ll have plenty of time to get a heal off on people. Meanwhile, Logue knocks his Chiroptera’s stupid bat lights out, leveling up in the process.

He’s not going to gain any skills for the rest of this probably. You might notice he’s got a new skill, Light Load, that came from a Majin in Sanctuary (I want to say Ocenyx). It reduces the speed penalty of using Plate. We throw some more heat onto the other Chiroptera and reduce it to four damn health. Irina has a bright, shining moment where she finishes it off with an Aqua I, even getting a level. However, that doesn’t save her from getting gibbed by an Aero II followed by an Aerosphere. That’s okay, though. Because I’ve got an Unseelie all ready to summon, and Logue’s already getting to work on the Lapis Sylphs.

It’s unthinkable!
This power has saved this Kingdom!
Everyone has relied on this power to protect them!
If you reject my reign, then come at me!
…You forgotten remnant of the Reev tribe!

I don’t need to take that shit from some Majin asshole, and Marie dishes out some serious hurt on the Lapis Sylph Logue already started on. I cure up the Bleeds on everyone finally so we can advance, and Unseelie already proves its worth by nearly killing a Lapis Sylph in a single Light Attack. The two of them buff each other with Salva, but it’s way too late for something that pathetic to save them. The first falls to a Malus II from Marie.

You cannot stand up to the might of a King!
Now, I’ll put you out of your misery!

Now Olifen runs up to the second and takes it down to critically low health. I’d kill it right now but everyone’s chatty here so hold on.

Th-That means the Princess…!
Yes, you fools worship a Princess with Majin’s blood.

The Sylph falls to a Light Attack from Unseelie’s brutal longbow. When we kill enemies with a Majin, it actually holds the experience until the end and evenly distributes it among the rest of the team, which is pretty cool. We’re finally ready to push at the King, and even better Marie levels up from a buff.

Marie doesn’t get anything much out of this, but while we’re here let’s talk about the only real flaw with Marie. She’s very good at the things she’s good at, but she’s actually really bad at everything else. She’s not ever gotten up to A in Wind, and she’s got C and D in everything else. At the same level, Thage’s worst aptitude is going to be a C in Light, and everything else will be at least B (and most will be A). I’m not saying Marie’s bad because it’s simply not true, but she’s not terribly versatile. Not that she really has to be, of course, because killing things with Fire is very often effective.

I will not answer such foolish questions.
My power is beyond your understanding.

The asshole is finally in range, so he casts on Olifen. That’s cool, really, because Olifen is quite resistant to Light and Wind. Olifen replies by running up and breaking his Demon Aura. At this point we start to straight up go to town on him. Unseelie starts shooting, Ares runs up, and Marie throws a Delirium at him. The Scytodida near him engages but misses Olifen, and the other Zerda starts shooting somewhat pathetically at Ares.

No, the Commander is still the hero of the nation.
But sometimes even the Commander must play politics.

You know, like MURDERING THE KING BECAUSE HE’S AN EVIL MAJIN. Which, by the way, we continue doing. I do shift Olifen to the Scytodida briefly, and I finish it off with Levatte’s rather boring unique move since it can’t even hurt the King. The King and I trade blows for a while, but since I can heal and he can’t the outcome is never really in doubt.

Sacrificing your own daughter to resurrect Izel…!?
That’s the only reason for her existence.

Yeah, whatever asshole. Unfortunately for him, Marie’s purpose for existence is killing him with a Delirium, ending the map.

You think it’s over?
The laws of this world are beyond the reach of humanity.
No, mankind will save itself.
We do not need the heavens to protect us.
He who abandons his humanity has no power over us!
HAHAHA! You’re so naïve!
The world is headed for ruin, with or without me…
If you cling to your humanity, you will… not…

Battle Result:

Marie 25->26
Logue 19->20

Zerda Lv 19 x 1
Chiroptera Lv 20 x 2
Lapis Sylph Lv 19 x 2
Scytodida Lv 20 x 1

I don’t know what he meant, maybe it doesn’t matter.

Video- “Sovereign Lead Out”

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(What was he trying to say when he died…? What was he talking about…?)
Princess Lenarshe is asking for you.
What? Are you sure!?

I’m just glad the Princess is safe.

Are you hurt?
No, I’m fine.
Where’s… my father…?
His Majesty has… passed away.
I… see…
I tried to end it all, by myself.
After Besek appeared, I learned the truth, and I wanted to… I should’ve been the one to stop him…
Even if it meant my own life…
I didn’t want anyone else getting involved…
I treated you so horribly in Besek…
My Lady… It’s over now.
Please don’t blame yourself. You were very brave.
And from now on, I’ll be there for you… always. Lenarshe…

And that’s when the castle started to collapse. I guess all the fighting destabilized the statue of Atona. A guy can’t ever catch a damn break.

What’s going on!?
Boss, the Goddess Statue is falling apart!
It’s not safe here! We’ve got to go, right now!
The statue…!
My Lady, please, let’s hurry!

Still, statues can be replaced. All in all, I think we can call this mission a success.

We’ll need to make up some kind of story so people don’t find out what really happened here, but I don’t think that’ll be a problem. I’m just glad it’s all over.
- operation record, Commander Olifen

Video- “Credits, Olifen Version”

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The young Commander of the Valdian Knights was instrumental in the restoration of order shortly after the attack on Castle Valdia and Besek’s subsequent disappearance.

With the Pope unseated, the younger generations of the two previously warring factions of the Church came together to build a more positive future.

One thing was clear: things would never be the same again.
- excerpt, The Fall of Valdia