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Part 72: Stratum 2: Sojourn Part 1

In his travels the Hero cut down countless Majin like a scythe through wheat.
- excerpt, The Saga of Rondemion


We found a rocky island up in the sky.

The Majin really ruined the view, though.

Video- “Sojourn Part 1”

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Ally Team:
We’re going to use the same group we did last time. A few notable additions, though. First, Yuri now has an Aqua I spell imported with a cheap little staff from Thage’s Tale. Second, I didn’t realize this last time but last level Nena got something that makes her way better than Stein, an extra tile of movement. Mobility is key for a caster with a lot of low-range Malus magic, so this is pretty great.

Enemy Team:
Same as last time we did this, a Thiefler, a Sprite, and two each of Uro Lumen, Hecta Gigas, and Magiquarius.


Standard sort of deployment, I go wide here because I have no respect for these Majin and could slug it out with all of them if it came to it.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture the Hecta Gigas


What has you in such a hurry?
That doesn’t concern you.
My, my, it seems I have yet to gain your trust.
Well, I do love a good challenge.
What have you been up to behind my back?
Oh, so you are interested in my activities now.
Hmph, just watch your own back in battle.

We start by pushing Rondemion and the Count up to lure the Majin into the teeth of our offensive.

I will feast on your soul!!!
Is that so?
Falsin, how dare you bring that librum here!
Hand it over!
Come and get it.

The Uro Lumen advances, and we push forward to meet it. I buff the Count’s speed instead of Alexei’s first, because I want to get him ahead of Rondemion so they can blow up the Uro Lumen immediately.

What are you mumbling about?
Let’s try to capture a pair of them…
Is this some sort of trick, Count?
Hm… I’ll try it.

As with last time, we need to capture both Hecta Gigas to summon the Escha Gigas. We have the same basic strategy, keep them separate then blow them up.

Do not know.
Hmph, always the same answer…

Uro Lumen is down instantly thanks to the Count and Rondemion’s combined efforts, a good start. It’s especially important because a Hecta Gigas is coming in from the left and the other Uro Lumen is coming from the right. Vivian moves up to hit the incoming Gigas with some Earth magic, its main weakness, while we hit the Uro Lumen with some Dark magic from Nena before we move Alexei up to meet it. Hecta Gigas Fractures Vivian, but I fortunately have a stored action with Yuri which will make it pretty easy to get her back on her feet. This lets me blast the Thiefler that is trying to sneak past me with the Count’s Air magic, nearly dropping it. After leading Yuri to remove the Fracture Rondemion heads right. The right Gigas is coming in and I need to get it stopped before it enters Martyr range of its friend. Rondemion blasts it with his Earth magic, which does enough damage to be a good choice for the Overkill later. This also ends up drawing in the Magiquarius on that side, but it’s no real threat even with another Majin. Alexei gets hit by the Uro Lumen, and he knocks it out of the park in return. Thiefler falls to the Count’s magic, and while we’re dealing with the Majin Vivian levels up.

Vivian doesn’t get much new out of her level, it’s a bit before she does. The same applies to the Count, who levels up soon after. The Hecta Gigas on the left pulled back a bit, but the right one if anything got more aggressive and set itself up for a brutal combo. We should oblige its death wish.

Now, now, I’m sure we’ll find something eventually.
There’s no need for undue haste, is there?
Keep your mouth shut.

Rondemion levels up from the takedown, which brings him to rank A earth magic. We’re now halfway to our secondary objective. While we take the other Gigas down to low health, we get ready to clear the Magiquarius out. We just hold the Gigas for now, because we’ll want Rondemion for the actual takedown. Magiquarius ends up falling to a Combo from Rondemion and Nena, who levels up when her turn comes around and she captures it.

She’s just so much faster than Stein, it’s crazy. Rondemion blows up the Gigas with his Earth magic, and now we’ve got them both bound. We leave Vivian and Nena behind to do the captures as soon as we’re ready, and meanwhile we split our party into two groups to deal with the two remaining Majin. Rondemion goes with Yuri to deal with the Magiquarius, and Alexei is joined by the Count and Velnor for the Sprite.

Something’s spying on us from the darkness.

Alexei cracks the Sprite with his big hammer, Fracturing it and getting him a level too. This level is super awesome because it gets him an extra tile of movement, which coupled with the spear I picked up makes his range suddenly huge. Sprite falls to a Combo from Alexei and Velnor, who isn’t quite going to get a level here. The Magiquarius goes down after a bit of weakening to a Combo from Rondemion and Yuri, who levels and gets Cura II. We get some cool items, which I’ll talk more about next time when we shift our accessories around a bit. Anyway we are victorious, go team.

Battle Result:

Rondemion 14->15
Duphaston 11->12
Alexei 9->10
Yuri 9->10
Nena 8->9
Vivian 8->9

Thiefler Lv 7 x 1
Sprite Lv 8 x 1
Uro Lumen Lv 9 x 1
Hecta Gigas Lv 10 x 2
Magiquarius Lv 11 x 2


The Majin’s boss was waiting for us.

What are you talking about?
Something approaches…!
How dare you capture and enslave my brethren!
Forcing them to fight one another! Disgusting!

Some big old rock decided it wanted to fight us.

Falsin, do you realize the consequences of your crimes?
Looks like we caught a big one!
Wretched Falsin, I shall purify you now!
You Majin are the real scourge of this world.
Such denial! Spoken like a guilty man!

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
- unknown