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Part 78: Stratum 2: Oblivion Part 2 Boss: Gergedeus

Gergedeus, the scourge of the desert, proved no match for the might of the Hero, Rondemion.
- excerpt, the Saga of Rondemion

It Came From The Desert

It feels like a lifetime ago when I slew Gergedeus the first time.

Video- “Oblivion Part 2”

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Ally Team:
Standard team, we need all the help we can get.

Enemy Team:
Same as last time we did this, Gergedeus is joined by two Armatus, three Vespula, two Exo Machina, and a Pyromote. Let’s look at the boss.

Gergedeus is seriously tough. It’s immune to Darkness, nearly so to Fire, and it’s somewhat resistant to every form of physical attack. Water and Light are slightly better than normal against it, but overall it’s pretty tough to hurt.


We’re doing the same thing we did with Ashley’s party, we’re going to go around the side instead of trying to push up the gut of the map because we just won’t be able to survive such a direct confrontation with all of the Majin here.

Tactical Objectives:
- Complete the map


We push on a bit, for once the Majin don’t start in range in this positioning so we have to cede the first hit to them. Fortunately Rondemion is largely immune to Phys status like the Fracture we see coming in here and takes it pretty well. There’s also an Armatus coming in with much more dangerous Mental status, but we should have this guy dealt with before that. We toss a bunch of magic into it, weakening and even Confusing it as we set up the Combo that’ll send it packing.

I’m here to find Morpheus.
A battle between ghosts. That would be quite a spectacle.

Gergedeus says some hilarious stuff this time. Anyway, let’s get ready to kick some Majin ass.

Why should I tell you?
I need to solve the mystery of Besek.
If you refuse to answer, you will die just as before.

A Combo from Rondemion and Alexei puts Exo Machina down, and just in time because we’ll have an Armatus to play with soon. Pushing ahead this far has also started attracting not just the other Armatus, but also the Vespula nearby. We spread our fire out among all three, but our first focus is going to be on Vespula because it’s a real pain in the ass. We drag it down low pretty quickly and brutally.

You are powerless, Falsin. What recourse have you?
Hmph. Light magic.

Rondemion then knocks the Vespula from the sky, getting a level in the process as well. We fight the two Armatus for quite some time, weakening them both mainly with magic while also enduring their annoying Curse and Fear attacks that keep afflicting Alexei. When the first gets low, it runs away from the party, leaving its friend alone to die a horrible death.

How do you know of him?
I’ve spent a great deal of time researching Majin…

After a bit more effort, the second Armatus is just as badly hurt as its friend, and is ready for a brutal takedown.

I live to crush Falsin. I cannot see ghosts.

Armatus falls to a Combo from Alexei and Rondemion just as the Exo Machina did earlier. The other Exo Machina and another Vespula have engaged, and I start throwing stuff at them. I’m currently planning on killing the other Armatus with Nena for the experience. After a quick barrage Exo Machina eats the dirt when struck by Rondemion. Vespula tries to make this as annoying as possible by flying around my lines and Slowing Nena, but it just delays the inevitable.

If you value your life, you will surrender the librum.
Your idle threats do not sway me.
Then I will break every bone in your brittle Falsin body!

Armatus falls to Nena’s magic, and then Rondemion sends Vespula down hard enough to Overkill it after a bunch of magic weakened it. Now we start maneuvering to break Gergedeus’ Aura and start bringing him down. Once we have everyone far enough forward, Alexei runs up to block it and Yuri breaks the Aura. On Rondemion’s turn I lead Alexei and his Bonecrusher Fractures the big bat and seals its fate long term.

I’m not using my full strength. You’ll see.
Hahaha, and what difference will that make, I wonder?

Nena levels up after capturing the Vespula in the back but is Slowed, so she’ll not really get to do much for the rest of the map. The Pyromote to the side hits Vivian and Alexei with a Pyrosphere, and this leaves Vivian low enough to be dropped by Gergedeus’ brutal Malus IV spell. Pyromote is quickly cut down by Rondemion and Velnor, but while I’m setting up the Combo to drop the boss he unleashes his powerful Terrastorm, which fears Rondemion and delays me a turn. Velnor levels up as we mess with curing things and the Vespula who’s here now, but it’s all over in the end and the big bat falls.

You will soon face the vengeance of Izel…
You’ve been beaten, Majin.
How could long-deceased Majin come back to life?
Anything’s possible in this place…
Yes, I suppose so.
But the mystery remains unsolved.
We’re finished here.
Yes, I quite agree…

Battle Result:

Rondemion 19->20
Nena 12->13
Velnor 14->15
Vivian 12->13

Gergedeus Lv 19 x 1
Armatus Lv 16 x 1
Vespula Lv 15 x 1
Exo Machina Lv 14 x 1



The shaking in this place seems to be getting stronger.

Video- “Oblivion Lead Out”

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(That’s unsettling…)
(This place might be alive after all.)
Are you okay, Rondemion? You don’t look so good…
Don’t worry about me.
No! You look like you’re in pain.
It’s got nothing to do with you.
You’re so mean! Can’t you see how worried I am!?
I didn’t ask you to worry about me.
Fine, I won’t!

The Count felt like he needed to butt in to this.

You mustn’t let all your anger out on Miss Eriel.
What do you want, Count?
My, do I detect a foul mood…?
No. You don’t.
I don’t believe that for a second, Hero. What has you feeling so impatient? What’s preying on that mind of yours?
I’m running out of time…
Enough talk. There’s no reason for us to stand here any longer.
(No time?)
(What does he mean…?)

We’re taking another break in Isapolis, giant battles with dead Majin take it out of you.

Ares: You really like talking to me, don’t you…
I should warn you, buying me cider won’t impress me.
I’m only interested in guys who know how to fight.
By the way, do you take that little girl everywhere?
She’s too cute to be your daughter… So what’s the story with you two?
Oh, if you don’t want to talk about it right now, that’s okay.
I’ll find out sooner or later.

I think Alexei would eat the Majin if that were possible.

Alexei: All that fighting must have made you hungry. I am, just from relaxing!

I don’t scowl too much, that’s just crazy talk.

Komori: If you keep scowling all the time, no one’s going to talk to you, you know?
But you don’t have to worry about Nena disliking you! She’s so friendly now!

And everyone who mentions it is crazy.

If you walk around town with that expression, it will frighten everyone.
Please, use your time here to relax and ease your mind and body.

Amelie seems to want to get back in the fight.

What’s on your mind?
Amelie: Eriel’s always so energetic and playful. I’m kind of jealous.
Well, I wish she were as quiet as you.
Amelie: Hehehe, where would the fun in that be? She’s still a child, after all!
Do you think it’d be good if she came into battle with me?
Amelie: Well, if you let her, then you should let me!
I could protect her… and you, too!
Amelie: Don’t give me that look! I can hold my own in battle!
I know you’re a good fighter. I can tell that just by looking at you.
Amelie: Well…? What’s the problem then!?
I can only babysit one kid at a time!
Amelie: Hmph! Why are you so incorrigible?

I’m concerned that many worlds connect with Besek. What if Morpheus fled to one of them?

Kuni: So I’m starting to realize… there’s no one else like me ‘round here.
Only those weird beards! And I can’t stand them…!
Is there just your kind, in your world?
Kuni: Not really.
There’s a lotta humans like you…
But there’s plenty of cats and sheep and other guys like me!
Oh, I see…
Kuni: Ya don’t believe me, huh?
I didn’t say that…
Kuni: You should come visit my world and see for yourself!
It’s so much fun! Rollin’ hills, lovely rivers, talkin’ flowers…!
Someday, perhaps.

That girl Misty has been looking into Morpheus while we were out.

Misty: I asked around about that Majin you mentioned the other day.
Really? Thanks.
Misty: You’re welcome.
But no one seems to know anything about Morpheus.
I figured as much…
Misty: I’m sorry I couldn’t find out anything for you.
No, it’s alright. It’s something I need to take care of on my own, anyhow.
It’s not your responsibility.
Misty: If I hear anything, I’ll let you know.
My thanks.
Misty: Alright!

Nolstein would be almost tolerable if he weren’t so damned arrogant.

I want to ask you something.
Nolstein: It depends on the question, but I suppose I can spare a few moments.
Nolstein: Well? Out with it. I don’t have all day.
In Besek, did you see a Majin named Morpheus?
Nolstein: What kind of Majin is that?
A body of gold and bones.
Nolstein: I haven’t seen such a thing.
I see… Sorry to bother you.
Nolstein: No, I’m sorry I couldn’t help. It’s my duty to assist commoners like you.

I don’t know why Marion was here, and she’s not explaining it.

Well, well… It’s been a while.
Marion: Is that all you have to say!?
Where were you all this time!?
Irving and I’ve been worried sick about you…!
Hm… Sorry about that…
Don’t tell me you came all the way here just to look for me.
Marion: N-No… I…
So what could possibly make you come all the way to Besek?
Marion: Please, I can’t tell you, Uncle.
Hey, let’s not start that “Uncle Rondemion” nonsense again.
Marion: I know you’re not really my uncle. It’s just so good to see you again!
Hmph, you always were good at changing the subject.
Marion: Hehehe.
Okay, young lady. Go rest.
I’ll interrogate you later.
Marion: Hey, you should be nicer to me…

With the stratum ended, I’m not sure what’s coming next. Whatever it is, we need to be ready.
- unknown