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Part 2: Game Mechanics - Speed

Game Mechanics - Speed

How speed is determined in the Etrian Odyssey series is dependent on several things. Your character's agility, the equipment they're wearing, and the skill they used. For basic attacks, this formula is used.

AGI * spd.mod = wpn.spd

Skills also have speed modifiers, and that's also taken into consideration when calculating your final speed. Below are the speed modifiers for each weapon.

Whip - 3.0
Sword - 2.0
Bow - 1.5/1.0
Katana - 0.5
Gun - 0.1
No weapon - 0.1
Staff - Less than 0.1
Claw - Same as staff
Axe - Slower than staves and claws

These are the speed modifiers that most weapons follow. Bows tend to have either a 1.5 or a 1.0 modifier. Not all weapons of one type have the same modifiers, this is more of a general thing. For example, some guns have a 0.3 modifier instead of a 0.1. The weird part about the table is that the modifier goes as low as 0.1, but staves, claws, and axes manage to be slower. These multipliers have such a large effect on the classes, to the point where the AGI stat is pretty much useless, since some classes will always go first or last in a turn. The later games toned down just how much weapons affect your characters' speeds, and made it so that armor and accessories affected it as well. It should be noted that some skills don't have speed modifiers and either always goes first or last in the turn.