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Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard

by Dr. Fetus

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Original Thread: Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard - Squirrels Don't Want You to Go Home



What is this?

Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard is the second entry in the Etrian Odyssey series, which are first person dungeon crawlers similar to games like Wizardy. Like most Atlus games, they are pretty difficult, especially if you don't know what you're doing. One of the main aspects of the series is that the game doesn't provide you a map, you have to draw one yourself on the touchscreen. With the exception of Etrian Odyssey Untold, there is very little plot in the games, and none of the characters you can create have any backstory whatsoever. They are blank slates, and you're intended to come up with their personalities and whatnot with your imagination. There are currently 6 games in the series right now, with the 5th and 6th games being remakes of EO1 and 2, respectively. Etrian Odyssey V has also been announced, and there's a spinoff called Etrian Mystery Dungeon. Which is a mystery dungeon game with Etrian Odyssey's classes. There's also Persona Q, which is a Persona 3 and 4 crossover that's a dungeon crawler that uses Etrian Odyssey's mechanics.

Spoiler Policy

While there's not really much plot in this game, and what little there is of it is straightforward, please don't spoil it. Feel free to talk about the other games if you wish, but do spoiler tag any big details. As for gameplay mechanics, if it's just class skills it's fine, but try not to talk about what the higher floors do.

Table of Contents

Game Mechanics

-Common Skills
-Random Encounters
-Status Effects
-Item Drops
-Damage Types

Class Discussions

-Dark Hunter
-War Magus

Setting up our Guild
Tour of the Town
The First Mission
Formido Oppugnatura Exsequens
Mini Update: Force Skills
Mini Update: Gathering
Never Trust a Squirrel
Guild Beowulf
Ladybugs are Dicks
Go on, Pet the Deer
Mini Update: Game is Broken
Death Montage
Strategic Notes: Chimaera
Chimaera: The King of Beasts
Strategic Notes: The Second Stratum
Cleanup: The First Stratum

Statues are Dicks: Part 1
Statues are Dicks: Part 2
Burned to Ashes
Minor Notes: Floors 8 - 10
The Power of Music
Guild Esbat
Mini Update: TP Sustain
Through Hellion's Domain
Strategic Notes: Hellion
Hellion: The Flame Demon
Cleanup: The Second Stratum
Mini Update: Rest and Retirement
Strategic Notes: The Third Stratum

Death Montage 2
Slip Slidin' Away
The Snow Blooms
Bloody Battlefield
Minor Notes: Floors 13 - 15
Conflict of Interest
Rescue Mission
Artelind and Wilhelm
To the Ice Princess' Lair
Strategic Notes: Scylla
Scylla: The Ice Princess
Cleanup: The Third Stratum
Strategic Notes: The Fourth Stratum

Etrian Odyssey, You're Such a Jerk
Doing Things Right
Look Out Below
Floor 18 Town Dialogue
The Tree Key
Artelind's Request
Sweet Revenge
Minor Notes: Floors 19 and 20
High in the Sky
Monster Ethics
Flying to the Queen of the Skies
Strategic Notes: Harpuia
Harpuia: Queen of the Skies
Cleanup: The Fourth Stratum
Strategic Notes: The Fifth Stratum

Memos From the Past
Welcome to the Thunderdome
Strategic Notes: Colossus
Colossus: The Black Beast
Floor 24 Town Dialogue
The Home Stretch: Floors 22-25
Lesson Learned
There and Back Again
The Final Stretch
The Heavens' Governor
Strategic Notes: The Postgame
Cleanup: The Fifth Stratum

Salamox: The Fire Lizard
Golem: Guardian of the Forest
Quests Suck
Again and Again and Again
Drake: The Blizzard King
Another Dragon
Wyvern: Agnea's Guardian
Unfinished Business... Finished
Dragon: The Storm Emperor
Onward to Agony
Wyrm: The Great Dragon
Again and Again and Again... Again
Briareus: The Creature With a Thousand Arms
Muckdile: Atlus' Middle Finger
Strategic Notes: Ur-Child
Let's Break Etrian Odyssey II
Ur-Child: The End-Bringer

Other Stuff

Frog Hat had a finished LP of Etrian Odyssey 1. Unfortunately this wasn't archived and the image host for the thread died. Archives are needed to view.
There's another LP of Etrian Odyssey 1 by 100percentjesusfree. Unfortunately it never got finished and hit the archives.
theshim had a LP of Etrian Odyssey 3 that was unfortunately short lived. Archives are needed for this one.

Character List

Night10194's character: Gunner Fedot

Fedot is a huntsman and longsuffering family man. With the game around here having dried up or turned insanely hostile, he's taken up his trusty musket and gone off to bring home the bacon against the Labyrinth. Patient and stoic, he acts as a straightman and meets the bizarre threats of the Labyrinth with a sigh and a very large gun.

Tuxedo Ted's character: Ronin Ken

Ken isn't actually a samurai, or really much of a warrior. He's just a fan of samurai stories and owns a few cheap replica swords and a costume. Somehow he got roped into joining the guild due to a bizarre mix of politeness, a pushover personality, and near crippling social anxiety; he could never muster up the courage to say no or correct people of their misconceptions. Everyone mistook his long silences and inability to utter more than two or three words at a time for a True Warrior's stoic attitude. Between that and his grim appearance (the scar came from an accident at the gym), nobody thought to question him. But hey, he's kinda athletic and looks the part, so maybe he could pull off the whole Ronin thing... Even if all the knowledge he has of fighting comes from cheesy samurai adventure novels and comic books.

Bellmaker's character: War Magus Frederik

A kind but sometimes confused old man, Frederik still has his skills from when he used to serve in the Royal Guard in his youth. A little lonely, he's mostly on the journey to scratch off another item on his bucket list. Because of some of the things he says when confused combined with his strange attire, he sometimes gets mistaken for a vampire (he's not).

theshim's character: Hexer Aliara

A bright and chipper girl who looks forward to cursing every last living thing in the forest and has to be talked out of hexing guildmates for fun. Despite her apparently bright exterior, she has actually only been outside twice a year before now, spending the rest of her life in an old tomb where her mother worked on things arcane and deadly, thus her incredibly pale complexion. Has limited trigger discipline and a sweet tooth the size of Etria.

alcharagia's character: Alchemist Bellamy (G. Bosconovich III The Excellent)

A twice-displaced noble from somewhere nobody else has heard of he calls "Hungary," Bellamy barely subsists off of a diet of whatever animal happens to scurry by a box somewhere or another on the streets of Lagaard. His one ambition in life is to be a world-famous artist, but being as that isn't very helpful on adventuring, he deigned to give himself a skill that might give him some kind of livelihood and also become an alchemist. He still acts like he's the bee's knees despite his poor position. Incidentally, he absolutely did not give himself the name "The Excellent." It was bequeathed to him by his adopted second noble family from a similarly unknown place called "Russia," and any word otherwise is false and a damnable lie.

BlazeEmblem's character: Dark Hunter Nick

A recent trainee in the ways of the dark hunter, Nick took a look at the names of techniques and decided he wanted to be one. He is always talking about dominating, along with other skill names that I won't spoil. Needless to say, he tends to creep everybody out. Ironically, his greatest fear is pain - he is terrified of getting even a stubbed toe.

Level Seven's character: Survivalist Pauline

A citizen of Lagaard who's had enough of her peaceful and uneventful life in town. After hearing many tales of glory (she tuned out any less-than-happy tales) of labyrinth explorations at the local tavern, she decided to join a guild in an attempt to get more thrills in her life. She's going to regret not hearing every explorer's story after her first day in the labyrinth.

Crosspeice's character: Medic Maverick

A cheery healer always happy to help the wounded. Well, maybe too eager, the adrenaline rush and the sense of satisfaction he gets from healing people means he wants to heal everyone as often as possible. And is paranoid as hell so he wants to stuff the bag with many, many different healing items just in case. Also a fan of swinging his staff around, not that he hits anyone but himself with it...

Senerio's character: Landsknecht Emilia

With an unwavering belief in good, the hot-headed Emilia hates evil with a passion. Everything that is remotely dark infuriates her... much to the chagrin of Hexers and Dark Hunters everywhere.

Arcade Rabbit's character: Protector Aegis

Aegis is an adventurer purely out of boredom. The idea of living a regular peasant's life sounded absolutely hellish to him, so he left the burned wreckage of his old village behind. He's been traveling across the countryside ever since, helping people and stealing from people as he saw fit. He's a heartless monster, concerned only with his own entertainment. His duties as a Protector are done purely for his own benefit, since minions aren't too useful when they're dead. Of course, people aren't always on-board with being robbed/killed/sold/made to dance and he's managed to make a fair number of enemies. So he's decided to lie low with the Guild for the time being while also surrounding himself with meatshields and some heavy metal armor. I mean after all, there's not way this ragtag bunch of misfits will ever actually find the bottom top of the Labrynth and get famous. Right?

W.T. Fits' character: Troubadour Gilbert

A young wandering minstrel, Gilbert's always got a kind word of encouragement and a positive outlook, no matter how dire or bleak things may seem. A newcomer to his current profession (having been kicked out of his house after his mom got sick of him lazing about all day with no job), he still hasn't quite gotten the hang of this whole "playing music and singing" thing yet. Still, what he lacks in formal training, he makes up for with enthusiasm and determination. (These qualities don't actually help make up for his lack of musical training; his companions only tend to fight harder when he starts playing because the sooner they end the battle, the sooner he'll stop).

Hobgoblin2099's character: Beast Ling

A socially awkward panda who prefers just lounging around in the Ancient Forest. Fortunately, he can be bribed into doing things due to his odd (and probably unhealthy) fixation with human food, especially cheese. Just don't insult his choices in food or you'll regret it!

Fan Art

Since Atlus games are known for being difficult and throwing dick moves at you, people decided that there needed to be an Atlus emoticon for those very moments. Ragnar Homsar stepped up to the plate.

And you can thank W.T. Fits for buying said emoticon for use!

Onehellofaburrito decided to draw a picture of a team reacting to a quest that involved a strange relic.

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