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Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard

by Dr. Fetus

Part 113: Ur-Child: The End-Bringer

Ur-Child: The End-Bringer

An Invitation Upwards.

Hazardous Habitat.

Field of Mortal Peril.

A Soaring Shadow Above.

The King's Roar Sounds.

Vale of Hidden Threats.

The Balance of Pain and Fear.

Fire-cloaked Demon's Den.

The Unopened Crimson Jaws.

The Hellion's Domain.

A Trap of Ice and Sorrow.

Daunting Frozen Path.

The Heart's Gordian Knot.

Allure of the Ice Princess.

Gateway to Sorrow.

Echoing Leaden Footsteps.

Forest of Weeping Bounties.

Sting that Fells the Fragile.

The Painted Phantasms.

An Eternal Winged War.

An Evil-Eyed Door.

The Serpent's Narrow Path.

A Crazed Black Beast.

The Dark Eyes See All.

The Overlord of Daybreak.

A Sealed, Distorted Corridor.

Imprisoned by God's Keys.

The Child Loathed by Heaven.

Lost in Illusion.

Heroes's Unmarked Grave.

One last thing left to do.

Video: The Final Battle

PC-88 Version

PC-88 Version

At last, it's over.

After you kill the Ur-Child for the first time, all the Riptors on the floor, aside from the two in the first room, will permanently disappear.

: Ha ha! Dominated, twinkle-toes!

: Ha. I can't believe we actually did that! Huh. It feels like the whole place got a lot more quiet.

: Yes, I do believe it got more peaceful.

: I guess killing the End-Bringer put a stop to all that?

: Maybe. Canaan did say it was one of the main reasons the monsters were heading down the tree. Now that its gone, well... Hmm. I guess we better head back and pack up. There's nothing left for us in Lagaard.

PC-88 Version

The Monster Codex...

The Item Compendium...

And the Gear Registry are now all complete! We are completely done with Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard.

Nothing is left to do in the game, so it's time to leave.

As opposed to Etria, where compiling everything actually put them out of business and turned them into a ghost town.

Basically, when you stop playing Etrian Odyssey II.

When you complete everything possible in an Etrian Odyssey game, you're given an ultimate accessory that serves little purpose since you've already done everything. After this point, the credits roll.

PC-88 Version

The 100% credits roll... is the exact same thing as the regular credits roll, so I'm not gonna show the whole thing again. It does have new artwork and music, (though the latter is a bit repetitive) so I'll show that off.

So, what did you think of the game? I know I made it look bad at times, and I personally don't like it, but it is a genuinely good game. It just does some dumb stuff here and there.

For those of you that had trouble getting into the EO series, I hope this LP was helpful in doing so.

And for those of you that still have trouble, well I hope you enjoyed the game and this LP.

Oh of course the Muckdile gets his own artwork. Anyways, I've made several missteps and mistakes over the course of this LP. My gameplay was riddled with several mistakes that were avoidable, and I've written things that I heavily regret.

Still, I was glad that I got to show off the game.

Thank you for reading.