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Part 87: Floor 24 Town Dialogue

Floor 24 Town Dialogue

PC-88 Version

: *sigh* Never grow old... Every time a thought enters my head, another is gone forever. I left my stick in the library, and once I realized it was gone, I had no idea where I put it.

: Hee hee.

: It's no laughing matter... A man in my position can't be so forgetful. You must also be careful not to forget anything you need in the Labyrinth. It could mean the difference between life and death. I expect great things from you.

Like Warp Wires.

PC-88 Version

: Yep.

: Golden pissy walls as far as the eye can see.

: Uh, what he means is that the castle walls are made out of gold. Lots of it.

: So that's what the castle interior looks like... It's hard to believe it's the same world. With so many monsters there, one assumes the former citizens were either killed or driven out. But this says Lagaard's citizens descend from the castles's denizens. Why would they leave? I don't understand at all... Keep your guard up. You never know what to expect in there. That's all the advice I have for you. May the Labyrinth's blessings be with you.

PC-88 Version

: So... how's the haul?

: Huh?

: Yeh know! The treasure! The loot! I hear there's a grail up there... In fairy tales, that stuff is usually at the very end of the road. So just jump in there, grab it, and jump back out! Haw haw! Joking aside... If yeh find a big treasure like that... Let me feast my eyes just once before yeh turn it over to the Grand Duchy, all right? Haw !

: Hmm, how about... no?

: C'mon, just a peek! I'm begging yeh!

: The answer is still no.

: Oh god, no. We just got back.

: I need a break.

: A few more guilds have reached the castle now... It seems like they're trying to follow in your footsteps. It's amazing that people can still go in there, even knowing what to expect inside... But you're the most amazing, since you go in there with no idea what to expect! I wish I could be like that someday... I'll keep on trying until I reach my goal!

The Balmung is the unlock from selling the Guard Horn. It's just a step above our current selection of swords, nothing special.

Now the Holy Armor is the unlock from selling the Guard Skin. It's Aegis' ultimate armor, and has very good stats. I might buy this for him later.

The Ruby Mail is Ken's ultimate armor, and is unlocked by selling the Red Spine. It's definitely something I'll buy later.

PC-88 Verison

: Oh, great timing! Can you guys carry this? Turn right at the end of the hall!

: O-of course!

: Phew... Thanks a lot. That was touch and go. Every time I hear we have a code blue, part of me worries that it'll be you. So be careful! I know I'm not the only one in Lagaard who's worried about you!

: Yeah. I could use a nap.

: My daughter was worried about you all.

: Why?

: Why? Because you always come back covered in grime, with nasty-looking wounds! How could anyone who sees you in that state help but worry? Think sometimes about everyone who's hoping you'll come back safely... Everyone is worried about you! If my daughter cries herself to sleep, I won't forgive you!

PC-88 Version

: Ah, yeh're back. I heard the story. Found that mysterious sapling, did yeh?

: Yeah, it was down in this part of the floor.

: I never knew anything like that existed... An animal-headed crest on a plant? Could it have been a noble's crest? Lots of them with animal designs. Wait, wait, hold on now... Does this mean some of our nobles could have lived in that floating castle.

: The Guildmaster did bring something like that up in our conversations with her.

: They do say that the ancestors of High Lagaard used to live there, after all... Hey, maybe I'm descended from a prince! Haw haw haw!

: Whatever you say, barkeep.

: Come on now, don't make that face. Enough woolgathering... Here's yer reward. Come back anytime!

: Sounds odd, but might as well.

: Are yeh going after that one? It'll be a mite troublesome, but yeh can handle it. It's from Lagaard's farmers. Yeh know the giant fields just outside the city?

: Yeah, I've been there a few times.

: We're in an elevated area, so not much harvesting gets done during the winter. So in the last days of summer, we take the surplus and make them into jams and such. Now, here's the problem. The sun's been so bright lately that the crops are drying up. We don't have enough water stored up to last forever... The fruit could all go bad. However... Legend has it the floating castle's summit holds a sky shrine. I don't put much stock into it, but the farmers do. They think if yeh pray there, it'll rain.

: Does such a thing really exist?

: I dunno... If the castle exists, I s'pose the shrine may also be real. Ahh, but who cares what I think? They're offering a reward, and someone's got to check it out. So that's that. G'luck!

: Well, we do have our hands on those.

: Hark! A Firefly appears!

: Really? We're not monsters.

: Eh? Don't act like yeh're monsters? Haw haw! Sorry. The Master Craftsman's getting more well-known, and his pieces are getting scarce.

: Shoot.

: But don't look so down... yeh can't stay in the forest all the time, yeh know? This is the perfect chance for yeh lot to learn a bit about Lagaard's economy! So here's the job: I know yeh already have a Rook. What yeh've got to do now is to trade that Rook for the client's King. But that's hardly a fair trade! I hate to see anyone taking a loss on this. So I decided that yeh need to bring something besides yer Rook to the table. Now, the client wants a Coal Skull, which yeh can get from the monsters in the castle. Oh and remember: he won't take a skull that's been dented by yer weapons. G'luck!

Oh, why is the game telling us about the conditional drops now, instead of somewhere near the beginning of the game? I already have the Coal Skull, so I can turn this quest in immediately.

: Ahhh, there yeh lot are!

: We never left. Whatever, here you go.

: Hm? So that's the Coal Skull... Good job! I hear the client intends to decorate his house with this. How spooky is that? His guests won't be happy when they're too scared to go to the bathroom at night... Hawwww haw haw! ...... H-Here's the reward! Thanks!

: Huh, we're gonna need Ling again?

: Ah, yeh're here! For the love of Mike, please take this one! Yeh know the guildmaster, of course. That's right... Miss Congeniality herself. She sometimes goes into the Labyrinth on her own, now and again. But she's the head of the whole guild, so she can't just have a stroll whenever she fancies. She helps lost explorers, finds materials for the Grand Duchy, and investigates here and there. It's almost a full-time job in itself. Last time, seems she saved an entire guild's bacon. They were pinned down by a huge wave of monster, and had lost all hope. Each and every one of them owes their lives to that lady. Else, they'd be in a beastie's belly. The woman came out of the forest with four men on her back. Unbelievable, innit? Some guards came to help when they saw what she was up to, but she had no injuries at all. She took down that whole swarm, and made sure no one, not even her, got a scratch. Makes me wonder who the real monster is! Haw haw! Anyways... she's always got those little symbols and charms and whatnot. Like a brooch. Yeh use them to keep yer mantle secure. Her one is one of the more intricate ones I've seen. Sounds like something she had in her military days... But she dropped it during the fight. She's a vision of hell, that woman, but even that sort deserves cheering up, eh? I wasn't sure how to go about finding a tiny little pin in the great big Labyrinth... But then I thought, what about an animal? Get one on the scent and yeh can find anything! What do yeh say? Good idea, eh? Not that I'll be the one out there searching... Haw!

: Oh, we've got the animal for the job! Ling! Uh... Where is he?

: Still going at that pile of cheese last I saw him.

: Were yeh even listening? Yer nose may work as well as an animal's, but it's not the same! There's nothing wrong with my brilliant plan. All yeh got to do is put it into action! Now go look for that brooch once yeh've got a beast!

Now here's the stupid part about the quest. We're supposed to get a hint when we have a Beast in the party. But if we come back with a Beast in the party, Cass won't give out the hint on where to find the brooch. What you have to do is report the quest early and take it again with the Beast in the party in order to find out where the brooch is. Seriously, Atlus?

: Oh hey, here he is! Come here, Ling!

: Mmph.

: How peculiar... It's like an explorer, but... a mascot, maybe? It's not stuffed, is it?

: Huh?

: Well, listen up, beastie. Yeh're looking for a gold brooch to fasten to a mantle. It's got a bird's crest, so when yeh see it... Actually, yeh'll probably smell it first. Here, yeh can get her scent from this.

: What's that?

: Eh? Oh, it's her scarf.

: Did you swipe it from her?

: No, I didn't nick it from her! She just forgot it the last time she was here! She fought the monsters on the 24th floor, so yeh can start yer search there. Humans aren't much good at something like this, but I have faith in yeh. G'luck!

: Mmm hmm!

So you need to take a Beast to a specific tile in order to complete this quest.

The next one in the innkeeper's daughter quest line. You need to complete An outing in the forest in order to unlock this quest.

: Huh? What's going on with her daughter?

: Oi, there yeh are! I've got a job from the hospital here. Yeh know the innkeeper's daughter? She's not doing so well... She needs some medicine, but they don't have the materials to make any. Hurry to the hospital to get the full story. G'luck, and save that girl!

PC-88 Verison

: You're here about the quest, right?

: Yeah.

: Thanks again. No one had taken it, and we were worried. The innkeeper's daughter has had a weak constitution since birth. Oh, yes... You escorted her before, so you already know.

: Is she going to be okay?

: Oh, don't worry! Her life isn't in danger. But she's in pain, and we can't leave her like this. It's easily treatable, but we don't have materials for the medicine we need. So we'd like you to go into the Labyrinth and gather the necessary materials. We need 2 Black Cores, 2 Shine Rocks, and 4 Life Honeys. When you gather everything, please come back here and we'll synthesize the medicine. We're counting on you!

The Life Honey is a common Take item, and the Shine Rock is a rare Mine item. But the Black Cores is a monster drop. Said monster can be found in the parts of the Heavenly Keep we haven't explored yet. At this point, I realized I forgot to spend everyone's skill points from the Colossus fight.

Just more HP for everyone. At the end of an EO game, leveling up skills tend not to be that exciting because at that point you're just leveling up leftover stuff, and just trying to cram in the best skills for them to have. Like passives that benefit the class, but barely do anything significant. Now let's take a look at how our guild is doing.

: Oh man, it's almost over. Huh, what I am I gonna do when this all ends?

: Maybe I should settle into a quiet life when this is over.

: First the castle, now the grail!

: These formulas ought to take care of the vermin in the castle.

: Heroes, huh? I like the sound of that.

: Not much left to dominate. I wonder if I could use my whip skills for something else. But what?

: I hope this old body of mine can hold out for a little longer.

: Almost at the end. Wonder what my old guild mates would think of all this.

: That Overlord will pay for what he's done!

: I'm gonna miss doing all this. Preparing for treks and stuff like that.

: What shall I do after the end? I suppose I shall travel to places where my talents are needed.

: Mmm...

Honestly, everyone just leveled up stats at this point. Nothing new happened skill wise. I did say leveling up skills tends to not be that exciting at the end of an EO game.