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Part 81: Strategic Notes: The Fifth Stratum

Strategic Notes: The Fifth Stratum

We're on the home stretch. Just a few more floors and we're done with the main game. Honestly at this point, I don't have much to say about this Stratum. None of the enemies (except one) are that notable, and the Stratum itself doesn't have any super special gimmicks. I guess if I had to offer some advice, bring elemental attacks. Having both Fire and Volt attacks will bring a decent amount of coverage since certain enemies resist everything aside from those attacks. Another piece of advice would be to not fight the FOEs. Most of them are way too strong to take on at this point, like postgame levels of strong. Even with Dampen, it's pretty much impossible to scratch them. There's only one kind that your party would be able to take on at this point.


: Ken can dish out some nice AOE Fire damage with Kienzan, and has Midareba for single targets.

: Bellamy has quite the arsenal of Volt attacks, and has access to Megido if his Volt formulas won't work. Now he might have enough firepower to take down some FOEs. Keyword: Might.

: Fedot is a great all rounder. He has access to physical attacks and elementals.

: Pauline is very fast and can deal a ton of Stab damage to enemies. 1st Turn is also great for slow party members.

: Emilia has access to Tornado and her Chasers, which deal a good amount of elemental damage. A team has to be built around her to take advantage of her abilities, though.

: Nick isn't gonna be useful as an FOE exterminator. The FOEs in this Stratum are way too strong to take on, and the only party member that might be capable of doing something more than just scratching them is Bellamy. He does have access to Bait and Magibait, which can do a good amount of damage.

: Ling does a lot of physical damage with Rampage, but his Loyalty passive turns him into one of the biggest glass cannons.


: Aliara has her Poison ability, which is always helpful. She also has access to Torpor for disables, and Corrupt to provide infinite TP to the party. If Frederik is in the party at least. Dampen is also handy for eliminating resistances.

: Frederik can heal the party and heavily boost their damage. He can also provide infinite TP to the party if Aliara is on the team.

: Gilbert can imbue our party's regular attacks with elements, can boost their damage, and can boost their defenses. Can be handy for dealing with certain enemies or providing fuel for Emilia's chasers.

: Aegis can Provoke enemies into attacking him and defend our front line with Front Guard. He's a very sturdy party member, and probably the tankiest one.

: Maverick is a healer and can heal up status effects and binds. While some enemies are capable of binding us, there's not really much in the way of status effects here.

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