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Part 91: The Final Stretch

The Final Stretch

PC-88 Version

: Oooh, what's that you have? It looks rare...

: Oh, it's a relic of some kind.

: Oh my gosh, really!? An ancient relic!?

: Yep. In fact, it's from Etria.

: Wow... it's from Etria? Fascinating... I've never been out of High Lagaard! It has such an interesting shape. See how it's square with rounded-off corners? I wonder what that transparent ball in the middle is... It's so exciting! And it's really old, right? I'd love to show it off here in the store! I bet no one who comes in here has ever seen anything like it! And to know that it's so old... I have to have it! Won't you give it to me, Firefly? Please?

I'm really getting sick of these quests, so sure.

: Thank you so, so much! Oh, you don't know how happy this makes me... I just know everyone will be thrilled to see it! Oh, I can pay you, too. Although I can't give you that much... sorry. Thanks again! Come by whenever you're in the area!

I immediately regret my decision.

: Back already, eh? So what'd yeh do with the relic? Yeh didn't sell it, I hope!


: Yeh... really did sell it!? Haw haw haw haw haw! That takes the cake! I'm shocked, really I am! I never took yeh lot for such villains! A lonely child and widowed mother's only memento of their beloved... and yeh sold it! Hawwwwww haw haw! I'm laughing so hard here, I'm about to cry! Yeh explorers are one step from thieves, the way yeh'll do anything for some quick cash. But yeh lot have done so well that lots of explorers start to see themselves differently. Not that I care... It's a fool that takes the hard road when a shortcut will do. I like yer style! Next time someone asks me for the biggest rogues I know, I'll say... "Thieves, bounty hunters, explorers, and barkeepers like me!" Haw haw haw! Here, take the reward. So far as I know, yeh did yer job and left it in the Labyrinth, right? So the reward is yers! Take it with pride. Haw! We're birds of a feather, yeh lot and me. Come back anytime!

Heh heh heh, the perfect crime. No one will know about this... Except for the people actually reading this! Crap!

I take that back! I don't want to sell this!

: Sorry, no can do. There's something important we need this for.

: O-Oh, I'm sorry! I was a fool to think you'd just give me something so rare... Please forgive me! I just got carried away, that's all! It was enough just to see it! You'll show me any other unique items you find, right? I'm always here. Come by again whenever you want!

The annoying part is that she will ask you that question every single time you come into the store. The only other way to get rid of the relic is to actually finish the quest.

PC-88 Version

HP: 520
AT: 62
DF: 48
Exp: 3515
Skills: Blade
Item Drops:
-Common: True Shard - See Stir Eye bio.
-Rare: Metal Chip - See Guardian bio.
-Conditional: True Soul - Kill with Bash. 1 needed for Corseca (Axe.) 1 needed for the quest The white blade's gleam.
--Purest sample from a mechanoid's armor.
Description: An animate, empty suit of armor possessed by the regret of fallen adventurers.
Weakness: Volt (150%)
Resistance: Fire (75%), Ice (75%), Physical (75%)

And a new enemy. Armormen aren't really that notable. Blade hits hard, and that's about it.

Ken pretty much annihilated it.

: That's a big dinosaur!

: I don't see a way past it. Looks like we'll have to take it out.

The only way to get past this FOE is to lure it to the door, and then run through the other door to use an FOE skill or item to keep it in place. But that's boring, so I fought it instead.

PC-88 Version

HP: 3100
AT: 65
DF: 66
Skills: Charge, Predator
Item Drops:
-Common: Sternum - 1 needed for Brigandine.
--Incredibly dense outer hide of a bone dragon.
-Rare: Adularia - See 3rd Stratum Mine info.
-Conditional: Sword Rib - Don't kill with Stab. Unlocks nothing.
--Rib bone that looks remarkably like a sword.
Description: Once this carnivorous beast has its prey in its jaws, it can swallow the meal whole.
Weakness: N/A
Resistance: Fire (50%), Ice (0%), Volt (50%)

These guys are nothing too special. They'll always use Charge, which buffs their attack. And then they'll use Predator, which hits a row pretty hard. Charge is actually a buff, not a charge move, so you could semi stun lock it by dispelling the buff, or by lowering its attack.

: What's it doi- ahh!

: Get out of the way!

Either Predator is inaccurate, or I just got lucky.

: That was too close.

: Thanks Fedot.

Rinse and repeat for every single Dinolich, because those FOEs are not a threat at all to this party.

PC-88 Version

: Say, boss?

: Yes?

: Did you remember to buy any Warp Wires? I don't think I saw you buy any at the store.

: Oh, I'm pretty sure I-

: ...did. Okay, pack it up everyone. We're going home.

: I thought you guys wrote notes for him!

: Yeah, I did! In fact, I have the note right he- crap.

Apparently I was wrong about Colossus respawning when you kill the Overlord. He does that when you reach the 25th floor.

A level up for Frederik, and he lowers the cost of Cure 3 some more. Anyways, after restocking and buying a Warp Wire this time.

It comes up roughly to your knees, and has been badly worn by the rain and the wind.


You think back to the quest you accepted at the bar... The client asked you to leave a father's ancient memento in the depths of the castle. The fence has a smooth railing, and might be a fitting place to leave the relic. Your quest may be at an end.

You place the reliec on the old fence and leave the area. Your quest is complete. You need only report back to the bar when you return to Lagaard.

PC-88 Version

: Ahh, yeh're back. How'd it go? Did yeh find a good place to leave that old relic? Not that it matters much, so long as yeh feel it was right. I feel bad for the lad, though. But sometimes the truth can do naught but hurt... Good job. Here's yer reward. I'm always counting on yeh!

A better reward than what we would get for selling it, but that's not the best reward.

PC-88 Version

: Hmm, I don't think that this is the right place for the relic.

: I supposed leaving an ancient relic as pristine as this on a rusted fence would be an undignified place to leave it.

Unsure that this is the most appropriate place to leave the relic, you leave the area. Perhaps there may be somewhere more suitable in the castle...

So there's a couple of spots with these worn down fences, and none of those are the correct ending to the quest.

PC-88 Version


: Every single time.

As for the reason Nick died here...

I was trying to get their conditional drop, which involves killing them with bash damage. Unfortunately, my only source of bash damage is Aliara. Which means...

: yaaay sticks!

: go hit them with your stick.

Oh are you kidding me?

Oh never mind.

: yaaaaaaay!

Unfortunately, I need two of them.


: Better them than me!

: Grr...

: This is beyond ridiculous...

I swear the things I have to do to qualify for conditional drops.

PC-88 Version

I have no idea if you're supposed to juke these things or fight them head on, but it doesn't make a difference here. Just assume that I killed every single FOE in this update, because aside from the Evildras (Yeah, they're back) that's what I did.

: Let the battlefields run red with their blood!

: Oh, I'm so up for that!

: I dunno about the bleeding thing. I prefer hearing their cries and squeals of pain and pleasure as I-

: No one needs to hear that again!

: You people are way too into this.

Another false ending point for the relic quest.

Oh hey, here's another new monster that's not even a palette swap.

HP: 512
AT: 61
DF: 47
Exp: 2970
Skills: Head EM, Arms EM, Legs EM
Item Drops:
-Drop 1: Pure Shell - 1 needed for Still Bow. 10 needed for Tormentor (Whip.)
-Drop 2: Pure Bone - 1 needed for Leggings. 3 needed for Wise Piece.
-Drop 3: Metal Chip - See Guardian bio.
Description: A mechanoid whose presence is alien to the forest. It emits waves that cause neural static.
Weakness: Volt (150%)
Resistance: Fire (75%), Ice (75%), Physical (75%)

They're just stronger versions of the Guardian FOEs. This is one of the rare occasions where the random encounter version of an enemy is stronger than the FOE version.

There is nothing new about these things.

It is then that you notice something round and red sticking out from it...

: Hey! Another one!

: Don't! Last time you did that-

: We summoned an FOE and beat the tar out of it?

: I- uh, okay then.

: Uh, nothing's happening.

You press the projecting object and wait for something to happen. ......You see nothing different, and hear no far-off noises.

: Come on! Make something happen!

You press it again in frustration. ...... Just as you are about to give up, something comes crashing down from the ceiling!


It seems this object became malfunctional aeons ago... You pick up the object that fell to the floor and stow it in your pack before leaving.

Just an item that you can get from an item point that doesn't even unlock anything.

Speaking of which, here's this floor's Take point.

The dented area is shaped like an arch, and resembles a very small shrine. You think back to the quest you accepted at the bar... You are to leave an offering at the sky shrine to make rain for the farmers. This could be it... The Rain Twig may make a suitable offering, if you're willing to part with it.

: Think this is the place?

: Nah. Wouldn't the shrine be a lot bigger than this thing?

You decide that it would be impossible for a measly dent such as this to be a shrine. You move on, leaving the small dent behind. Now where could the sky shrine be...?

: Oh come on, it can't hurt to just put it on there. See? Uh...

You aren't at all certain about making an offering to such a small shrine... But once you do, you hear the thunderous noise begin as the clouds begin to merge! They swirl together in the manner of a whirlwind, and are absorbed into the small shrine.

: ...Okay, I was wrong. I guess this is the shrine after all.

: We'll have to return to the bar to find out.

Could this be a harbinger of rain, as the farmers desired? You have no way to tell from here. There is no reason to stay... you decide to move on. Perhaps once you return to the bar, you will discover if you actions had any consequences.

There's a Dinolich in these halls.

Four of them in fact.


: They're all dead!

: I'd call you all lunatics, but then I'd be one to talk.

Another false ending for the relic quest.

I went back and sold all my drops since my inventory was getting full.

PC-88 Version

More level ups and stats for our broken characters.

PC-88 Version

And here's the final new enemy in the main game. Well technically we've already seen this guy.

HP: 524
AT: 62
DF: 49
Exp: 3740
Skills: Armor Up, Crusher
Item Drops:
-Common: Black Husk - 1 needed for Nenekiri (Katana), Holy Aspis, and Phys Mist. 5 needed for Ebon Staff.
--Blue-black carapace with spikes jutting from it.
-Rare: Prehinite - See 4th Stratum Mine info.
-Conditional: N/A
Description: A Tortmail that has lived for centuries. Its larger thorns allows for greater offense.
Weakness: Fire (125%), Ice (150%), Volt (125%)
Resistance: Physical (75%)

So this is what the game considers to be the strongest enemy in the Stratum. It's not actually a threat at all.

Mainly because it always spends it's first turn using Armor Up, which probably isn't a hindrance for your party at this point, and just gives you a free turn to set up.

: Hey, that hurt!

: Oh, you'll be fine.

Their damage output is really pathetic.

Seriously, 5 Mandrakes are far scarier than this thing.


Okay, they have Crusher which deals a ton of damage to a single target. Compare that to the Venombugs, which you could run into 3 of, and had a really strong AOE. Aside from the Mandrakes, the 5th Stratum is really lacking in some teeth.


I mean if you were really careless, they could wipe out your party, but you have only yourself to blame there.

PC-88 Version

And here's the final false ending point for the relic quest.

And our first "checkpoint" on this floor.

There's a Evildra that blocks off this hallway at day, but unlike most others you can go around it for some reason. Hmm.

And now Ken can start working on his stats. Really there's not much to say, but there's not much left in the main game, so it evens out.

Here's this floor's Chop Point.

Both it and this treasure chest are blocked off by the Evildra at day. That said, if you want to progress on this floor, you have to come at day.

Now this is a good consumable.

It acts like Salve 3, which is very handy if you're running a War Magus as your healer instead of a Medic. Now I went back again, but this time to change the clock.

Here's some more items and equipment. I buy a Tormentor, but not to equip it on Nick. I need it for a different reason.

Anyways, the reason you need to come to this floor at daytime is because this Evildra patrols this hallway at night, and it's impossible to get past without fighting it.

And now Cure 3 is at a point where I can actually use it without completely draining Frederik's TP pool.

The pillar is engraved with intricate writing, reminding you of the beauty of civilization. You think back to the quest you accepted at the bar... The client asked you to leave a father's ancient memento in the depths of the castle. The pillar before you is a few feet tall, with a smooth, flat top. It seems to be an appropriate place to leave the relic... Your quest may be at an end.

: Hmm, I wonder...

: Hey boss, doesn't this seem like a good place to leave that relic?

: It looks like a better place than those fences at least.

: Yeah, I'd say this is a good place to put it. Go ahead, Ken.

: Alright, here goes. Whoa! Whoops!

You opt to leave the relic here. Ken strides forward to place it on the pillar. However, Ken is startled by a bird's cry, and drops the relic by accident! As the relic hits the pillar, there's a strong flash of light, momentarily blinding you.

: Hissss!


When your vision returns, you see a square, paper-like sheet that emerged from the relic. You pick up the paper. At it's only a grey slate, but patterns begin to emerge... You try to retrieve the relic, but it can no longer be removed from its perch. Stowing the mysterious paper safely away, you decide to leave the area. Your quest, it seems, is over. You should report to the bar when you return to Lagaard.

: What kind of relic flashes a light at us and then spits out a piece of paper?

: Honestly, I have no clue.

: I wonder what this was used for.

: Too bad we can't travel back in time or something to find out, eh?

This is the correct spot to leave the relic. If you haven't figured out what it is by now, well there's one more hint coming up. If you still haven't figured it out by then, I'll be disappointed in you. And no one wants that, do they?

Here's the last Stir Eye in this Stratum.

Here's the last item point in the main game.

It is then that you notice something round and red sticking out from it...

: I wonder what this does.

: Uh, I don't think we should be carelessly-

A flash of white.

Once the dizzying sensation ceases, you realize that you stand in a familiar hall... It seems the projecting object was there to teleport those who touched it. You are left with no choice but to continue your journey from where you stand now.

: -touching things like that. ...GODDAMMIT NICK!

: Ack! I'm sorry!

: Well it's at least we found that shortcut earlier.

Wasting the player's time, because why not? Where's the real dick moves? I'm starting to miss those.

Anyways, through that door is the final gauntlet of Deathmen.

And after that, we're home free.

: You know, you never did tell us about Etria.

: Oh for the love of- did Pauline put you up to this?

: Actually, I'm kind of curious too.

: We have been working together this whole time, but we don't know much about you. You are our leader after all.

: I dunno...

: Hey, it's not like you have to tell us, but it's something we want to know about.

: Hmm... Well I guess you all deserve to know. After we deal with Overlord, I'll tell you. Deal?

: Works for me.

There, a mysterious voice rings in your ears, as if entering your mind directly... The voice acknowledges your presence in the room. You hear the sound of clanging metal.

: Is this the place for that Foul Grail thing?

: It's the only place on the floor that's actually a room, and has a center. Now what are we supposed to do with this Gold Shard? Huh?

The Gold Shard received from the Minister has disappeared from your hand! At the same time, a silver object hangs in the air, defying the laws of gravity. It is a grail, crafted from black silver and emitting an ominous light... Carved into its surface are faces writhing in pain, their eyes laid with jewels. Captivated by its radiance, you quickly snatch the grail and stow it in your bag.

: That thing looks foul, alright.

: Be careful with that.

: I'm going to wager that the Overlord is behind this door.

: No doubt about it.

: Man, I can't believe we're almost at the end.

: Hurry up and open the door so we can take down that Overlord!

: Whoa whoa whoa. Hold on there. We need to rest up first. We're in no condition to be fighting right now.

: Awww... Okay.

Past that door is the point of no return. We'll deal with the Overlord in the next update.

PC-88 Version

Besides, we have a ton of quests to turn in.

: Y-Yeh really did it! Yeh made it rain!

: Are you sure about that?

: It was pouring out! Are yeh saying that wasn't yeh?

: We put the twig in a really small dent. I guess that was the shrine.

: Huh... well, don't that beat all. It came down in sheets... That must have been it! I s'pose the legend just overexaggerated the shrine's size! Haw! Anyways, the farmers are overjoyed, and can't praise yeh enough for what yeh did. Looks like there won't be any food shortage this winter! Here's yer reward. Come back anytime!

: Ahh, look who's back. Did yeh drop off the relic? Yeh didn't sell it, I hope!

: Nah, I think we found a good place for it.

: Not that I care... I just think I should get a share of the profits if yeh did!

: Seriously, we didn't sell it.

: Haw haw haw! Just teasing... I know yeh wouldn't do something like that.

: Oh, uh, we found this. It came out of the relic.

: Eh? What's this paper? It came out of the relic, yeh say...? Well, I'll take it over to the family. It's not far, so hold on and I'll be right back.

Cass leaves and comes back.

: Hey, I'm back! That paper yeh brought back was something else! It were no ordinary paper, that's for sure... When I started, it was blurry, but by the time I got there, yeh could see a picture. And what's more, it looked exactly like yeh lot! Identical!

: What? How?

: That's weird. Like, really weird.

: I wasn't sure what to make of it. But that lad... When I showed it to him, he said he was happy to have a picture of his dad's friends. I guess since yeh lot are explorers, yeh look to him like his dad's old crew. The mom teared up a little at being reminded of him, but she says she'll hold on to it. I just wonder what the blue hell that ancient relic was... If yeh ever find another one like it, give it to me, eh?

: Um, why?

: Why? Well... wouldn't it be great to have a picture of me? Haw haw!


: .......Ahh, come now, what's with the hard look? Ah well... Here's yer reward. Come back anytime!

And that's the full reward from completing that quest. If you still haven't figured out what it is, just know that I am disappointed in you. If you've played EO1, you'll know why an object like that is considered a relic. If you haven't, well you should go play EO1 if you can.

: Hey there! Welcome back!

: Sorry Cass, but we can't-

: Don't worry. I won't ask what yeh were up to out there. I was just afraid yeh might die in a quest they left yeh totally in the dark about. But here yeh lot are, back in one piece! Haw!

: Should we leave this with you?

: Hm...? Is that a grail? Sorry, but I wouldn't even begin to know what it's for. I don't want to get mixed up in confidential business without the Grand Duchy's permission.

: Here's yer reward. Thanks!

And that's the end of this quest line. The Soma II is a decent reward, but the actual reward was the Foul Grail. Getting our hands on it is why it's important to complete this quest line. It's really really important for something later. That's all I'll say on the matter. Anyways, there's actually a new quest available for us now.

You need to complete The Labyrinth's blessing to unlock this quest.

: Ahh, there yeh are! I meant to pass on thanks about that job yeh ded before.

: Wait, what job now?

: Oh, from the local farmers. This job's from them, too. Yeh must know already that the city is protected by Yggdrasil. The tree's gargantuan, but it's still got lots of life left. The branches still spread, leaves still grow, and the tree gets bigger and bigger. It's a miracle of nature... and also a bit of a problem.

: Why's that?

: Y'see, in some seasons, we get nothing but shade, and the leaves fall all day long. Not that we can complain, with all the resources we get from the tree. But every so often, we need to go up and borrow a few branches, if yeh take my meaning. Before we found the Labyrinth, some poor sods had to climb the trunk and do it. Every time, some come back injured, and some never came back at all. And it was nearly impossible to reach the top, so we always had to cut from the bottom. But things are different now, and we figure it's easiest to farm the job out to explorers. There's four areas we'd like yeh to cut, all told. Are yeh writing this down.

: Uh, hang on for a sec.

Pay close attention to these directions.

: Um, yeah. Got it.

: Be sure to spray this around the areas where you cut. It's some kinda medicine for plants.

: Okay, and why does that matter? It's just a tree.

: Yggdrasil's this town's lifeblood! We've got to treat it with respect, yeh know? Got all that? Don't cut the wrong spots or run out of spray, or yeh'll have to start over. Well, g'luck!

Repeat 3 more times.

So this quest is yet another tile hunt. It's also one you can screw up, and there's no room for error here. See, while you have to hunt down 4 spots to apply the medicine, there's a few incorrect spots too. The game doesn't let you know which spots are incorrect, other than the fact that these wrong tiles don't match up with Cass' directions, which is why I told you to pay close attention to them earlier. If you screw up, you'll have to report the quest early and accept it again to start over.

So, we're at the end of the game now. Only one thing left to do, and that's to fight the Overlord. So with that said, who should fight the Overlord? Vote for up to five characters.