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Part 79: Harpuia: Queen of the Skies

Harpuia: Queen of the Skies

PC-88 Version

But you are not deceived... As veteran explorers, you can detect the malice in the hall. The monster with the brilliantly colored wings must be the Queen of the Skies you must defeat! An enemy with power beyond any you have encountered lies before you... Prepare for battle!

PC-88 Version

This was the party that was chosen for this fight.

: So this is our foe.

: My, she looks formidable.

Frederik is going to boost Pauline and Bellamy's damage, as well as healing up any damage our party takes.

Pauline's job is to ensure that Gilbert can prevent our party from being hit with Confusion, and to dish out some damage.

Gilbert's job is to prevent our party from being hit by Shriek, and to boost our party's damage.

Bellamy is going to be our big damage dealer for the fight.

Aliara's job is to just snag the conditional drop. It's why I stacked Fate Beads on her to max out her luck. Harpuia isn't that resistant to poison, less so than Chimaera, but it's not easy to land on her. Let's do this.

Boss Fight: Harpuia

PC-88 Version

Just getting everything set up.

: Hurry it up!

: The ear bone is connected to the head bone.~

: May strength guide you.

: My singing outshines your voice!

Health is such a good skill, normally Shriek tags like 3 or 4 people.

: Of course. The big monsters always avoid my curses.

: Don't be sad, for I shall vanquish this demon myself! Let's see... A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

: Uh, Bellamy?

: Is that supposed to be shaking so much?

: Hmm, I wonder if I should add some more-

: Hurry up and throw the damn thing!

: Oh. Right. Sorry. HIYA!

: Hoo hoo hoo! That was a close one!


Told you that you needed to max out Megido for it to be worthwhile.

Frederik is gonna boost Pauline's damage now.

Pauline's gonna help whittle down Harpuia's health.

Gilbert's gonna boost Pauline's and Bellamy's damage.

Bellamy's gonna do the same thing as last turn.

And Aliara is gonna poison Harpuia. Hopefully.

: So... much...


: Your fist bone is connected to their skull bone!~

Wait, seriously? That's like the worst thing she could have done! Thanks for the free turn!

: Your claw bone is not supposed to be connected to my chest bone!

Well that was lucky.

: Ha! Your feathers should be rotting away any moment now.

: Heads up!

: BOOM! Ah ha ha ha ha!


: Holy shit.

PC-88 Version

How lucky! I qualified for the conditional drop at the very last moment!

: I said I would slay the Queen of the Skies, and I did!

: With our help.

: Wow! That was so cool! How about-

: Yes?

: ...I just ignore you and walk away?

: So close!

PC-88 Version

You recognize the voice of the winged one's chief, Canaan, as he appears before you.

: Is this the power of the almighty Nuh, or was this done by your strength alone...?

Canaan regards you, impressed, before looking up into the forest and continuing.

: We have recovered our holy land, and are honor-bound to grant you access onward. Beyond that door is the path to the heavens. If you would tread it, continue with care.

Canaan points the way to the door on the far side of the hall... You may continue deeper into the Labyrinth, or head back to Lagaard to prepare.

Let's spend everyone's skill points before moving on.

Cursecut now absorbs 56% of the damage dealt as TP.

We're now more likely to get preemptive strikes.

Gilbert levels up stats some more.

Thor now does more damage, but is more costly.

And more stats for Aliara.

And we are completely done with the 20th floor. Ready to see the floating castle? Why don't you take a guess on what it looks like?

: Come on! We're one step away from entering the floating castle.

: Oh, slow down. My body cannot handle all this.

: Come on gramps! We're finally here! The floating castle!

: At last! Our long awaited destination!

: I wonder what it looks like. It must be quite the splendid place.

PC-88 Version

After four Strata of vicious monsters and terrain to fight through, we've finally reached the Heavenly Keep. Also, if you haven't clicked on the music link, do it already!

A nice little touch about this is that you can actually look at the outside of the Heavenly Keep. Something which you can't do on any of the other floors of this Stratum.

: Wow, it's big.

: I never imagined that the castle would look something like this.

: Hmm, why don't we take a look inside?

: I, the Overlord of the heavens, created this keep. No one may enter without my permission.

No one is nearby, and the strong wind roars around you, yet the mysterious voice goes on. You ponder an appropriate response to the one who calls himself Overlord...

: Er, how did it go? Ah, right! As agreed, I speak the words of the Overlord by the ancient pact. Lead our return to the heavens!

You allude to the ancient pact which seemed to pacify the winged ones. The mysterious voice falls silent for a time before speaking again.

: The ancient pact... You descend from those who left me and fell to the earth.

The voice continues in scornful, condescending tone.

: If you acknowledge your error and wish to return, I shall welcome you with open arms. Enter my stronghold, shed your transient life, and gain the blessings of eternity.

The mysterious voice falls silent after this. You wonder whether you should continue down the path or use caution and return to Lagaard.

The conversation ends after picking a choice. Let's see how the Overlord responds to the other two options.

: Right, and who are you?

You ask the figureless voice to identify itself. The mysterious voice responds, pity evident in its words.

: I am an Overlord. Those wrapped in human flesh call me a god.

Its haughty, imperious tones echo within your skull...

: This is my stronghold. When the sons and daughters of man come here, I grant them immortality.

: Riiiiight, immortality. Like what you gave Scylla and who knows what else.

: Shhh! Don't piss him off.

: Come, you descendents of men. It is your destiny to gain the life eternal in my presence.

The mysterious voice falls silent after this. You wonder whether you should continue down the path or use caution and return to Lagaard.

: We have come for the Holy Grail!

You say that you have come to retrieve the Grail of Kings. The mysterious voice takes on a surprised tone upon hearing your motivation.

: The Holy Grail...! That is the source of my power to grant eternal life and deny death.

: All those monsters would like to say otherwise.

: Provoking it would be unwise.

It continues in a surprised yet sorrowful manner...

: I cannot relinquish the Holy Grail. If you have come here in hopes of gaining it... Then tread carefully, for my castle will be your tomb.

The mysterious voice falls silent after this. You wonder whether you should continue down the path or use caution and return to Lagaard.

: No matter, let's go in and see what this castle looks like! I can't wait to take a look!

: I didn't think the floating castle would look this bad!

: So... tacky. Can't... look.... directly at it.

: Too much yellow!

: How gaudy.

: I take it back! Who designed this place!? Overlord. If you can hear me, get a better interior decorator!

: It's a floating castle! What more do you want?

If you guessed that this place looked like a giant floating piss castle, congratulations! You were prepared for how eye-searing this place was going to be! Yeah, remember when I said that EO2 had the best looking Strata in the series? That does not apply to this one. This is definitely the worst looking Stratum in the game. It's just really ugly all around. There is way too much yellow in this Stratum, and it kind of hurts to look at it. The devs apparently thought so too, because the amount of yellow got severely toned down in the remake, and it looks a lot better there.

Dressed in armor with a sword at its hip, it is undoubtedly an adventurer's corpse. Could he or she have discovered the castle long before any other explorer...?

: Aw, we weren't the first ones to discover this place?

: Kind of makes us look like second bananas.

You think back to the tale that Cass the bartender told you. The adventurer who believed what no one else thought possible, and climbed the Labyrinth... It's certainly possible that these are the remains of that courageous soul. You hesitate, wondering if this is where you should leave the Old Coin that Cass gave you.

This is the right corpse to leave it on for the Settling a bet quest. Remember how Cass said that he thought the woman would find the floating castle? That was the big hint on where the right spot was.

: What's she holding?

As you place the Old Coin in the corpse's hand, you notice that it is holding something. It is a note addressed to the bartender!

: It's a letter for Cass! Then we should leave the coin here!

: Huh, what do you know? We actually found her.

You swap the coin for the letter and say a silent prayer for the woman's soul. Tucking the letter away, you take your leave.

But it seems you cannot pass through from this side.

A nice little touch is that the flavor text for the shortcuts are a little different in this Stratum.

PC-88 Version

: Bah! Nothing but pests! Out of our way!


: There, there Bellamy. There, there.

Gold Gel
HP: 433
AT: 52
DF: 40
Exp: 2520
Skills: Acid, Fluid
Item Drops:
-Common: Lemon Core - 1 needed for Quest Rod. 2 needed for King Aspis. 20 needed for Comet Nail.
--Faintly luminescent cubic nucleus.
-Rare: N/A
-Conditional: N/A
Description: This gelatinous blob prefers to engulf its prey, absorbing it into its body for digestion.
Weakness: Fire (200%), Ice (200%)
Resistance: Physical (25%), Volt (0%)

The next in the Gel family. They resist Volt attacks. Exciting.

PC-88 Version

: Either my eyes are seeing things again, or that floor is moving.

: Nah, you're not blind. It's definitely moving.

: Whoa! The floor just pushed me back!

: An interesting mechanism. It doesn't look like we can get past it.

Here's a returning gimmick from the first game that never got used in the rest of the EO games. Conveyor belt tiles will move your parties in the direction they're moving. I'll mark these with arrows.

Here's another conveyor belt.

: Whee! It's almost like the ice back in the 3rd Stratum!

: Ohhhh, this is disorienting.

It takes us straight to the Geomagnetic Field.

: Come on! Let's get back to town! I wanna tell everyone about this!

PC-88 Version

: You have done it! You've proven the ancient legends true! I never thought this old man would see the day... Marvelous work, all of you. I'll go to my grave remembering your accomplishments. All you must do now is reach the castle's pinnacle and retrieve the Holy Grail. I expect great things from you!

PC-88 Version

: Would that I could visit it myself.. An entire castle in the air... The Grand Duchy tells me your mission is to find the Holy Grail and save the Duke. Don't let us down... all of High Lagaard is counting on you. That's all the advice I have for you. May the Labyrinth's blessings be with you.

PC-88 Version

: Haw haw haw! That's first-rate! Go on Firefly!

: Er, thank you.

: Well? Give us a story about yer journey, why don't yeh? Look around... Everyone can't wait to hear all about it! Yeh're not getting off easy this time! Speak up! Haw haw! Tell us, like, what color it is... how it's shaped... Things like that.

: Yeah come on! Tell us what it was like!

: I'll have a look at the request board. Now, what's on there?

: Party pooper.

: Eh? The request board? Later! Later! Let's hear yer story first!

: You're even more famous now, so you may as well indulge in it.

: Ah yes, the castle. But first!

: Oh, yeh're back... Did yeh find her?

: Yes. Have a look at this.

: This is... Haw. I never got a letter from her before. ......I told yeh... I made a bet with her. If she won, she'd get a shiny gold piece. But if I won... I'd have asked her to help me run the bar... And to live here with me. ...She was quite a woman. Headstrong, selfish, and second to none with a sword. And I loved her. Haw... Here, even in her last message to me, she's asking me to pay up. But I did! Thanks to yeh lot, I kept my promise. I... really appreciate this. I thank yeh from the bottom of this wicked old heart.

: I'm so glad that I could help!

: Don't worry, you still have us!

: Now for yer reward! Hey now--that's not part of the prize!

: I don't get a high-five but he gets a hug!? ...Oh whatever.

: Yeh bunch of jokers... The things I put up with from yeh! C'mon, yeh chuckleheads, take yer money and get outta here! Haw haw haw!

You get the extra money if you left the coin on the right corpse.

: Another request from the Grand Duchy?

: Ah, that one? Well, remember when the Grand Duchy was looking for info on the monsters? This is just like that, but for details on raw materials and equipment. What sorta effects they have, where they can be found, that kind of thing. Must be nice being a guard, eh? Sit around while explorers do all the work for yeh... Here yeh are busting yer hump while they leech off the fruits of yer hard labor. I ask yeh...

: Considering what I've seen of the guards, I doubt their job is that easy.

: Well, I s'pose we don't have it so bad here compared to some places I've heard about. They do an all right job of looking after the city, and their pay isn't so much. Anyways, get the details from the Duke's Palace... but don't tell them what I just said! Haw haw haw! G'luck!

: Which one is this?

: Ahh, which one's this one? I see... Yeh came at just the right time. That one there's from the Explorer's Guild. Yeh registered with them when yeh got here. I dunno the details. That lady came by, but whenever she talks to me, I get so off kilter. So I think yeh should be the one to talk to her instead. Haw haw! G'luck!

The next in the chess quests.

: Ah, more pieces to be had?

: Ahh, there yeh are. Haw! That quest again... Are yeh getting used to it by now?

: I just wanna know when we're finally gonna finish this.

: More chasing after golden chess pieces... but this time won't be so easy. Let's see the ones yeh have so far... Ah! I knew it. Our client wants the Knight piece, but yeh've only got the King. That means yeh'll have to find a Knight piece somehow... By the way, it shouldn't be a problem if yeh find more than one of a given type. So it's up to yeh to figure out a way to get that Knight. Yeh might well know someone who already has a piece. Why don't yeh ask around? G'luck!

: So my guess was right!

: About what?

: Huh? About who'd find the floating castle first, of course! I knew it'd be you! I should follow your example and work harder! I'll start by cleaning—Owww!

: Are you okay?

: Ouuuch... S-Sorry... Are you okay? I tripped, and... I'm really, really sorry! Just take your time and check out what we have in stock!

Despite what it looks like, the Youtou is not Ken's ultimate katana. It's an endgame katana, but there's a couple that are better than it.

The Sylpheed is the Survivalist's ultimate armor. I don't know if I'll buy that at all, though I will need a Survivalist for the postgame. Yes need, not want.

PC-88 Verison

: Any permanent damage? If you feel ill or wounded... Don't hesitate to come here, and I'll make sure you get only the finest treatment.

: We are fine for now.

: I would like my chest bones examined.

: It's rather adorable.

: Bahaha! You like it? My daughter drew it just for you all. She's become a big fan of yours! She helps me clean your room and cook your food. Isn't she a sweet girl? There's only so much we can do for you all, but we'll always be ready to do what we can! Just don't break my daughter's heart, okay? Bahahaha!

There's a couple of quests we can get started on, so let's do that.

PC-88 Version

: The data you acquired on the Labyrinth's creatures proved to be quite useful. As you know, we are constantly gathering information on the nature of the Labyrinth. Much as we'd like to pretend otherwise, it is a wild place, and we're far from mastering it. They key to greater control over the Labyrinth is information. We hear you name spoken often, not only from Cass, but from other explorers and citizens. And so we would like you to lend us your services once again. Our current project is to compile all available data on raw materials and equipment. We would like to see 350 entries on raw materials and equipment from you. Once all of it is recorded in the Item Compendium and Gear Registry, report to the bar. There, you may collect a reward commensurate with your efforts. I wish you the best of luck.

You should easily have more than 350 total entries by now, especially since it's counting both the Item Compendium and the Gear Registry. Just make sure to actually register your entries so you can complete the quest. Anyways, this is also the place we need to go for the Knight piece.

: Allow me to pour you some tea. I have a tasty blend that's more piquant than the usual brew.

: My apologies, but we don't have time for tea.

: Mm? Not here to chat? Ah... I assume you're busy, as usual. Then what brings you here?

: We're looking for the golden chess pieces. More specifically, a Knight.

: Ah... the Master Craftsman. Your timing is off. One of our counts had a Knight, but alas... He droppped it when he entered the Labyrinth. The guards have searched with no success. I assume it's been picked up already. You know the law... Whoever finds it, claims it. I am sorry I could not be of more assistance.

: Well damn.

: Not much to go on there, I'm afraid.

Yes, that's your only hint for the quest. Can you figure out where the Knight piece is? Go on, guess. Because the answer will have you crying out BULLSHIT!

I'll turn this in later, let's find out what we need to do from the Guildmaster.

PC-88 Version

: I believe you posted a request?

: Ah. So you'll be taking on my quest... Have you heard the details yet?

: Only what Cass told us. He wanted us to talk to you.

: ...Yes, I assumed as much. As you may know, the winters here are extremely cold. We must prepare in advance, but the influx of explorers has caused a population explosion. The Grand Duchy is taking the matter lightly, but at this rate, we will be unprepared. Our duty is to forsee problems and compensate for them. You take my meaning, surely. I would like you to gather 3 Crabapples, 3 Arc Branches, and 2 Bloom Woods. All these things can be found in the Labyrinth. Some may be difficult to find, but I expect you can handle it. Good hunting, Firefly.

Another fetch quest. Yawn. Crabapples can be found from the 4th Stratum Take points and Arc Branches and Bloom Woods can be found from the 4th Stratum Chop points.

PC-88 Version

: Hey, you're back. Looks like yeh finished without a hitch. The Duke sends his regards. Looks like yeh're getting some recognition at last, eh?

: "At last?" The entire town has been slathering praise on our guild for- oh forget it!

: Haw haw haw! Well, I can't resist telling stories about yeh, so I'm partly responsible. A bar isn't just a place to get plastered, yeh know. All manner of folk come through that door, asking about anything yeh could think of. He who controls the information controls the world, eh? Haw! Keep the stories coming, eh? I love to hear them... Though I can't reward yeh for those. Speaking of which, I've got yer reward right here. Come back anytime!

Acts like a level 2 Thor. We'll finish up every bit of unfinished business in the 4th Stratum before exploring more of the floating castle.