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Part 109: Begone


Okay, so before going to floor 30, stock up on supplies. You'll see why in a moment.

Well, here we go. The final floor, the final challenge.

PC-88 Version

So here's one of the gimmicks of this floor. There's absolutely no random encounters. None.

There's still FOEs wandering around, so be careful about that.

: Aaaaaaaaaaa...


: Uh, boss? You should probably calm down.

: Yeah, it might be the only teleporter on the floor.

: You don't know that! Uh, sorry.

Two Riptors guard a teleporter.

Said teleporter leads to this area, where you can find a nice treasure.

And this one takes us back to the start. Enough goofing around, let's actually get through this.

: Okay, this one better take us somewhere.

: You know, it's weird how there's no monsters on this floor. You know, other than the FOEs.

: Yes... you think there would be some at the highest point in the Labyrinth.

: Maybe it's cause of that End-Bringer?

: Maybe.

So this teleporter takes you back to the start like most of the other ones did. There's a couple these strewn about the Stratum, but these are exits in case you want to leave. Which brings me to the next gimmick, this entire floor has to be done in one go. If you leave early at any point, you have to start all over.

Now, these doors are special.

: What the!?

PC-88 Version

I said that there were no random encounters on this floor. However, when you go through a door, you'll end up in a set encounter. All the fights you get into (except for gathering ambushes, where Shiver plays instead) have Scatter About as their music. Which explains the whole event battles having this music in the 6th Stratum. I guess it was done to build up tension, because this floor is a gauntlet. You also can't run from these fights either, which can be pretty troublesome in one instance.

HP: 1800
AT: 70
DF: 70
Exp: 11700
Skills: Step
Item Drops:
-Common: Blue Skull - 1 needed for Headpiece. 15 needed for Blue Aspis.
--Metal-plated skull that emits blue light.
-Rare: Plum Scale - 10 needed for Angel Cry. (Gun.) 20 needed for Demon Axe.
--As hard as metal, yet as flexible as animal hide.
-Conditional: N/A
Description: It has grown so large that it requires a diet of human meat to provide the necessary protein.
Weakness: Fire (125%), Ice (150%), Volt (125%)
Resistance: Physical (75%)

This is one of the strongest monsters in the Stratum, and it's pretty disappointing with that in mind. It does show up in gathering ambushes, which is the only time this thing is remotely a threat. It'll use Step if it blindsides you, which is just twice as powerful as its regular attack. In normal fights? It doesn't use this unless it gets low on HP, so it's not that threatening. It's in nearly every door encounter on this floor, but it shouldn't give you too much of a hard time.

: Just get out of our way.

: We don't have time for this.

An underpowered party would actually have trouble with this, but not this team!

Within each of these rooms is a teleporter that will take you to the next area. Now, you can't just get into encounters over and over again by entering and exiting the room, it only happens once. The only way to reset the doors is to take an exit teleporter.

Here's the next exit teleporter.


: Chumps.

For the record, every single enemy you've encountered in this Stratum can appear behind one of these doors.

: Onto the next area, I guess.

: I wonder if the same thing awaits us.

And behind door number 3...

: Weaklings.

PC-88 Version

Now this next area is a bit different.

: We're not in a corridor this time.

: I'm getting a very ominous feeling from this area.

For one thing, there's an Asterios spawn here.

Also when you step into this section of the room, this happens.


: Uh... We can take em, right boss?

: ...Oh yeah, we definitely can. CHARGE!

Repeat eight times. I should note that those Riptors are one time FOEs. If you kill them now, or you kill the End-Bringer, they will never respawn.

PC-88 Version

This floor's Take Point. Use the floor 29 Take Point if you want more Pop Leaves.

Just assume that I've killed every FOE in this room, like I usually do.


Love you too, game.

And the last Asterios in this FOE Thunderdome.

: I think I preferred the corridors.

: So did I.

The next exit teleporter and door.

And I got a reused encounter here. Whatever.

Now this corridor actually has a secret passage in it.

Oh come on, I know there's a bigger pool of monsters to draw from.

But I guess if the game insists on making my job easy...

Here's the Mine Point.

And another secret passage.

With some very nice treasures.

This is the last door that contains a fight.

: I hope we get out of here soon.

: There isn't too much left to draw on the map, so we should be close.

Another exit teleporter.

And here's the final Chop Point in the game.

No, this door doesn't have a set encounter behind it.

Instead, it's another FOE extravaganza. The FOEs with the gray arrows are Icekings, while the FOEs with a red arrow are Riptors. Now, the game tries to pull a fast one on you, and waste all the progress you've made by including two teleporters here. Pick the wrong one, and you'll have to start all over. The teleporter in the center is an exit teleporter, which you don't want to take.

Instead, take this one to move forward.

: Are... are we out?

: Looks like it.

: Huh, we're at the end already.

: There's a door in front of us. I'm not getting a good feeling from it.

: I think that's where the End-Bringer is. Uh, we're not going through there yet, are we?

: Are you kidding? We need to prepare first! Come on, there's a shortcut nearby. Once we open that up, we're going back to Lagaard.

Yeah, aside from the End-Bringer itself, we're actually done with floor 30. Anticlimactic, I know. It probably didn't help that my party was a massive bulldozer, so none of those encounters were even a threat. Floor 30 in EO1 was the same way. The floor itself was uninteresting and mostly harmless. The later EO games had more involved final floors.

Remember to open up this shortcut before you leave, unless you want to go through all that again.

PC-88 Version

The Head Piece is the Ronin's ultimate helmet. The other classes do not get such a thing. Someone on the dev team must have really liked the Ronin.

PC-88 Version

Well all I'm missing from the Monster Codex is the final boss.

Oh, and I guess the Muckdile. I never really encountered it again while I went through floor 30. I'll hunt it down later. Why don't we see how the guild is doing stat wise at this point?

: Ohhhh, I don't like the sound of this End-Bringer thing... Still, I can't believe we're almost done.

: Now what techniques should I use to deal with something that could cause an apocolypse?

: No matter what the result, I can easily say to myself that I have truly accomplished something. Though for the sake of Lagaard, I hope we succeed.

: Hmm, I wonder if this team is good enough. Maybe I need to switch out a few members.

: Ha ha ha! This was fun! I wanna do this again! But... are there any other Labyrinths to explore in the world?

: The End-Bringer... I wonder if my services will be required again.

: Even if I don't get chosen, I hope that thing gets taken down, for the good of High Lagaard!

: Let me at em! I'll slay this monster, and bring peace to the town!

: I wonder if my formulas are still usable against such a thing. I used to be more powerful than the others, but now...

: Now how much medicine should I pack for something called the End-Bringer? Probably a lot.

: I'll have to compose a song that will keep everyone's morale high. Especially against a monster with such an intimidating name.

: Hmph! Hmph! Grrr...

Actually, you know what? Screw it, let's go take down the End-Bringer right now!

PC-88 Version

Time for the final fight!

Video: Ur-Child

PC-88 Version

Meet the true final boss of Etrian Odyssey II! The Ur-Child!

Using my standard tactics, as always.

That sounds ominous.


PC-88 Version

I guess I better rethink my strategy...