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Part 80: Cleanup: The Fourth Stratum

Cleanup: The Fourth Stratum

That quest is completed, let's turn it in.

PC-88 Version

: Ah, yeh're back. How was it?

: She just wanted us to get some supplies for the upcoming winter.

: So that's what it was about... Even my hooch freezes in a cold winter. It's good to be prepared. That lady posts requests, but if I don't send her my best, she gives me a tongue-lashing. They say she was second-in-command in some foreign army. Yeh don't want to cross her. Honestly, yeh lot are the only ones I'm comfortable directing her way. Anyone else, and... Well, let's not talk about that. Good job, and don't forget yer reward. Come back anytime!

Alright, now for the Knight chess piece quest. Guess where we have to go for that one? Our only hint was that it was dropped near the entrance and that someone took it. I'll give you a moment to figure it out.

PC-88 Version

He stands cleaning his wings with his long fingers until he spots you.

We have to talk to Canaan. On the 20th floor. Who you might not even know was here at this point. How the hell were you supposed to figure that out?

: Hm... Firefly. I sensed you might come... You were in one of my dreams. May the blessings of almighty Nuh, Father Ish, and Mother Ishsha welcome you. We are slowly learning the customs of the earthbound ones. Though not all are willing.

The chief of the winged ones touches your shoulder and looks at you, each in turn.

: Hm? I thought you would have a heavy swordsman with you. Not that it matters... Our astrologers say that we are to treat such people with generosity at this time.

You converse with the chief of the winged ones for some time, then leave the area.

: Emilia isn't too busy right now, is she?

: I don't believe so.

Oh sorry, did you think that he was just going to give it to us? No see, we need a level 20 Landsknecht for this. Though at this point, grinding one up to that level shouldn't take up too much time.

He stands cleaning his wings with long fingers until he spots you.

: Hm... Firefly. I sensed you might come... You were in one of my dreams. May the blessings of almighty Nuh, Father Ish, and Mother Ishsha welcome you. Hm...? Ahh, you have a heavy swordsman. Our astrologers say we must treat your kind well. I shall prepare a light meal for you, in accordance with the flow of Isa.

The offer sounds tempting, but you are on a quest for the chess pieces...

: Thanks! Wow, this is delicious!

The winged one's food turns out to be scrumptious, and you leave fully satisfied.

This quest is kind enough to give you a full heal for a party member at least.

: Hmm, quite the meal. My thanks. Wait a minute.

As you are about to eat the fresh fruit, you see two golden objects decorating the plate! You recognize them as the golden pieces you are trying so hard to collect!

: Now, where did you find those?

: Ah, I found them in the forest. Their bright sheen made them ideal for decorations.

: Say, we're looking for those chess pieces. They were created by a well known craftsman and are quite valuable. I have more of those right here. How about I give you these in exchange for those pieces?

You show him the pieces you now hold and explain their value before offering a trade.

: Ah! So that's what they are... Very well. I will trade these two for the ones you have.

You may trade your current pieces for the chief's if you so choose.

You handed the pieces to the chief and receive two pieces in return. You now have the Knight and Pawn pieces. You stow them into your pack and leave the area.

You have obtained the Knight piece needed for your quest!

At this point we start getting duplicate chess pieces. They have the same descriptions as before. Now, this spot is where you can talk to Canaan for various quests, so remember this location.

PC-88 Version

: Good work, all of yeh! Did yeh get the Knight piece?

: Right here.

: Ahhh... well done. So where'd yeh find it?

: We found it the Labyrinth.

: The Labyrinth...!? Don't come the fool with me! How could a thing like that be rolling around in the forest? Ohhh, I get it. Yeh don't want to reveal yer secret connection, eh? Haw haw! I like that!

: ...Sure, let's go with that.

: Well, if it's such a big secret, I'd better not ask any more questions, eh? Here's the reward. Yeh're one step closer to that Queen! Keep it up! Thanks!

There was a secret area on the 16th floor that I never got around to exploring. You'll need a Beast, Landsknect, and a Protector to explore all of it. You don't need a Medic or a Survivalist, but I suggest bringing one of those along.

The grass here looks to be well-trod. You can tell the path continues to the other side. You wonder whether or not it would be safe to continue down this path. Suddenly, your beast darts forth and runs into the passage!

: Ling! What are you doing?

: He'll be fine, don't worry.

You try to stop it, to no avail. But it returns after some time as if nothing has happened.

: Mmhmm!

It looks up at you eagerly. It seems its instincts tell it the path is safe to take! Thanks to your beast, you pass through the forest wall, free of worry.

: Oh joy.

: Wow, good thing I brought tons of spare boots!

The gimmick of this secret area? Every single tile is a damage tile. Hope you have someone who can use a level 5 Patrol.

: Did we make a wrong turn somewhere?

: There was only one path you idiot. There were no "wrong turns" to make!

: That wasn't nice.

: Grr...

: Oh shut up, panda.

: Maybe we missed a shortcut or something?

You need the Landsknecht for this shortcut.

: Oh, the spider again? HAAAA!

: Er...

: I think we need to take a closer look at the walls again.

This is where you need the Protector.

: Stay behind me, but I'm not responsible if an arrow hits you.

At the end of this secret area...

Several outdated pieces of equipment.

: I wish we got all this earlier.

: At least it'll sell for a decent amount.

PC-88 Version

I've been grinding out random drops to fill out the Gear Registry. In the process, I got both Ken and Frederik to level 50, so let's take these quests.

: Are yeh lot planning to attend the martial arts tourney? That'll be a sight to see!

: Wait, what tournament?

: Eh? Yeh don't know about the tournament and yeh call yerselves explorers!? Once a year, all sorts of fighters gather and hold a giant tournament. It started out as nothing much, but after the explorers came to town, it's really something! It's almost too popular... Lots of hullaballoo every year. Good for business, though. Anyways, there's a lot of pre-tournament festivities to get folks in the mood. The organizers're looking for a ronin to wow the crowd with some fancy moves. Yeh and I are used to that type, but the ordinary folk don't see too much of them. To be honest, even I've never actually seen a ronin in combat. So what do yeh say? It's all in fun! And it's just an exhibition match, so even if yeh lose, there's still a reward in it. But I say, if it's worth doing, it's worth winning--not to mention the extra prize money! Have I got yer blood pumping? Enter the strongest ronin yeh can muster up! G'luck!

: Aw, it sounded fun. I wanted to join in. Can't I do it?

: Come on... I don't know much about ronins, but even I know yeh got to do better than that. Yeh do have one, right?

: Yes? He comes to this bar a lot. Along with the rest of our guild.

: Then what're yeh waiting for!? It's not just yeh--if he wins, think of the boost my reputation will get! Help me out here! I'm counting on yeh!

"He?" I know Ken is male, but it's possible to have only female Ronin in your party.

: Yeh're doing that one? Yeh sure are a sucker for the weird jobs. Have yeh ever met a war magus?

: Do these people have short term memory loss?

: They're not rare around here, but I hear they're pretty scarce in other countries. It seems most of them are part of some brotherhood that looks after their secret arts. But there aren't enough war magi to pass down the knowledge anymore. Yeh think yeh can help? G'luck then!

: Yeah sure- crap where's Frederik?

: See here... Yeh need a really skilled war magus for this job. I thought maybe yeh had one, but I guess I figured wrong. If yeh've got a strong war magus, then out with it! I'm counting on yeh!

The tournament organizers seek a ronin skilled in the martial arts... The ronin currently in your party would be perfect for their needs! Return to the bar once you have a spare moment.

The brotherhood of war magi seeks a member skilled in its secret arts... The war magus currently in your party would be perfect for their needs! Return to the bar once you have a spare moment.

: Is that yer ronin? I like the look of this one! Just remember--the reputation of yer guild and this bar is riding on that sword of yers!

: Wait, what!? Are you serious? I thought this was just an exhibition match!

: Of course I'm serious! It may be an exhibition match, but people are paying attention. Now let's show them what yeh've got! I'll expect the rest of yeh lot to show yer support!

Cass leaves and comes back.

: I'm back. I sent yer ronin off with a bang... Should be a walk in the park! But with all the ronin walking around, I felt almost like I was the foreigner there...! Some kept their eyes shut the whole time, and some sat oddly, mumbling to themselves. Yer one might have been the most normal of the bunch! Haw haw! Once it's all over with, yer friend will meet yeh back here. But in the meantime, do yeh mind helping me out with a spot of work?

: Right, I'll be going now.

: C'mon, don't give me that look! Yer friend's working, and so should yeh be! There's no reason to slack off just because yeh're waiting! Haw haw haw!

Fade to black.

: Hey, look who's back! Did yeh lot hear? First place! Yeh should have heard the applause! Yer ronin was the star of the show! People were falling over themselves to ask where yer ronin was from. Yeh're a hit!

: Um, uh. I-it was nothing.

: And before I forget, here's yer prize money and reward. Give the big star an extra share! Yeh're the best of the best! Keep up the good work!

You only get 1,000en if your Ronin was only level 23 to 49.

: Ahh, now what have we here? Now that's a war magus... I get the shivers looking at yeh! Unique weapon yeh've got there. Yeh can do some crazy things with that, right?

: Yes. Would you like me to demonstrate? I see a perfect target right in front of me.

: Eh! Yeh want to demonstrate on me!? Oi now, no need for all that! What were yeh thinking...!? Well, come with me. You lot, mind the bar!

Cass leaves and comes back.

: Sorry to keep the rest of yeh waiting. The place spooked me, I left as soon as I could.

: Why? Was it really that bad?

: Can yeh really blame me? Their weird mumbo-jumbo and their bizarre rituals... On top of which, they served me this strange liquid and told me to drink it all down! It was gooey and funny-smelling and... Aurgh! That's it! Damned if I'm going back there to pick up yer precious war magus! I told yer one to come here when it's over. Hell if I'm setting foot in there again. I may be sick all over the rug... Just relax while I take a little rest.

Fade to black.

: Phew... I don't feel so great. Ahh, yeh're back. Good work. Yeh must be the real thing. I heard the other war magi talk a bit about yeh. They say they hope yeh'll attend another meeting someday. But I won't be chaperoning... They left something extra, so I added it to yer reward. G'luck next... Nah, to be honest, I'm hoping there won't be a next time. Haw! ...Uuugh.

I completely forgot to turn in this quest earlier. You only need to be past level 40 to get the full reward. Level 22 to 39 just gets you 1,500en.

Now this quest pops up when you complete Forbidden foreign style.

: Hey there! Ahh, that quest... Yeh know, they only posted it here because of yeh. Remember the tourney yeh were in a while back? Someone there took a shine to yer ronin. They say yer one's still raw, but has lots of potential! Don't yeh think so? Haw haw! Apparently, it was some kinda noble, and they're holding a fancy-pants dinner party. They want to impress their high-society guests with some special monster meat for the main course. I dunno much beyond that, but the minster at the Duke's Palace probably would. Why don't yeh go and ask him directly, eh? G'luck to yeh!

PC-88 Version

: So you'll be assisting the court officials in gathering meat... You have my gratitude. Not only will this add prestige to the party, but it shows our guests High Lagaard's strength. By eating the Labyrinth's monsters, we prove that we are the Labyrinth's masters. The guests will feel reassured to know that the Grand Duchy fears nothing from the Labyrinth. Do you understand?

: Uh, sort of?

: Well, either way... know that this is no mere noble's whim. It has meaning. I have heard that the meat from monsters on the 20th floor makes for a particular delicacy. I would like you to hunt these monsters and bring home the finest meat. These monsters, however, will release poison through their glands when threatened. It's a natural defense, to doom any predators that the beasts's young might live. You must slay these monsters quickly if you hope to recover an edible corpse. That's all I know. Leave the meat at the Stickleback Bar and our men will pick it up. We're relying on you.

The game also tells us about conditional drops here. Thankfully it's not possible to miss this information.

PC-88 Version

See that FOE in the top left corner? That's our target. It just patrols that hallway its in.

PC-88 Version

Type: Normal
Behavior: Patrol
Aggressive: No
HP: 1179
AT: 47
DF: 36
Skills: Rampage
Item Drops:
-Common: N/A
-Rare: N/A
-Conditional: Beast Meat - Kill in 3 turns. Needed for the quest Explorers! Heroes! Caterers!
--A tender, delicious-looking piece of frosted meat.
Description: A bloated monster that must be defeated quickly to prevent its meat from becoming poisoned.
Weakness: Fire (150%)
Resistance: N/A

It's just a slightly stronger Warbull. Now the main objective is to get the conditional drop, which is really easy to get at this point. Like Dubois said, a quick kill, more specifically within 3 turns, is required to get it. If you somehow don't qualify for it, don't worry. The FOE just immediately respawns and will keep doing that until you get the drop.

: Aw come on! Why didn't you let me kill it?

: Like hell I'm letting them serve meat prepared by... your techniques.

: What are you talking about?

: Well you've seen Nick's- wait, no you haven't. Trust me, you don't want to know.

: Uh, okay?

PC-88 Version

It was no easy task to finish off the monster before it released its toxins... Once the monster is completely still, you take a deep breath and hold it in. With quick cuts, you carve the designated slab of meat and tuck it safely in your bag. You quest to obtain the rare meat is a success! Now return the meat to the bar!

The Beast Meat isn't a key item, but it's impossible to throw away.

If you have a bad habit of selling quest related drops by accident, don't worry. They've idiot-proofed this quest. The only way to get rid of the Beast Meat is to turn it in.

It's also the first entry in the Item Compendium, so that slot is finally filled in.

PC-88 Version

: Hey, yeh're back! I heard it was a tricky job.

: Not really.

: Is that the meat, then? Looks tasty... Can I have a bite?

: Step away from the meat.

: Come on, a big slab of beef like that? No one would notice a tiny piece missing...!


: All right, all right! It was just a joke! Don't worry, I'll deliver it safe. Yeh lot haven't got any sense of humor, have yeh? Here's the reward money. Come back any time. We're all counting on yeh!


Not much in the way of new equipment, but I've unlocked every piece of equipment up to this point, so the Gear Registry's up to date. Next time, we'll start exploring the Heavenly Keep.