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Part 66: Doing Things Right

Doing Things Right

PC-88 Version

No sense in letting all that map drawing go to waste.

: No. Scorpions... Huh? Oh, it's been a while since I had one of those.

Let's try getting off to a good start this time.


I said let's get off to a good start!

PC-88 Version

: Should we eat it?

: Uh, I don't know. I mean, is anyone willing to try?

: I don't know what kind of fruit that is. Maybe it's poisonous.

: I shall try it if no one else will.

: No! Don't! Do we really need to eat this? I mean, we could just ignore it.

: Well, she has a point.

You know well that carelessness within the Labyrinth can lead to one's ruin. The fruit is tempting, but you leave it alone and press on with your journey.

: How did that story go again? Oh look, scorpions.

PC-88 Version

Oh, I'm ready for you this time. Let's dance.



I'm ready for round 3. Bring it.


Well there was nothing I could do about that.


And he gets a well deserved level up for his efforts.

PC-88 Version

If you stay here, however, another wave may ambush you again!

: Screw digging this thing up, let's just run!

You abandon whatever is buried at the tree's roots in favor of fleeing the area.

: Oh I remember now! There's dead bodies buried under cherry trees!


The story about something being buried under cherry trees may have been a reference to one of Motojirō Kajii's short stories, Under the Cherry Trees, but I'm not entirely sure.

Bellamy maxed out TEC, which unlocks this skill. It's not the best skill. Megido deals a decent amount of damage, but it eats up so much TP and barely does anything in the postgame. The tier 2 spells are generally better than this because they can proc Analysis.

Corrupt now has a 35% chance to succeed.

The Castwing's patrol path, since I didn't explore this hallway last time.

: I prefer to sing on the sidelines.

You don't yet see the source of the sound... A thorough investigation of the room should reveal it.

Translation: Find the secret passage.

Here's the first Mine point.

Common: Prehnite - 1 needed for Risk Claw, Czar Plate, and Snow Quill. 5 needed for Poison Axe and Fine Robe.
-Green gem that looks like a bunch of grapes.
Uncommon: Malachite - 1 needed for Hachi (Katana), Safeguard, Volt Wall, and Cut Wall. 2 needed for Lush Beads. 3 needed for Volt Gun. 7 needed for Shamshir (Sword.) 1 needed for the quest The sorcery-reflecting lens.
-Bluish-green copper ore with streaked patterns.
Rare: Red Quartz - 1 needed for Hero Orb and Bind Wall.
-Warm, pink crystal in demand by jewelers.


: Goddammit Gilbert.

: I hear the howling over here!

Your approach it cautiously, but the dog steps backwards with a whimper. You rack your brains for anything that could ease his nerves...

: Now what?

: Hmm. I've got an idea.

You vaguely recall that the Duke's daughter told you the hound's name. But what was it...?

As one last screw you, if you answer this question wrong, you fail the quest and have to retry it.

You are certain from what you remember that the dog's name is not Rex, but King.

: King! Here boy! Come here King!

You call the dog's name and his ears perk up. Slowly, carefully, you walk up to him and reach out a hand. The dog licks it eagerly! Your worries are over now that the dog is calm and obedient. You pick him up and walk away.

Eh, it's barely a boost over his old bow, so I don't equip it on him.

PC-88 Version

I unlocked a bunch of new of weapons and armor from all that, and upgraded as necessary. You can read the descriptions in the screenshots below if you wish. Skip past if you don't want to.

And now back to your regularly scheduled update.

: Ah, yeh're back! Did yeh have fun on yer secret errand?

: Yep. Got the delivery right here.

: Sorry I couldn't tell yeh that the Lady--Gah! Haw, I should learn to mind what I'm saying. Awww... the poor pup is hurt. I hope yeh weren't foolish enough to take him by force.


: Haw! Just kidding. I'll take the dog to her by the back way. Here's the reward I know yeh've been waiting for! Too bad yeh won't get any recognition. Better luck next time! Haw!

PC-88 Version

: We met a human with wings in our exploration.

: What's this you say...? You have met with a race of winged humans? Hmm... Pardon me for a moment as I fetch Lady Gradriel.

: I have read of their kind in ancient lore, and I shall share with you what I have learned... “The Overlord of the heavens created the winged ones to fly freely in the sky. They safeguard the entrance to the Heavenly Keep: only with this phrase can one gain entry.

: The precise meaning eludes me, but that is its verbatim account of the winged ones. If the document speaks true, you must parley with the winged ones and ask their assistance. I beseech you to use caution as you continue exploring.

: Yeah. It was interesting to hear.

: All we seek is access to the floating castle for the Duke's sake... Our fates lie in your hands.

PC-88 Version

More points in Stamina. Should be useful if I decide to pair up Gilbert with Aliara in the postgame. This LP did end up changing my opinion of Troubadours, although I wouldn't say they're top tier. Unfortunately it also ended up souring my opinion on Medics, who I thought were just mediocre.

There's a Shelltor in the next part of the Labyrinth, but it's much easier to get past than the 4 Shelltors.

Type: Red
Behavior: Patrol, Staggered
Aggressive: No
HP: 4000
AT: 70
DF: 70

Here's this Stratum's red FOE. They have the same behavior as the Firekings. They're pretty easy to slip past.

Another Shelltor patrols this hall.

Here's the 2nd Mine Point on this floor.

: Hey! I found a path!

: Is it safe to traverse? It's rather dark.

: I can't see a thing down there.

The grass here looks to be well-trod. You can tell the path continues to the other side. You wonder whether or not it would be safe to continue down this path... The way ahead is narrow and dark... Were you ambushed, you would be perfectly helpless. With no way to confirm its safety, you cannot gamble your party's lives on the path.

: None of us can see down there, and I'm not risking your lives on this path. We'll have to forget about it.

: What about Ling? Maybe he could see better in the dark.

: That could be worth a try.

We need a Beast to get past this obstacle.

This shortcut provides a quick path to the stairway

Aside from that class specific shortcut, we're done with the 16th floor.

Ah, the 17th floor. Time to go back to town and see what new things they have to say!

PC-88 Version

: It starts with an F.

: Ah yes, Guild Firefly. Right? I knew it all the time. How goes your journey? Have you still not found the castle?

: I'm afraid not.

: It must be a long way up... Nevertheless, we appreciate your bravery in going to the Labyrinth for our sake. I expect great things from you.

PC-88 Version

: No one has ever been to the area you've reached. Keep your guard up at all times. We've sent in the guard corps with the data you collected on the fourth Stratum. It most likely goes without saying, but they all died. It's a rare breed of explorer who can survive that far up the Labyrinth. There's no monster or explorer I'd lose to one on one... but against you all, I'd lose. “Many in harmony surpass one in perfection.” Physically and mentally, I have no doubt that your guild is the closest to reaching the castle. I'm curious to see how far you can make it. Do your best... That's all the advice I have for you. Never underestimate the Labyrinth.

PC-88 Version

: But I've been meaning to ask--How high have yeh lot gone now?

: We just reached the 17th floor.

: Wh-What!? The 17th floor!? Oh... Er. I s'pose I shouldn't yell that kind of thing in the middle of a bunch of explorers, huh?

: Why?

: Why? Well, isn't it obvious? They're only human... They've got their pride, yeh know. I wouldn't want other guilds to be pissed off at yeh. That does no one any good. Anyways, stick to yer job of finding that damn castle! Oh, and take the quests more often!

: Oh, thanks for the reminder. Oh, this should be simple.

: Are yeh sure yeh want to do that one? It seems a bit small-time for yeh lot... The lady who requested it wants to cook something for her hubby. She can't get the ingredients on the open market, but they're easy to find in the Labyrinth. Sounds a mite beneath yeh to me, but what do I know... Anyways, here's what she wants... a Bee Needle, a Heaven Pin, and... A Hazard Eye.

: What's wrong with doing quests like these?

: Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at yeh. Do whatever quests yeh like. I just thought yeh might like something a little more exciting. But who knows? Maybe a boring quest like this might turn out to be a real scorcher! Haw! G'luck!

It's just a simple fetch quest. Or so it appears to be at first. The first two ingredients can be acquired easily, but the Hazard Eye is a bit special. How early you can obtain it depends on if you're playing on a password game or not. If you're not playing on a password game, you have to wait until the 20th floor to get it. If you're playing on a password game, there's an event you might be able to get one from on the 17th floor.

: Sheesh, you want us to take on a bigger quest? Fine- ohhhh, what's this?

: Are yeh serious? Another one from that sad sack? The lad doesn't know when to quit... Sounds like his last gift was a wash, and now she isn't even on speaking terms with him. This time, he's on the scent of something incredibly rare, and needs someone to fetch it. Have yeh heard of this Wood Rose before? Apparently it grows in the Labyrinth. Some say it grows from rotted trees, some say from monster offal, but no one's certain. The best guess is at just the right humidity and temperature, this mineral will crystalize. They crystal form is s'posed to look like a rose, so they call it a Wood Rose. It's one of the things that's supposed to bring yeh luck, but that's all a load of hooey. But the ladies fall for it, so any man that can deliver one is a hero in their eyes.

: Do you need one?

: Me? Are yeh daft? I don't need a bloody crystal rose to pull! The women can't say no to a man with a bar like mine, if yeh catch my meaning! Haw haw! Anyways... I've heard talk of one or two of them being seen on the 17th floor. If yeh lot are lucky, yeh can get yer hands one one. If not, better start mining till you find it! Haw! G'luck... yeh'll need it!

Unlike the other quests, and despite what Cass' remarks imply, you don't get the Wood Rose from an item point.

This is part of the Innkeeper's Daughter questline. It won't show up until The sleeping Duke and The perfect gift quests are completed.

: Could you tell us about this one?

: Ahh... that one. Yeh know the innkeeper's daughter, right?

: Ah yes, the one who we found the birthday present for.

: Ah, grand! Saves me the trouble of explaining, then. She's frail, yeh see, and has trouble breathing. She gets by okay, since that doc from the hospital looks after her close. But it's important that she goes to the Labyrinth every so often to take in the fresh air. The Grand Duchy's quite good at providing her with an escort whenever she needs one. But there's been some scheduling mishaps this time, and there's no one to take her inside. So yer job, basically, is to help escort the girl. Yer destination is north of the 14th floor. The girl's waiting in the central city. Well, g'luck!

Another quest that's part of a questline. This time, about the berserk monster. You needed to have completed Beast gone berserk for this to show up.

: Ahhh, Firefly! There yeh are. This job is about that monster.

: Come again?

: Yeh remember the one... The thing on the 11th floor that was going berserk? Way I heard it, it's come out again and started to attack explorers. The client is the Grand Duchy again. They've probably changed their minds about killing it... Go ask over at the Duke's Palace for more details. G'luck!

I don't go to the Duke's Palace again in this update. We can't even complete the quest right now anyways.

PC-88 Verison

Oh, fine.

: Hi there. We're gonna be taking you into the Labyrinth so you can get some fresh air. Is that okay?

: Huh...? The people in Firefly are taking me? ...... I'm so happy to hear that... Thank you. Umm... you're a strong guild, aren't you? You won't lost to any ghosts?

: Pfft! Ghosts are nothing!

: Oh... that's good. I don't want anyone to get hurt. I-I'll follow close behind you... Please take care of me.

PC-88 Version

: Oh! Gilbert! The buckle on your boot is coming off!

: Huh? Oh, why thank you!

: There... that should do it. Hee hee! I'm a craftsman's daughter! I know these things! But I'll study even harder, so I can help you even more! Please bear with me until then!

PC-88 Verison

: Is everything going smoothly up in the new Stratum? I hear it's a very beautiful place. Eventually, you should reach the floating castle, right?

: That's the plan.

: You know, the legends say that the Duke was descended from the people of that castle. Not only that, but somewhere in it is a Holy Grail that can cure anything... If only it were true, I could save everyone in the world, and end suffering forever. That's my dream... a world where no one ever succumbs to another terminal disease. Haha.

: Bahaha! Today's lunch will be a special treat! My daughter made it just for you! I told her all about you, and she couldn't wait to fix your lunch! Isn't that precious? She's just like her mother! Bahaha! Now go up there and find that castle! Good luck!

PC-88 Version

To your chagrin, you see the innkeeper's daughter trying hard to keep up with you. If you were to be badly injured, it would pain the girl greatly. Unfortunately, the monsters in the forest seem unusually active... There's no telling what to expect here! Proceed with great caution!

I have no idea if anything is actually different in this quest, because it's so short and easy.

You just need to escort her to this spot. Oh, and remember this spot for later.

The air here is the most serene you have felt in the Labyrinth. You feel completely purified... Looking back at the girl, it is clear that she feels the same way. Spreading her arms wide, she breathes deep of the fresh air. You spend some time with the girl in the tranquil clearing before you prepare to return.

: Th-This was fun... I wish you could be the ones to escort me every time...

You note with slight embarrassment that the girl has made a Flower Pin from the white clovers.

: I made it... for good luck. I-I think you should have it...

The Flower Pin she has given to you is charmed to ensure safe journeys!

: We can't just take this without giving something back.

: Hmm, now where did we put that? Aha!

Searching for something to give in return, you rummage through your bag to find an Auratum. You give her the flower, and she thanks you happily before using her Warp Wire. The quest is complete! Report your success to the bar when you return to Lagaard.

PC-88 Version

: Ahhh, yeh're back. Good work! Seems everything went well. The girl's safe at home, and her mother came to thank yeh. All's well that ends well, eh? Haw haw haw! Well, this one's wrapped up with a bow. Here's yer reward. Come back anytime!

A small reward for a small quest, but it's important to complete this one.

PC-88 Version

Everything about this screams bad idea.

The stone ricochets off a tree, caroms off another, and flies back directly at your forehead!

: OW! Really?

PC-88 Version

HP: 311
AT: 35
DF: 36
Exp: 2070
Skills: Blink
Item Drops:
-Common: Color Hull - 1 needed for Color Axe and Evil Mist. 2 needed for Color Robe. 20 needed for Doujigiri (Katana.)
--Rainbug shell, in a multitude of colors.
-Rare: N/A
-Conditional: N/A
Description: A giant ladybug with an iridescent rainbow shell that can mesmerize unwary travelers.
Weakness: Volt (150%)
Resistance: Ice (0%)

These things are just annoying. They rarely attack, but they love to spam Blink which just increases all enemies' agility. It makes them fast and harder to hit, which can be deadly when they're supporting strong monsters.

You could try erasing their buffs, but unless your party member is slower than the Rainbug, that's pointless.

Generally, they go down pretty easily.

Another shortcut.

PC-88 Version

Oh yes, there is one more trick to them. I'm sure some of you figured out what it is.

Just setting up here, don't mind me.

Just like the Ladybugs and Raflesias, Rainbugs can summon a Wrathbud if they're alone.

HP: 741
AT: 50
DF: 39
Exp: 3445
Skills: Unload, Vine
Item Drops:
-Common: Lilac Vine - 1 needed for Plant Whip and Fine Robe. 3 needed for Shamshir (Sword.)
--Thorny vine with sky-colored leaves.
-Rare: N/A
-Conditional: Blue Petal - Kill on the first turn. 1 needed for Haichi (Katana.)
--Large petal, colored a venomous violet.
Description: It has grown fat from the humans it has eaten, and its electric branches have an unbreakable grip.
Weakness: Fire (150%)
Resistance: Physical (75%), Volt (0%). Immune to Instant Death.

Wrathbuds are one of the strongest monsters in this Stratum, and they can be pretty scary. Unload is an AOE Volt attack that hits for a lot of damage, and Vine is a single target attack that deals a ton of damage and has a high chance to instantly kill the target. They're pretty strong, and they can cause a party wipe if you're careless. There's one main difference between them and the Raflesia.

Unlike the Raflesia, your party will likely have to tools needed to deal with a Wrathbud. They're normally floor 19 enemies. Oh, and the kill on the first turn conditional only counts if you kill them on the turn they're summoned, which is gonna be hard to pull off unless you have a slow party.

Here's this floor's Chop Point.

Common: Arc Branch - 3 needed for Seven Whip. 5 needed for Arbalest (Bow.) 3 needed for the quest In the cold, white night.
-Arched branch that can be used as a bow.
Uncommon: Scent Wood - 5 needed for Purple Rod.
-Cherry blossom bark that smells like its flowers.
Rare: Bloom Wood - 2 needed for the quest In the cold, white night.
-Aromatic wood used in high-quality tools.

: What is that!?

: Oh god. I was hoping I would never see those things again.

This event only happens if you're playing on a password game. It's the final effect the password has on the game. For the record, this event triggered by just stepping on the tile, not checking it.

Even for Firefly, who has been through Etria, it is like something from a nightmare! But this is no dream... You must act quickly! You can flee from the nightmare or stand your ground and face it head on.

Oh, we're fighting this thing. It can't be that strong.

Unbinding your weapons, you each prepare to face the nightmare and vanquish it!

PC-88 Version



If none of your party members can move, you get this message.

PC-88 Version

Petaloids are a floor 20 enemy. Thanks Atlus.

PC-88 Version

So let's just run away this time and ignore this event.

The camera rotates here.

PC-88 Version