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Part 105: Onward to Agony

Onward to Agony

PC-88 Version

: Are you sure those guys can handle Dragon? I mean, they haven't been in the Labyrinth as often as we have.

: I'm sure they'll be fine. They've got Aegis with them. Hmm, aha! Found an opening!

Here's an exit to the stairs that I won't take just yet.

Meh. The best defense is a good offense.

Another Hexgourd spawn point.

More money is kind of nice since keeping all 12 member's equipment up to date can be costly. I went back down to the 27th floor and explored a bit more of it.

A Riptor patrols the left side of the map.

Here's the other Take Point. I went back and sold stuff to unlock new gear.

We're going back to the passageway I skipped.

Okay, now this Mine point is a bit special. See, the item points on the 28th and 29th floors make it so that you have a 10% chance to be ambushed. But this one has a 40% ambush chance. Also, there's a Hexgourd spawn point nearby. So if you get ambushed, you have one turn to end the fight. Otherwise you'll get boxed in unless you have a Warp Wire. So don't gather from this Mine point.

Slowly but surely, we're filling that map in.

Another Riptor patrols this area.

And there's another one in the middle.

Yeah, this is barely gonna help with all the damage tiles that are on this floor.

: Why do I get the feeling that the Labyrinth is mocking us?

: It probably is.

This one isn't a Riptor. It's an Asterios waiting to ambush us. Once again, my inventory filled up, so I had to go back and sell everything I had.

The Dragon Axe is actually the Landsknecht's ultimate axe. Although it doesn’t provide an extra increase to attack, and the Landsknecht's Force Skill lacks utility. So it's up to you whether you want to use this or the Ygg Axe, since most axes have a 0.1 speed modifier anyways.

Okay, now back to the Labyrinth.

The aroma of the unknown flowers that fill the clearing gets stronger and stronger... You may rest here and enjoy their scent, or walk away.

In all honesty, whenever a choice like this comes up in any EO game, you should always say yes. If something bad happens, most of the time you'll be able to handle it unless your party is low on health. And there's a chance that something good can happen.

: You know, I really could use a break after stepping in so many thorns. Seriously, I'm leaving puddles of blood everywhere.

: We all are.

You decide to take a brief rest in the garden of sweet-smelling flowers. The warm aroma relaxes our whole body, easing the tension caused by your journey. ......As a result of your temporary respite, your wounds have healed!

: Okay, that's enough for now. Break time is over. Come on.

: Aww, I wanted to rest some more.

: You can do that when we get back to High Lagaard. Again.

Grudgingly, you end your long rest and pick up your belongings to resume your journey.

Here's the Riptor's patrol path for this area.

The other Asterios on this floor.

: Now I know the Labyrinth is mocking us.

Here's the last Riptor's patrol path.

And a teleporter back to the entrance. Wait a minute.

: So uh, what was the point of exploring this floor?

: I think it's safe to say that we've accomplished absolutely nothing.


So yeah, that big central area I just went through? You don't have to explore any inch of it. It's completely optional. I don't know why the floor was designed that way other than to pad out the game.

: Well, it looks like we're missing something in the top right corner. Maybe we should check that out?

: Yeah, we're still missing a chunk of the 28th floor too.

But before we do that, more gear unlocks!

The Holy Band is the Beast's ultimate armor. Unfortunately, that huge amount of defense will never come into play if you have Loyalty maxed out, due to how that skill works.

: Clever girl...

Unfortunately, this happened on the way back to the top right corner.

: I dunno why I'm still going with you guys when this happens all the time.

The exit we want to take. Also there's a Hexgourd spawn point here.

And the way out if needed.

One last Riptor patrols this area.

: See? Told you there was something up here!

Now unlike the rest of the floor, there's actually something you need to do here.

Which is not taking this teleporter. That'll just take you to that little indent you see on the map, and you'll havve to walk all the way back here.

This is where we need to go.

: I don't know if touching things willy nilly is a wise course of action.

The slightest lapse in judgment can lead to death here, as you are aware. You decide to let the pedestal be and proceed with your journey.

: But we don't know how to get to the 29th floor. So let's just do it.

A flash of white.

After clearing away some of the roots, you touch the pedestal. A mysterious light emanates from the pedestal, causing all the roots to wither and die! The light eventually fades along with the roots that formerly covered the pedestal. But nothing else seems to have happened. You leave the area in bewilderment...

: Cool! Uh, is that it?

If you try to check the pedestal again...

You seem to be wasting your time here... Sadly, you take your leave of the area.

: Any idea what that just did?

: Roots... Roots... Aha! Didn't we see a door covered in vines earlier? Maybe this just killed those plants too!

: It's worth a shot, and I have no idea what else we can do here.

And we're completely done with the 27th floor. Yeah, this little side area in the top right corner was the only place you needed to go to.

There is an exit from this part of the floor, so you don't have to take the teleporter.

: Much better.

And from here, we can go back to the central area.

: Ha! I was right!

The door no longer bars your path, Open it and proceed into new territory!

: Finally! That took a while.

Now we can go to the 29th floor, but we're not done with this floor yet. You may notice a few bits missing from the map. Unfortunately, those we can't reach those parts yet unless we're on a certain quest first.

PC-88 Version

By the way, this is the last time this track plays, so give it a listen if you haven't.

: Firefly! There is a crisis at hand!

: Huh? What's going on?

: Do you remember how I told you of the End-Bringer? Once the sword's seal was removed, it began to act! Monsters from the Forbidden Wood are now descending through Yggdrasil's Strata. Our sacred ground was also attacked. We were able to fight them off, but... I fear that the rest of the monsters are headed directly for your city. You must return swiftly, Firefly! The monsters have almost reached Lagaard!

: WHAT!?

: Shit! Not good!

: Get the Warp Wire! Now!

If the chief speaks the truth, then the whole city is in mortal danger! You must head to the forest near the Labyrinth entrance and investigate at once!

Canaan will block your way (and keep saying the exact same thing) until you investigate the first floor. So yeah, by trying to kill the End-Bringer and protect Lagaard, they actually put Lagaard in danger, and possibly the rest of the world. Basically, the party screwed up big time.

PC-88 Version

: N-Nooo! H-H-Help meee!

Despite his desperate haste, you manage to stop him long enough to ask what happened.

: Calm down! What's wrong?

: M-Monsters! They're nothing like the regular kind! Let me go, I'm begging you...!

The moment you loosen your grasp, he wriggles free and runs like the wind for the exit. There can be no doubt that the monsters on this floor now are overwhelming the guards! The warning you received on the 29th floor was not in jest! You must ready your weapons and prepare to face these dreadful beasts from on high!

So we've got a couple of FOEs to take down.

PC-88 Version

HP: 1652
AT: 56
DF: 50
Skills: Binding, Thorn
Item Drops: N/A
Description: This plant feeds on animal flesh to provide nutrients for its turnip buds. Stay far away.
Weakness: Fire (150%)
Resistance: N/A

It's just a stronger version of a monster from the 2nd Stratum. It's also a one time FOE, and can never be fought again after this event. Kill and move on.

They're really not a threat. Let's just skip to what happens after all of them are dead.

PC-88 Version

The ground shakes as the creature falls to the ground, and silence reigns once more. A second attack of this sort, you grimly realize, would overwhelm the guards... You must hurry to the forest of the gods and settle this matter!

: If more of these monsters come, I don't think anyone will be able to hold them off!

: So what are we gonna do?

: I think we better keep exploring the 6th Stratum.

: Really!? After what just happened?

: Do you have any other ideas!? It's the only thing we can do at this point.

Our cue to go back to the 29th floor. But first, new town dialogue!

PC-88 Version

: Judging by your faces, I'd say you've done something terrible.

: Um...

: But I won't press the issue. I know you require a certain amount of discretion. Even if the way ahead is murky, you will forge a path... That's what you've taught me. You are High Lagaard's saviors, not its destroyers. Whatever the matter is, don't worry and press onward. Do what must be done.

PC-88 Version

: There seems to be something on your mind. What's wrong?

: So uh, do you need anything from us? You usually want us to do something for you.

: Ah... I haven't asked you any favors lately because there's nothing left to do. No need to look so confused. Your problems will resolve themselves in time. No matter how hard an obstacle may seem, I have faith that you can overcome it. That's all I can say. When your business here is finished, please leave.

PC-88 Version

: Y-Yeah... We reached the 29th floor.

: Damn... it goes up that high, eh? I wonder how that Yggdrasil thing got there. I hear rumors here and there, but I can't tell which of them are true anymore. I don't even know what this new Stratum looks like! I lose sleep thinking about it!

: So... what do you think about it?

: Eh? What do I think about the new Stratum!? How would I know!? That's why I'm asking yeh! Damn yeh for messing with my head like that! C'mon! Just tell me a little bit! The tiniest moresel of information! Please...!

: Eh, maybe later. There's something we gotta do first.

: Hmm!?

: Hee hee... surprised? I was out shopping with my father, and the clerk talked just like that. She looked so nice, I thought maybe I should give it a try! When I tried it on my father, he was so surprised that he didn't know what to say. I guess it's just not like me to be so formal. Right? I just wanted to try it out on you, though, to see how you'd react! Hee hee... You looked so awkward! Well, call me when you're ready to check out.

PC-88 Verison

: You keep going higher and higher... Are you feeling okay? I heard that the monsters up there are much stronger. Proceed with caution, okay? Just in case, we have a bed and a supply of medicine constantly on hand for you.

: So who would be taking care of us in the event we get severely injured?

: The attending physician? Haha... That would be me, of course! As long as you come back alive, I'll do what I can to get you back into fighting shape! As long as it's in the realm of the medically possible... But I'd rather leave those beds empty, so take care of yourselves! Haha!

: I heard that you've made it all the way up to the 29th floor. Only a few feet from heaven! What are you planning to do once you reach the top? You won't leave Lagaard, will you?

: I haven't decided yet.

: If you get tired of exploring, we'd love to have you stay here and help out. Room and board would be on the house! I know my daughter would love for you to stay. Well, just think about it. You're practically family to us, you know!

Well, time to see what awaits us on the 29th floor.

PC-88 Version