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Part 106: Wyrm: The Great Dragon

Wyrm: The Great Dragon

PC-88 Version

Technically I could have done this quest after accepting The Volt King's Rampage, but I wanted to save it for later. Which is now.

: Um, why did you give this note to us?

: Couldn't you have just stuck it on the wall like all the other quests?

: This one's not so much a quest, and more like a call from the Grand Duchy. I couldn't put it on the board! But I can't complain... I got my finder's fee already. Yeh lot are practically part of the forest these days, with all the time yeh spend there. Yeh have to spend some time in civilization, or yeh'll end up having high tea with apes! Haw haw haw! Go on, get to the Duke's Palace and take care of things!

PC-88 Version

: Though in truth, this task did not originate with us. We have a guest you are well-acquainted with. I'm sure you have a great deal to discuss. However, it is prohibited to discuss matters of importance without a Minister present. But I do believe I'll go grab a book. And it may take me quite a while to choose one... If your conversation will be prolonged, I may need to weigh the merits of two books...! Now remember. While I'm gone, no confidential discussion, understood? Ohohoho...

: Oh, we got ya.

: May he be blessed by Father Ish and Mother Ishsha. I have mixed tidings for you. This morning, I had a dream about the God's Key you carry. In it, I heard: "Follow the destiny of kings... The brutal fiends shall light your way... Shock the God's Key to life, freeze its form solid, and it will appear from the flames." We consider dreams sacred. Use this information as you see fit. And now, for the bad news... The demons flowing from the forest of the gods are beyond our power to contain. Eventually, they will rampage through Yggdrasil and invade your city.

: Uhhhh, isn't there anything we can do!?

: If the God's Key woke them from their slumber, perhaps it would work in reverse as well. The future is uncertain, and no one knows what may come of suppressing the demons. But it's worth trying... Wouldn't you say?

: I don't see any other options.

: If it is Isa's will that we perish, then we must go to our deaths bravely. Since meeting you, I have come to realize that opposing is as important as accepting. Firefly! Together, let us prevent the demons from conquering our lands!

And that's Canaan's last appearance in this game. A pretty cool guy, all things considered.

: Well, I won't ask you to rehash the whole thing for my sake. Do what needs doing. Whatever that may be... I trust you are acting in this nation's best interests. After all, you healed our Duke, and brought life to this land. I have faith in you. Good luck, Guild Firefly!

: So, any idea what his dream meant?

: Shock the key and then freeze it solid... I think I do have an idea. Come on.

By the way, bring a Warp Stone for this.

I recommend starting from the 4th Stratum.

PC-88 Version

The Red Sword is enveloped in a pale green light! You think back to the words of the chief of the winged ones, at the Duke's Palace... "Follow the destiny of kings... The brutal fiends shall light your way... Shock the God's Key to life, freeze its form solid, and it will appear from the flames." If this sword is the "God's Key," these may be directions on how to awaken it!

: Oh my.

: What are we supposed to do with this again?

: Well, we need to shock it to life. Now, here's a question for you all. Where can we find electricity in this Stratum?

: Uh, the penguins?

: Think bigger. More... brutal and fiendish.

: Oh! I got it! The Dragon, right? Wait, did the other guys take him down?

: Bingo. And yes. I got a report from them saying they did. Let's go.

Oh, and because the programmers were bad at their job, this is one of those quests that lag every time you make a step.

Bluish-white lightning sparks within the cloud as it envelops you... It continues to swirl, then flies into your backpack as if sucked in by something. To your amazement, when you open the pack, the Red Sword's glow has turned golden! Is there some connection between the lightning cloud and the Red Sword...?

: Huh, just as I thought.

: I suppose we should head to Drake's lair, then?

: Know of any other brutal fiends that can freeze things? Come on.

Now, if you leave the Labyrinth at any point, the sword loses its power, and you have to start the process all over again. This is why I said to bring a Warp Stone, and to start from the 4th Stratum. So you can cut down on your travel time.

PC-88 Version

The chilled air turns to flakes of snow, eventually becoming a blizzard! The howling winds whirl around you, then fly into your pack as if sucked in by something. Astonishingly, you open the pack to see the Red Sword's glow has turned bluish-white! Is there some connection between the blizzard and the Red Sword...?

: So. Now what?

: Well, uh... Huh?

You remember the suspicious feeling from your pack, and throw it on the ground! The pack is veiled in a flash of bright light, which quickly recedes. You cautiously open the pack... The Red Sword has miraculously changed its form! It has regained the power and majestic glow that you once saw on the 27th floor! You have successfully interpreted the chief's dream! The quest is complete! Report your success at the bar when you return to Lagaard.

: Huh, now that looks like the sword we saw in that circle thingy way up there.

: So what, do we kill the End-Bringer with this thing or something?

: It's our only option at this point.

PC-88 Version

: All done with the quest? I don't know where yeh've been, but I'm glad yeh're back safe. I asked the Grand Duchy where yeh lot went, but he told me to forget about it! I don't have any clue whether yeh'd even done the job. So I had to sit here and wait... But I can see from yer faces that yeh did whatever job yeh were given.

: Wait, how can you tell?

: Eh? Are yeh kidding? I'm a bartender! My sixth sense is to know when a quest is done! By the way, they told me to hold onto the sword yeh brought back. Is that the one?

: Um, yes. Here you go? Why would they want this?

: So this is it, eh...? I don't see much value in it, but it be important to someone. Anyways, I'll see that the Grand Duchy gets it. The job's done, then! Time for the best part--yer reward! Good job!

Now these quests show up once you reach the 29th floor. This one only appears after you complete Premonition of battle. I'm not a fan of this quest. You'll see why in a moment.

: Hey, could yeh lot take a look at that quest for me?

: Ugh, really?

: Oh, don't pull that face. It's an easy, clean job. Yeh remember when you settled that business on the 25tn floor with the flashing orb? Yeh told me yeh saw something in the bushes on the east side of the 28th floor... Well, the Grand Duchy sent an alchemist there, and he says he found a pathway. I don't know what lies down it, but the Grand Duchy wants to send a survivalist out there. Obviously, they need a strong one, what with it being on the 28th friggin' floor. So will yeh cooperate with them? Don't worry, yeh'll get yer reward like always!

You need a Survivalist for the quest, but not just any Survivalist. One that's a high enough level. How high?

Yeah. Oh, you weren't using a Survivalist in your party? Screw you, grind one up so you can turn this quest in! I was pretty ticked off when I found out what I had to do in my first playthrough. Fortunately, I've done the whole rotating party thing, so Pauline is overqualified for the quest. And yes, this is why I told you to start grinding one up.

The Grand Duchy seeks a survivalist to investigate the 28th floor's secret path... The survivalist currently in your party would be perfect for their needs! Return to the bar once you have a spare moment.

: Well, that were quick. So this is the one yeh're sending to investigate up there? Yeah.. Looks to me like yeh've seen yer share of combat.

: Ready for duty! So, what do you need me for?

: I can't believe yeh're the same whelps I met all those months ago! Ah, well... Come with me. The rest of yeh can sit back and relax till we're done.

Cass leaves and comes back.

: Until yer one is done, why not help me out with a few things? Business has been a mite slow, as yeh can see, so I need yeh lot to scare up some patrons.

: Okay, I'm outta here!

: Oi, don't run away! Yeh help me out or I'll lose this bar, and yeh wouldn't want that!

: Uhhh...

: How hard could it be? Yeh're famous! Just go out and endorse my hooch! I'm counting on yeh! Haw haw!

Fade to black.

: Holy crap...

: I just heard that the other survivalists that went past those bushes were wiped out. Every other guild lost their woodsman, no matter how strong they were. S'posedly, the only ones who survived were the ones that helped plan the operation. Anyways, I'm glad yer one was one of the survivors. The job's basically over. I wonder if they'll try it on a larger scale... If they do, I'll make sure yeh're the first to hear of it, so be ready! Here's the reward. Thanks!

: Mind if I asked what the hell happened out there?

: I... I don't know. All I know is that something killed nearly everybody that went there. You all should just away from that place. Oh god...

: Uhh... What's got her shaken up?

: So, what's going on, Cass?

: Ah, yeh came at the right time! Yeh remember the last quest!?

: Which one was that one again? My memory is going.

: Yeh brought back that sword... But it's disappeared!

: WHAT!? Weren't you supposed to give it to the Grand Duchy!?

: Oi, don't blame me! I gave it to the Grand Duchy! Thing is, they never posted a request. I've no idea what's going on. I gave it to them, but they didn't get it, Awkward, eh? Go to the Duke's Palace and see what yeh can make of it, will yeh? Thanks!

PC-88 Version

: Do you know where the sword is?

: What...!? Then you don't know either... How peculiar... Do you remember our visitor from the previous quest?

: Yeah, he asked us to do something for him.

: Precisely. Did you give the sword you found to Mr. Cass?

: I can't quite remember.

: This is not the time for jests, Firefly! The sword you found has vanished! Please rethink what happened that day... Did you, or did you not, hand over the sword?

: Yeah, we did. He said you guys wanted it.

: Mm... then he spoke the truth. What is going on? Mr. Cass said he took the sword from you because the Grand Duchy ordered him to. But I can assure you, we gave no such order. As I said, I have full faith in you, and I will never order you to do anything. And the Grand Duchy has long held that all items in the Labyrinth belong to the finder. Someone must have posed as one of our representatives and intercepted the sword... I fear this bodes ill. I'm sorry for the trouble... I'll send the guard corps to investigate. If anything comes to mind, please investigate and report to us at once. Let us hope that between us, we can solve this mystery.

PC-88 Version

: They didn't ask you to give them the sword.

: Eh? There was no such order? Huh... odd, that. Just after yeh left, someone from the explorers guild told me to hang onto it. I completely lost track of it in all the shuffle. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again. Would yeh mind going around town to ask about it? Thanks!


PC-88 Version

: What are you doing here, Abigail?

: I-I'm not managing the Guild or anything... Sorry if I confused you! I came here to deliver the repaired equipment, but the guildmaster was just leaving... She seemed strange, so I asked where she was going. She said, "I'm going to the forest"... Sh-She told me not to tell anyone... but now I'm worried!

: Ohhh... Why didn't I mention this to the guards as soon as she was gone? I-I'm sorry... Why am I such a klutz!? I'm so, so sorry!

: Calm down. Can you remember any other details?

: Huh? Was there anything else? Hmmm... Actually, she had this really cool sword. It was glowing like it was on fire! I've seen a lot of weapons and armor while helping my dad out with his job... But I've never seen anything like that! I'm sure I would have remembered! Oh, and also... She said, "I'm going to the Vermillion King's resting place to put my past behind me." But I have no idea what that means...

You can still talk to Abigail while you're here.

: I'm sorry I can't help, but I'll cheer you on and wish you luck!

: So we lost the only thing that can save Lagaard, and the Guildmaster is probably dead. Great.

: Maybe not. If she went out recently, we still have a chance.

At this point, just head back to the spot where you found the Red Plate in an earlier quest.

PC-88 Version

: THAT'S Wyrm.

: Oh, okay.

You can hear the sounds of battle between two shadows in the center of the room. One is human-shaped, and the other is the form of an enormous red dragon! Everything about it frightens you to the marrow... Its blood-red scales, the jagged teeth along its massive jaws, the cold stare in its eyes... To say nothing of the trunk-like thorns in its tail and its furnace-hot breath! For its part, the human lightly dodges its assault while swinging its sword to and fro! It must be the guildmaster from High Lagaard, whom you have come to know well. The sword she wields, for some reason, is the God Sword you retrieved from the Labyrinth. Suddenly, a single mighty swing from the dragon knocks her to her feet! You instinctively draw your weapons and run to protect the immobilized warrior!

: Hey big, red, and ugly! Over here! PBBBBT!

With her remaining strength, she looks your way and speaks...

: Firefly... I'm sorry... Please... let me defeat it...!

: There's no way you can handle that thing on your own, especially in your condition.

The red dragon gives an ear-splitting roar from behind you! In an instant, the God Sword shatters in the guildmaster's hands!

: Oh crap.

: Yeah, that's not good.

: No...! I thought this sword could withstand flame! I... thought I had a chance...!

Drained of hope. The guild-master stares at the red dragon, dumbfounded. Your options are few... If you retreat now, you may never again see the guildmaster alive! Wipe the sweat from your palms and grip your weapon tight to face the overwhelming fiend!

Oh this poor dragon does not know what he's about to be in for.

Video: Wyrm

I recommend watching the video if you want to see the upcoming dunking in motion.

PC-88 Version

HP: 12000
STR: 92
TEC: 92
VIT: 100
AGI: 90
LUC: 70
Exp: 0
Item Drops:
-Common: Fire Scale - Unlocks Dragonbane and Fire Orb. Limited stock.
--Uniquely sharp scale of the magnificent Wyrm.
-Rare: N/A
-Conditional: Fire Fang - Kill with Fire. Unlocks Dragoonery. Limited stock.
--Wyrm fang that burns all nearby.
Description: An ancient, legendary red dragon. Even veteran explorers should be prepared to face death.
Weakness: Ice (??%)
Resistance: Fire (0%)


Searing: Uses the head. Deals a severe amount of Fire damage to the party.
Howling: Uses the head. Lowers the party's attack and has a high chance to inflict Confusion.
Quake: Uses the legs. Deals a heavy amount of Bash damage to the party. Has a high chance to inflict leg bind.
Assault: Uses the arms. Deals a severe amount of Cut damage to the party. Has a high chance to inflict Paralysis.
Beat: Uses the legs. Randomly hits the party with very hard hitting Stab attacks that hit from 2 to 6 times. Has a high chance to stun.
Strike: Uses the head. Raises Wyrm's attack.

Like Dragon, Wyrm no longer uses the boss theme as his music in this game. It's Scatter About like all the other dragons. Anyways, Wyrm's difficulty tends to very from game to game. In this game he's absolutely horrible to deal with. A lot of his moves inflict ailments that are absolutely debilitating to be hit by, and his moves all hit very very hard. Like even at 70, they're all one shot territory. Unlike Dragon, he raises his attack whenever he wants. So a buff eraser is absolutely important unless you want Wyrm to kill you horribly. In the first game, a Troubadour was REQUIRED to beat the fight because of Howling. A coding quirk made it so that it only inflicted confusion if it actually debuffed your attack, instead of say just dispelling an attack up buff. That strategy no longer works here, the confusion component is no longer tied to the debuff. A Troubadour can still help since Health can deal with his ailments, but not his leg binds. Oh, and he still has his breath attack on top of that. Although unlike Dragon and Drake, he's much more likely to stick to his pattern of casting it every 5n+1 turns.

I'm telling you all this now because you're not gonna see Wyrm get to do any of this.

Standard opening tactics.


Ah sweet power. How I've missed you.

: Don't worry! We got this! Say, how's she doing anyways?

: She's just unconscious. Don't worry about her.

: Oh, I've always wanted to do that!

: Heh heh heh...

: Bedtime, Wyrm!

It is now time to start the dunkage.

And setting up for the conditional drop.

: You and I are gonna have a LOT of fun together!

: Why must you do this? Why?

: Ahhhh...


: I'm really glad that the Guildmaster isn't awake to see this.

: AHAHAHAHA! I never get tired of that!

: Have another!

: And another!


: Heh heh heh. So long...

Oh you poor sweet innocent dragon.

I'm having Ken switch to Orochi since I don't want to kill it with another element by accident.

And I have Fedot is switch over to Fireshot as well.

: So does the big ol' dragon want another? I'll be happy to oblige!

: Did you really have to do that again!?

: Once is never enough!

: I actually feel sorry for the poor thing.

: I believe what you're doing is considered animal cruelty. And also a disgusting violation of nature.

A reminder that Force Skills are completely and utterly broken.

Not enough to take it down, but it should be close.

Oh wow, it's still fully bound? Ahahaha, as tempting as it would be to finish it off with Ecstasy, there's a conditional drop to be had.

: Oh, so he wants me to do it a third time? Okay...

: Do it again! Do it again!

: Ken! Put him out of his misery before Nick gets to him!

: Got it, boss!

: Wait, what? No! Stop!

: NOOOOOOO! Nooooooo... Damn you!

: Too slow, Nick!

: Party poopers.

: My thanks for sparing our eyes from another atrocity.

PC-88 Version

Wyrm has been thoroughly and utterly DUNKED.

PC-88 Version

Its legs eventually buckle, and it crashes to the ground, felling the surrounding trees!

: Ugh... Am I saved...?

You shake the guildmaster awake, until it is clear that she is safe and sound. Suddenly, a bright light shines from your backpack! It's emanating from your proof of friendship with the winged ones... the Tree Bud! The bud slowly rises in the air, and begins to change form! Its roots stretch and its flowers blossom until it takes the shape of a sword. As if choosing its owner, it slowly falls back to the earth in your hands...

Fade to black.

: I apologize for taking your sword without permission.

You hastily reassure the guildmaster, but she remains adamant.

: What matters is that you're safe.

: As I said, that dragon took all my comrades. It was my reason for remaining here... Take your sword. I will return to town, report to the Grand Duchy, and resign my post.

She solemnly hands you the sword and begins the long trek back to Lagaard. You wrack your brains for some way to convince her not to quit her post and leave town!

Odd time for that prompt to come up.

If you say nothing, she will resign her position and leave Lagaard forever! You must stop her at all costs!

: Thanks for stealing our sword and breaking it! Get out of here!


: ...Sorry.

She stops, and turns around... Your words seem to have acted as a slap in her face.

: You must hate me so... I can understand. I am sorry. I wish you luck in the future.

If you don't stop her, she will resign her position and leave Lagaard forever!

: Well, we saved your life. Are you really gonna leave when you owe us?

Hearing this, she spins to face you with a surprised expression.

: I owe you...? Then I suppose you'll expect repayment at some point, mmm? Heh heh heh... An interesting gambit. ...Very well. I promise not to leave town until my debt to you is repaid.

The guildmaster smiles bitterly and sighs, hanging her head.

: I'll shoulder any dishonor I caused until I can return the favor and leave town.

Congratulations! You convinced the guildmaster to stay at her post in Lagaard!

Your quest is finally complete! Report to the bar when you return to Lagaard!

: Well, I guess that solves the broken God's Key problem.

: Do you want to wield this? You are our leader after all.

: Uh, no thanks. I don't really use swords. You can keep it. Just be careful not to lose that thing.

A nice boost to attack, but it lacks the Force Up attribute the Dragvandil had. Also has a 0.1 speed modifier. So yeah, equipping this on my War Magus, who's strength is fast healing, is a bad idea.

PC-88 Version

: Ahhh, Firefly! Welcome back! I'm sure yeh have everything in hand. I hardly even need to ask how it all went!

: One thing I don't get. How did the Guildmaster even take the sword? I dunno if she had time to disguise herself or something.

: ...Oh, fine! To tell the truth, it was my fault. That sword yeh gave me... I left it here the whole time! I hope yeh can forgive me...

: So she just walked in here and took it when you weren't here?

: Well everything turned out fine in the end, so I can't be too mad.

: I knew yeh were an open-minded sort! I completely forgot to give the sword over to the Grand Duchy. It were an honest mistake... If they found out, I'd face a fat punishment. Everyone's gotta have a secret or two, eh? Thanks, Firefly! I really appreciate all yeh've done!

Ah, a textbox I haven't seen in a long while. Although that's not the last quest. We'll get that when we reach floor 30.

The Fire Fang unlocks the Dragoonery, which is the Gunner's ultimate armor. I buy this immediately for Fedot.

Now the Fire Scale on the other hand...

Well, like the other scales, it unlocks an elemental Orb. But there's a tradition in every EO game, where if you sell all the elemental scales to the shop...

You unlock this baby.

The Fire Orb provides 100% resistance to Fire attacks, effectively making that character immune to them. Too situational, and both the elemental orbs and the Dragonbane are limited in stock. You don't want to buy any of the orbs, because it means you have to hunt down that scale again in order to buy the Dragonbane. As for why you would want it?

Behold! The true ultimate sword! And look at that insane stat boost! LOOK AT IT! In every game, selling all the dragon's scales unlocks this weapon. (Although it was known as the Shinyruu Sword in EO1. But the less said about that thing, the better. ) In every EO game, it's either the best or second best sword in the game. The secondary stats it provides makes it a MUCH better sword than the Ygg Sword. The damage output is much higher since boosts to STR are infinitely better than boosts to attack. But it lacks the Force Up attribute the Dragvandil has, so I don't exactly recommend buying this for your Protector. The same applies if you're using a sword Dark Hunter, since the Force Up attribute is much more useful. Although it depends on how much you're willing to rely on Axcelas. I buy this for Frederik since I don't care about his Force Skill at all, and the stats are very nice to have on a support class.

And next time, the 29th floor.