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by Dr. Fetus

Part 92: Overlord


Video: Overlord

: I'll give that Overlord a lesson in proper interior decorating!

: Overlord! I have something I want to say to you about the appearance of your floating castle!

: What? Wait a minute, you're one of the people that insulted my taste in interior design!

: Yes! And I've come to fix that! I've made this painting to show you on how you can make this place look better and much less eye-searing.

: Hmm. An interesting look. But I cannot do such a thing, as that would waste around 6 to 7 years of my valuable time.

: What? Unacceptable! You've been in this floating castle for who knows how long!

: My research is far more important for me to waste my time redecorating this place. Leave!


PC-88 Version

HP: 5000
STR: 70
TEC: 70
VIT: 70
AGI: 70
LUC: 56
Exp: 0
Item Drops: N/A
Description: Known as the Heavenly Majesty and the Overlord both, he has cast off his human form.
Weakness: N/A
Resistance: N/A


VOID1: Cannot be disabled. Deals heavy untyped damage to the whole party.
VOID2: Cannot be disabled. Deals severe untyped damage to the whole party.
LRDA: Uses the head. Attempts to inflict Curse, Confusion, and Terror on the party.
AACV: Uses the Arms. Counters elemental attacks for a severe amount of damage.
MACV: Uses the Arms. Counters physical attacks for a severe amount of damage.
REPAIR: Uses the head. Recovers 431 HP.

Overlord follows an attack pattern during this fight. When his HP is above 50%, he follows this pattern.

Turn 1: LRDA
Turn 2: MACV
Turn 3: REPAIR
Turn 4: AACV
Turn 5: VOID1

And then it loops. When his HP is below 50%, he'll switch to this pattern.

Turn 1: LRDA
Turn 2: VOID2
Turn 3: MACV
Turn 4: REPAIR
Turn 5: AACV

Overall, it's a very simple fight. Something to keep in mind is that untyped damage skills like Megido can't trigger either of his counters.

First things first, I need to power up Bellamy so he can actually kill Overlord in time.

: Oh come now, your research can't be that important. I mean, think about how much nicer this place can look.

: My research concerns all of mankind! Did you not listen to everything I've said as you climbed this castle?

Now if I don't use this item, Bellamy will get Cursed later in the battle, and end up killing himself.

And Bellamy will spam Megido for the rest of the fight.

: To be honest, not really. Most of what you said sounded like pure and utter nonsense to me.

: How dare you insult the fruits of my labor!

: I'll make you an offer. In return for being one of my test subjects, I'll grant you immortality. And I won't kill you right here and now.

: I'm not interested.

: You won't have a choice after I'm done with you.

Bellamy won't be able to survive a VOID2, so I need to finish the fight before that happens.

: My offer still stands.

If I didn't use the Antivenin, Bellamy would have gotten cursed right here.

: I decline.

PC-88 Version

: No, I won't let you take the Holy Grail! I need it for my research!

: What? Oh, right. That. I'm not really here for that. More to teach you a lesson on proper design.

: Are you still going on- wait... If I promise to redecorate the Heavenly Keep, will you leave?

: Hmm, a very tempting offer... Yes! Anything to make this place easier on the eyes.

: Very well. Then I shall get to work.

: Excellent! I shall be off!

You heed the Overlord's request and abandon the Holy Grail in favor of returning to town.

: That was easier than I expected.

PC-88 Version

Welp, that's the end of the game. Thanks for reading!