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Part 62: Scylla: The Ice Princess

Scylla: The Ice Princess

This is the team we'll be taking for this fight. Some notes from GeneralYeti on Scylla.

GeneralYeti posted:

Scylla is a monster from Greek mythology - specifically, Homer's Odyssey. Odysseus had to sail between a strait (now associated with the Strait of Messina between Italy and Sicily) to get to wherever he needed to go, and Scylla guarded it. She is a monstrous creature with four eyes and six dog-like heads extending from her waist. She also has twelve tentacles for legs and a cat's tail. Yeah, I don't really know, the Greeks were weird.

'Caught between Scylla and Charybdis' is a saying that actually comes from the Odyssey; Charybdis, a sea monster that was later somewhat changed to a whirlpool, and Scylla guarded that strait, killing anyone who tried to sail through. Odysseus was told to sail near Scylla; she would eat his sailors, but Charybdis would pull his entire craft down and smash it to bits. The saying is essentially 'having to choose between two shitty choices' where both options are bad; it's not unlike 'between a rock and a hard place', except for the fact that the second one means more 'damned if you do, damned if you don't'.

Scylla's origin varies depending on the teller; some have her as the offspring between two primordial sea gods, while other have her as the child of Triton and Lamia. The one that I heard first, though, is that Scylla was originally just a regular woman at first (ignoring the fact that she was the daughter of a river god, but details) that caught the eye of Glaucus, a sea god that used to be mortal. She fled from him - he smelled like seaweed, what else did you expect? - and he went to Circe for a love potion. Circe fell in love with the guy herself, and - being a bitch - she went to the pool where Scylla was bathing and poured a vial of poison in it, transforming Scylla into her monstrous form.

For some weird reason, Greek mythology has a lot of 'I'm in love with a guy who's in love with someone else, so I'm going to murder that other person' in it. I guess they really hated love triangles or something.

Video: Scylla

PC-88 Version

Scylla's not hard to get to. She's in the middle of this ice lake.

: What is THAT?

: It must be the girl they were talking about earlier. The one who was turned into this Ice Princess.

: Guys, promise me something. If I die, don't leave my body in here.

: Yeah you know what, can you do the same for me too?

: And me.

: Now that we have that settled, let's exterminate this demon.

Ken's job is to deal damage with Midareba.

Frederik will buff Ken and Bellamy's attack power.

Bellamy will zap Scylla.

Gilbert will prevent our party from being disabled, and then buff our party's attack.

Aliara will weaken Scylla with Dampen so that Ken can deal more damage. Now let's get on with the fight.

PC-88 Version

At this point, I'm just setting up and dishing out what damage I can.

: Crush her like a bug!

: Drink, and be merry, for tomorrow, we die.

Yeah, this is how much damage our physical damage dealers would be doing.

: Ugh, I feel like I'm not doing much.

: This is gonna be a long fight.

: That's what you think.

: Don't try to steal my audience from me. I'm afraid they like my singing better.

: Now that you don't sound like nails on a chalkboard, yeah.

Health is a really strong song. Lullaby normally has a high affliction rate.



: You're doomed!

: Be strong everyone!

Now that's good damage.

: Wow, I didn't think that would actually work.


: Thunderous applause!


: Thank you. Thank you.

PC-88 Version

I was staring at my screen for a few seconds when I realized that I ended up killing Scylla in 2 turns. This is a fight that's supposed to take a long while and kind of a tough one to get through. Normally it lasts 10 to 15 turns, and that victory has to be wrestled from her and it might take several tries. So much for being a brick wall.

: I can't believe we took her out that quickly.

: What did you expect? She was no match for my powers. But then, who is?

Now we're completely done with the 15th floor.

: I wonder what the next Stratum looks like.

: I have an idea of what to expect.

PC-88 Version

We're on top of the Yggdrasil Tree now. The floating castle is only one Stratum away. We're going through unexplored territory at this point.

: Whoa.

: It's so pretty!

: Ah, the beauty of spring!

: Guys, look over here! We're floating in the sky!

: How is this possible?

: Oh my. Floating islands. That's a new one.

: We better go back first before exploring anymore. Still can't believe we're on floating islands, though.

Here's the Geomagetic Field. Unfortunately the falling leaves effect returns at this point, so the game kind of lags in this Stratum. It's really pretty looking at least, and I can't wait to see this on the 3DS screen. The music is fantastic too. Give it a listen.

PC-88 Version

: We're Guild Firefly.

: Yes, yes, Guild Firefly, of course. You've reached a new Stratum?

: Indeed. We were walking on floating islands, as outrageous as that sounds.

: Excellent! Floating islands, eh...? What wondrous magic! Could our ancestors have enchanted them? If an island can float, one assumes a castle can as well. Perhaps the legends are true... Please continue exploring the Labyrinth. I'm certain that you can find the floating castle. I have high expectations of you, explorers.

PC-88 Version

: I've been keeping an eye on Guild Esbat and the monsters... We can't let this stand. That legend of the heroes being taken to the floating castle... I thought it was a fairy tale, but... perhaps not. You must solve the mystery of the floating castle, for the good of this guild. That's al the advice I have for you. Never underestimate the Labyrinth.

PC-88 Version

: Yeah, we beat it.

: You mean I beat it.

: Not without our help.

: Don't ignore me either!

: The first time yeh showed up in my bar, I thought yeh were average explorers, but... I guess I'm getting old, if I can't tell whether a guild is any cop or not! Haw haw!

We won't take this one just yet. We'll get the best reward if we have a level 40 Survivalist.

: I dunno if we can do that request. Oh hey, how about this one?

: Ah, I knew yeh'd take that one. It was actually made for yeh... No one else could take it. The client specifically said so.

: Oh my, a private request?

: This town must be starting to realize our true greatness if they're wishing for us specifically.

: The rest is a secret... I'm not allowed to say anything but what I've already told yeh. Whoops, I've dropped a piece of paper on the bar. Damn my clumsy fingers. Why don't yeh pick it up for me and throw it away, hmm? I won't tell anyone about my little attack of the palsy if yeh don't... Yeh'll find out why it's so all-fired secret anyway soon! Haw haw!

: Who made this request?

: We'll find out soon enough.

: It makes me happy that you visit us here so often. Every time I see your faces, I feel relieved somehow. Hee hee... strange, huh? Oh yeah! My mother taught me how to bake cookies! I'll make some for you someday, okay? If you promise to try a few, I'll work extra hard on them!

: I look forward to it!

Selling the Snow Vine unlocks these two weapons. They're decently powerful and have the Ice atrribute.

The Snow Bone unlocks the Dark Hunter's best armor. We'll buy this later.

PC-88 Verison

: Which one would that be?

: They say you defeated that dangerous monster. As the town physician, you have my thanks. The monster injured an abnormal number of explorers, and I was becoming frustrated. When I heard you intended to face it, I was worried, but it seems my fears were baseless. Keep searching for the floating castle, and stay healthy!

: Huh? No we didn't.

: Oh... What I heard was you had grown wings and were flying around exploring... No?

: Ah wait, we were traversing on floating islands.

: Ohh, I see now! It's the islands that are floating! I wonder how that works? Do you know?

: I'm afraid not. It would be an interesting matter to look into.

: I wish this in could float! It would attract more guests, and just think of the view! Oh... but they might find it hard to come in... and how would I do the shopping? Well, I guess it was just one of my “flights” of fancy! Bahahaha!

I pass the time until it's 11 PM.

PC-88 Version

: Not long ago, I ventured into the Labyrinth without the knowledge of my advisors. I sought to save my father... I couldn't stand to see so many doing so much while I sat idle. As the Labyrinth is dangerous to brave by oneself, I took my faithful hound, King. Just as King and I entered the 16th floor... We encountered a horde of monsters! I was ready with the sword, and King fought bravely as well. But in the end, their numbers were too great, and their strength too terrible. When they overwhelmed me and knocked me to the forest floor... King drew their attention away, and led them into the Labyrinth. Shortly thereafter, the guard corps arrived and escorted me from the Labyrinth. But brave, faithful King, the one who saved my life, is still trapped in that maze. Minister Dubois and the guards tell me that I must honor his memory by staying out of harm. But that requires me to accept his death, and I do not. I would have you go into the Labyrinth and rescue my hound. But you must do this in secret. No one may learn of my request to you. When you find King, and I know that you shall, leave him with Mister Cass at the bar.

: Alright, we'll look for him.

: ......! Someone approaches. I must leave now... please, find King. But do not jeopardize your own lives in the process... May you be safe in your search.

: Oh no we were just uh-

: We uh, wanted to look at the Monster Codex.

: Yeah, we were just hanging around.

: Uh, we need to get going. Okayseeyoubye!

At this point I remembered to use up everyone's skill points.

Ken increases his TP pool.

Frederik finally maxes out War Edge, so he can learn Cursecut. I might rest him so I can relocate some of his points into this skill.

Bellamy increases his TEC stat more.

Gilbert levels up Stamina some more.

Aliara is learning how to Curse enemies so that she and Frederik can provide INFINITE TP to the party. At this level it has a 21% chance on inflicting Curse.