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Part 93: The Heavens' Governor

The Heavens' Governor

Final Boss: Overlord

Well, the thread decided to finish the main game with the party we started out with. So here we go.

One last look at their stats and equipment.

: Okay, this is it. Is everybody ready?

: I'm ready. I think.

: Hmm, now what would be the best way to- oh. Yeah, I'm ready.

: Hurry before my heart gives out for good.

: Bring it!

: Okay, here goes. I just wanna say, it's been nice working with every one of you.

: Same here, boss.

After swinging the heavy door open, you enter an open, well-lit chamber. The hall is filled with objects wondrous to your eyes, as well as a strange, echoing noise. As you struggle to take it all in, the mysterious voice booms from above you.

: Leave! I'm in the middle of renovating here!

: What? We're here for the Holy Grail.

: Oh. Very well then. Welcome to the inner sanctum of my Heavenly Keep... The King's Hall. We created it in the image of an ancient ark, that we might escape into the skies. I fear you will not understand my tale, but listen... Long ago, this world faced destruction. The signs were obvious, and so we made plans to flee the perishing earth for the skies. But mankind could not adapt to the drastically altered environment below.

: Oh, that's what those voices were talking about earlier.

: So you're from that time too. Just as I thought.

: I continued my never-ending research on life to save them. But some were not satisfied... They wished to die on their home soil... to return to the false lands on the dead earth. I performed experiment after experiment to save those who remained faithful to me... But the secrets of life are obscure and arcane. Little time remained to find a breakthrough. Thus did I discard my human form, transferring my mind to a body that would last forever. In this way, I continued my research to protect my flock from all manner of calamities. That research continues today. The Grail of Kings... source of that much-sought immortality... It is not yet fully functional. Genetic warping occurs, and men become something entirely other. If she had remained with me... Her specialty was genetic research... perhaps... No. The past is dead, and it is folly to speculate. I alone will discover man's salvation! I will not let you take the Grail of Kings from here! It is vital to mankind's future!

: Here he comes!

PC-88 Version

: Wait, that's the Overlord?

: Lame. I expected him to look more freaky.

: Looks like a giant upside down egg. I guess that explains his taste in décor.

: You. You get to die first.

Opening up with my standard tactic. Buff Ken, do damage, debuff Overlord.

And crap. I was banking on head binding him since he's not too resistant to binds.

: Crush him!

: Oh, I will! HA!

Look at those big numbers! That's a total of 950 points of damage right there!

And this is why I wanted the head bind to stick. This is going to suck.

: Um, okay?


: G-G-Gah. I c-can't keep m-my aim steady.

: Missed me!

: My n-n-nerves are acting up t-t-too much.

: Your days are numbered, Overlord.

: Stupid dumb curse.

: What the hell, Frederik!?

: You shall be the first sacrifice for the deep-

: Snap out of it, gramps!

: Nope.

: Okay, enough of this nonsense!

: My apologies for earlier. Now show that Overlord what for!

More crazy damage output from Ken.

That is so not going to help him.

: Fedot! Here!

: Thanks. Okay, ready... aim...


Not as much damage as Ken dealt, but dishing out a total of 856 points of damage is still a good amount.

: Why does this never work against the big guys?

: Now you know how I feel.

: We'll be taking that Grail now.

PC-88 Version

PC-88 Version

: Wow, that was easy.

: You think he would have put up a harder fight for the thing.

As you bask in your hard-won victory, the voice speaks again.

: It seems your power is far greater than I anticipated. But you do not understand... My research is still far from complete. Though I have created something of a prototype. True eternal life will not be possible until the Holy Grail is finished. And so I cannot allow myself to be defeated now. But I have a proposition... I will grant you immortality and inhuman strength... In return for which, you must leave the Holy Grail with me and depart from this castle. Think well... do not all humans desire life eternal and strength unsurpassed?

The Overlord's offer has been made, and he awaits your answer. The decision is entirely in your hands...

Saying yes here will result in an automatic game over, and you'll have to go through the first phase all over again.

: Like hell we will! I'm not getting turned into a monster!

: I've already lived a fulfilling life. Nothing lasts forever.

: Then, would you leave if I redecorate this castle?

: ...Okay, I might agree to that.

: Oh for the love of- NO!

: But this place could look a lot better and less yellow.

: We're here for the Grail, not for anything else. Besides, we have no reason to come back here once we're done.

You cannot leave when the Grail of Kings is so near at hand, and so you refuse the Overlord. At hearing your response, the Overlord sighs deeply before speaking again.

: Damn it. I should have known that wouldn't work twice. So... You choose destruction. It is inevitable, I suppose. Come to me where I wait, and you shall discover my true power.

: Oh he was just holding back? Great, this couldn't have been easy.

: Look on the bright side, we get to kick his ass again a second time!

If you try to leave through the door, you get this message instead.

And you can't use a Warp Wire to leave this place. You're stuck with the party you brought here. However, you can take the opportunity to heal up. Once you're done, just walk up to the throne to trigger the final battle.

: None shall deter me from my sacred goal! I shall surpass the limits of humanity!

PC-88 Version

PC-88 Version

: Okay, that actually looks better.

HP: 8000
STR: 75
TEC: 75
VIT: 70
AGI: 70
LUC: 56
Exp: 0
Item Drops: Lord Wrath - Unlocks Czar Cloth.
-Chunk of the Overlord's scale-like armor.
Description: The Overlord's true form, appearing with overwhelming power before the explorers.
Weakness: N/A
Resistance: N/A


Sunlight: Uses the head. Deals light Fire damage to the whole party. Has a chance to inflict head bind.
Ice Rain: Uses the head. Deals light Ice damage to the whole party. Has a chance to inflict arm bind.
Voltself: Uses the head. Deals light Volt damage to the whole party. Has a chance to inflict leg bind.
Distress: Cannot be disabled. Deals a heavy amount of untyped damage to a single target. Deals splash damage. Affected targets have their attack lowered.
Travel: Cannot be disabled. Deals a heavy amount of untyped damage to 3 to 5 targets.
Solitude: Uses the legs. Attempts to Curse the entire party.
Seek: Cannot be disabled. Recovers 862 HP and dispels all debuffs.
Dance: Cannot be disabled. Deals a moderate amount of untyped damage to the party and dispels all buffs.

So here's the real final boss of the game. His elemental attacks deal a pathetic amount of damage, but they have a decent chance to bind a body part, which can kind of screw you over depending on the circumstances. The moves you really have to worry about are Distress and Travel since they deal a ton of damage to your party. Solitude can be nasty to be on the receiving end of, but as long as you don't have every single party member attacking, you should be fine. Seek is a special countermove. He'll only use it when he has two debuffs. Dance is also a special countermove, which he has a chance of using if your party has a total of 11 or more buffs.

So how do you deal with this guy? Simple. Kill him before he kills you. That's it. That's all there is to this fight. Overlord is by far the easiest and most unmemorable final boss in the series. Not counting the special countermoves, you might not even see his entire skillset depending on your party setup. Even if you knew how to deal with Colossus, you had to put some thought into how you fought him. Not the case here, he's far easier than the Colossus.

Now, Overlord has a tendency to use Solitude on the first turn, so I'm gonna have everyone hold off on attacking.

Except for Nick, who's fast enough to move before Overlord.

Frederik will pump up Ken in the meantime.

And in case Overlord does use Solitude, Fedot will be able to dispel that immediately.

And Aliara boosts our party's damage even more with Dampen.

Nick didn't land the bind here, but it would have been nice if he did.

And my prediction was correct!

This should make his elementals deal even less damage.

: Everyone good to go?

: Yeah, thanks boss.

: Your days are numbered, Overlord! For real this time!

Now since that's over with, I have everyone go on the offensive. Aliara's job is done, she's just going to be supporting for the rest of the fight.


Ken still dishes out a crazy amount of damage.


Yeah, without Revenge, Hexers can't really do much.

: Okay Overlord, ready to get a taste of-

: Whyyyy...

: Frederik, could you hurry up and heal us?

: Hold on for a moment.

Not as much damag as Ken was dishing out, but it's still a decent amount.

: Hey Ken! Wake up!

: Gah! Now's not the time for me to take a break!

I need Ken to be killing Overlord again, so I have Frederik buff him.

: Like I was saying, have a taste of this!

Oh no. My Dark Hunter got his head bound. Whatever will I do?


Fortunately, I placed Aliara on temporary healing duty.

So you know what I'm gonna do about Nick's head being bound?

Bind Overlord's head right back!

: Hmm hmm mmhmm hmm hmm hmm!

: Do you really have to be like that at a time like this?

: Mmmmm mmm mmm!

: How macabre.


: Come on, I know I have more ammo somewhere!

And Fedot just went absolutely bonkers with Ricochet, getting a 5 hit proc off of that skill.

I have Aliara extend the duration of Dampen in case the fight goes on any longer.

Unfortunately for Overlord...

It's the end of the line for him.

: If you see Visil, send him my regards.

: At last, it's over.

: Whoa! We did it!

: Hahaha! What a pansy! Barely put up a fight!

: I guess that was easy after all.

PC-88 Version

And with that, we've beaten Etrian Odyssey II. And if you didn't like how one-sided those fights were, here's a video of me taking on both forms of the Overlord with a weaker party setup.

Video: Ending and Credits

PC-88 Version

PC-88 Version

During the credits of every EO game, you'll see some NPCs say a few lines.

That was the last bit of NPC dialogue. I guess I'll take this opportunity to say some stuff.

Etrian Odyssey II is actually my least favorite EO game. Even before this LP, I preferred EO1 over it and I still consider it the superior game.

Doing this Let's Play pretty much lowered my opinion of EO2 even more, although I'm not sure if you could tell. I was trying not to let that seep into the actual LP.

While there were a lot of improvements such as better map design and stuff like sidestepping, there's also a ton of stuff I didn't really like about this game. Really dumb stuff like FOEs not giving out exp, and guaranteed blindsides. Oh, and the really stupid way that gathering was nerfed. The really really terrible class balance didn't help either. I'd say it's probably the worst in the series in that regard. Right next to EO3, as much as I like that game.

On the other hand, the music was fairly decent, though it's not my favorite in the series.

So why did I make this Let's Play despite all that? Well mainly because there hadn't actually been an attempt at making an LP of EO2, despite some attempts at EO1 and EO3.

Also mainly to try my hand at LPing, because if I mess up and get booed off of doing a game I didn't really like in the first place, no big loss, right? That didn't happen, but doing this was a good experience.

The EO2 remake was still coming out at the time when I decided to start this LP. So I wanted to show off the game as a kind of a look back at the game that was being remade and how far the EO series had come since then.

Here's hoping the remake will be a massive improvement over the original.

Oh and one more thing I had a problem with, the horrendous QA! Like seriously, I ran into so many bugs during my playthrough of the game, and several I didn't even know about before this Let's Play!

This is no Sonic 06 or anything. I mean the game is still very playable, but the amount of bugs I ran into made me wonder what was going on with the debugging department. This is also the only EO game that's unoptimized and lags horribly while you're exploring the Labyrinth. None of the other games really lag all that much, if at all.

The other EO games do have their fair share of bugs, but they're nowhere near as plentiful as this game.

At any rate, I really enjoyed doing all this. You've been a good audience, and it was fun to challenge myself throughout the game.

Thanks for reading this Let's Play.

PC-88 Version