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Part 101: Another Dragon

Another Dragon

Unfortunately, The ancient blade can't completed yet, because you need to be far enough in the Dragon and Drake quest lines in order to finish it.

So instead I'm taking this one, which is the last quest in the rampaging monster quest line.

: Oh, they found that thing?

: How are yeh, Firefly? They found the monster's offspring with the information yeh got. My intelligence network is second to none! Its mama on the 11th floor has gotten to the point where no one can come near it... We've got to solve this as soon as we can, so we all got together, and... What was that thing's name?

: The Huelord.

: Ahhh, right, the Huelord. We found its location. Go to its nest in the hidden room on the 24th floor and beat the stuffing outta that bug! G'luck!

And here's another fetch quest.

: Huh, what do they need this time?

: Ahhh, here comes the Sitoth Trading Guild! Haw haw haw! The old man's got plans for a new weapon, and yeh guess it... he needs materials. Eh...? What's that sound?

A flash of white.

PC-88 Version

: What the crap was that!?

: It sounded like thunder...

If you try to talk to Cass during this time...

: If this place crumbles, we'll both be goners! I'll gather my essentials, so get out of here!

: Hurry and get those fires out! If you need more manpower, recruit the other guilds! You! Form a team to get those civilians to the Duke's Palace! And somebody get a medic! ...Firefly! You're okay!

: What the hell happened here!?

: The city's been attacked. This area is relatively intact, but the west side's in bad shape. There have been reports of a beastly howl and multi-forked lightning raining on the city. Some say they saw a golden shadow in the sky, but no one knows what's really happening.

: You're okay, right?

: What about the rest of Lagaard?

: Few of use here in the central city were hurt. The casualties are heavier in the west. I'm relieved to see you escaped unharmed. It's good to have people to rely on in a crisis.

The last choice will end the conversation.

: What can we do to help!?

: Thank you, we could use your help. I think we have repairs well in hand here, fortunately. I had a different task in mind for you... You can handle it, right? There's little doubt in anyone's mind that this is the work of that monster. I want you to confirm the cause of this disaster. Without knowing the situation, we can't be sure the worst is over. The monster may return. Knowledge is the key to victory. We'll take action according to the information you gather. Now move out! We're counting on you, Firefly!

: A golden shadow. Sounds kind of familiar.

: Now the question is, where can we find more information.

: The bar might be our best bet. We might find something out there. Who knows if it was just Lagaard that got attacked.

PC-88 Version

The item trade IV was actually a fake out. It's not a fetch quest, it's actually the next quest in the Dragon quest line. However, in order to complete that quest, you have to complete this quest first.

: Whew, yeh're all right! This is a disaster... The hospital's full up with the wounded. Yeh're looking to find out which monster did this, right? We can't let this stand! Hurry and find that thing, and pay it back in kind! Awrgh... That weren't what I came here to say, though. I've got a job for yeh, I don't know who requested it, but it's addressed directly to yeh. This letter came during the night... I dunno the details, but someone needs yer help. I never saw hide nor hair of them, but they left a reward for yeh. Polite phantoms, eh? Obviously, yeh're the only guild I can ask to do this one. I'm counting on yeh!

PC-88 Version

The moment the door is opened, there are two flashes of white.

The walls glow on and off while a terrible klaxon echoes throughout the chamber!

: What's going on!?

: I dunno, but it's really hurting my eyes and ears!

Your first instinct is to flee, but only by staying here will you discover what's going on.

No matter the reason, the flickering lights can only indicate some sort of danger! Your grip never leaves your weapon as you cautiously exit the room.

You screw up your courage and stay put to find the cause behind the flickering light. There is a sphere up ahead... It's flashing red at the same pace as the flickering lights.

You breathe a sigh of relief, glad to have solved the problem without resorting to combat. However, a new mystery seems to be unfolding... You notice just before leaving that there are words written on the sphere's surface.

Your quest will not be truly complete until you have solved this new riddle!

Can you figure out what those words mean?

The rainbow shape vanishes with the wind, seeming to land somewhere in the castle. You think back to the quest you accepted at the bar... You agreed to save a rampaging monster's child from the Huelord. You sense a fearsome fiend somewhere on this floor! You may search for it or choose to leave the area.

Is that a hole you see...?

Suddenly, you hear a high-pitched cry and the buzzing of wings from beyond the wall! You can crawl into the hole to reach the other side or simply give up here...

This a secret passage only appears once this quest is accepted.

: The Huelord has to be here!

: Yeah. Get ready everyone.

: That is one nasty looking bug.

: I dunno, it looks kind of pretty.

The sun reflecting off the fiend's falling scales causes an aurora-like effect... Beyond the fiend, you see a smaller monster... You draw your weapons. This fiend is the Huelord, which plants its eggs in other monsters's young! If you believe yourselves to be prepared, take weapons in hand and battle the fiend!

For some reason, the game lets you sneak around for a back attack, which is exactly what I do.

PC-88 Version

HP: 1399
AT: 49
DF: 50
Skills: Scales, Healskin
Item Drops: N/A
Description: It lays its eggs in other monsters's young, which hatch and devour the creatures from within.
Weakness: Volt (150%)
Resistance: Fire (75%)

Like the Call Ape, the Huelord is just a weaker but tankier version of an enemy we haven't seen yet. Healskin is unique to it, and will heal itself for a bit.

Really, you shouldn't have trouble with this thing.

PC-88 Version

At last, one of your strikes knocks the demon to the earth! You move to the monster's child and inspect it for any wounds. Its feet seem to be injured... but it will survive.

: I have no idea if you can understand me, but you're safe now.

: How are we gonna get it back to the 11th floor?

Suddenly, the wall behind you crumbles, and another monster appears!

: Oh great, another one?

You ready your weapons, but the beast ignores you in favor of the baby monster. After a moment, you grasp the situation...

: No, that's the child's mother!

This is the monster's mother, which you first encountered on the 11th floor! The monster helps its offspring up, and the two of them leave the room together. On its way out, the mother walks up to the Huelord and crushes it with its mouth and claws!

: Gross!

: That is the brutality of nature.

: I know, but still!

It grabs the insect's nail in its teeth and jerks it head to throw it towards you. The rainbow nail emits an odd light in your hand and begins to change its shape! This is the Bond Claw... It is only given to those who form a bond with the forest denizens! Congratulations! You have felled the king of the insects and saved the monster's child! Return to the bar in order to report your success!

: Did... did it just thank us?

: I believe so.

: It must've really appreciated us returning her child.

: Huh...

I haven't unlocked Ling's ultimate claw yet, so I guess this can hold him over in the meantime in the case I do decide to use him.

And now we're completely done with the 24th floor.

PC-88 Version

: Welcome back! What the...? Why are yeh lot sparkling like that!?

: Oh, that's because we're covered in bug scales.

: Eh? Bug scales? I wish I could ever understand the nonsense yeh lot talks... Anyways, here's yer reward. Thanks again!

Hamao IIIs are a very powerful consumable, essentially making it so that a character gets the benefits of resting at an inn. Anyways, let's finally do the Imminent destruction quest.

PC-88 Version

: May you receive the blessings of all-knowing Nuh, Father Ish, and Mother Ishsha. Please, stay and make yourselves at home. We are a bit shaken at present, but pay it no mind. Klanvaline is running amok, and has damaged the vault holding our most sacred treasures. It is a severe problem... Over half the treasures are unrecoverable. But for what reason have you come? We are always willing to help those we consider family.

: Lagaard also got attacked, and we were hoping to find out what caused that.

: That is a tragedy. There's no question that it is the work of Klanvaline. We cannot read the flow of Isa. Klanvaline's rampage has claimed your city and our vault. Since we have both been the victims of this misfortune, it may be best to cooperate.

: Who's Klanvaline?

: A golden reptile that has lived here for aeons. It soars across the skies and wields lightning. It is sometimes known as the Dragon Who Walks With Thunder.

: Oh great, that thing's back?

: I guess he never learned his lesson after we gave it the beat down of a lifetime!

: Heh, we'll just have to whoop his butt a second time, right Fedot?

: Um, I guess.

: We have never beheld it with our own eyes before... We could not have guessed at its size. Nuh created everything for a purpose... But what purpose could that beast serve?

To extract tears from unsuspecting and ill prepared players for Atlus' purposes. Also yes, Dragon actually has a name in this game. And only Dragon gets one, the other two are stuck with just being Wyrm and Drake. This is never referred to again by any of the other games.

: We accepted a quest saying that you needed our help.

: A quest? Ah, a request from one of your own. What of it?

: Didn't it come from you guys?

: ...You say the request came from one of us? Strange... It is our way to make every attempt at solving problems on our own before seeking help. However, the teachings also warn against refusing help when it is offered. Can you prove we asked?

: Would that it was a mistake, but I have my theories, and we could use more help. But without any proof our people sought your help, to enlist you would go against the teachings. If you have such proof, I would be eager to see it.

: There was a letter sent to us. Have a look.

: Now it is clear... I recognize this as the writing of some children from our village. They have asked your assistance, and thus you have come. It must be through the flow of Isa. I am powerless to resist his will. Great Firefly, please help us.

: Sure! What do you need?

: We are doing all that we can to move what treasure remains out of the vault. The treasure vault is currently on the verge of collapse after Klanvaline's rampage. Will you go to the vault in the west and return with as many treasures as you can carry? It has been severely damage already... It will not be long before it collapses entirely. The relics are also old and easily breakable. If you fall in battle, they will be lost. Please save as many treasures as you can. We are grateful for your help, Firefly.

So this quest actually trips up a lot of players. Mainly because one, Canaan was being vague. Two, the vault we need to look for is not actually on this floor despite Canaan's wording making players think otherwise.

PC-88 Version

The vault is actually in this spot. Thanks Atlus.

Further down, you see two winged ones crossing over the pillars and vanishing between the walls. You follow them until you come across a damaged wall. This must be related to the quest you accepted from the winged ones... You agreed to help transport their ancient treasure back to the village. The roof above is already cracked... in its state, it may crumble at any moment. The winged ones you saw before fly back into view, carrying something as they leave. You head into the vault, pick out the most important-looking treasures, and quickly leave.

: They have a lot of stuff. I don't think we can get it all out.

: Well let's hope these treasures are important enough for them.

The dying consequence only applies when you have the treasure with you. If someone dies, you'll instantly fail the quest if you don't revive them immediately.

: I admit, I was not expecting such superb work from earthbound ones. If the vault has not yet collapsed, we ask that you retrieve more treasures.

Oh, and you have to do this multiple times.

It is only a matter of time before the entire structure implodes. You quickly run in, gather what you can, and make your way out.

: But there is one last favor we must ask of you. At the very back of the vault is a box... If you could manage to bring it back safe, we can ask nothing more of you. Thank you.

: We'll make sure to get it!

: We don't have a lot of time left.

Taking extra care not to disturb anything, you set foot inside and cast your gaze around. You see the box--but at the same moment, Frederik calls out, noticing a figure on the ground.

: There's someone trapped here!

: Do not spare a thought for me! Quickly! Get the box!

The winged one lies unconscious. He seems to have been struck by fallen debris. Even the ceiling is making a terrible noise now... It is no longer safe to be here. You can heed the winged one's request and save the box, or tend to the winged one instead.

: Shit. There's too much debris in the way! We would all need to clear it out together to either get the box, or to rescue him. There's no time to go for both!

: So let's go for the box! Canaan sounded like he really wanted us to get it out!

: But we can't leave him to die like that!

: But this guy said to go for the box! It sounds like it's really important to them. Canaan might get pissed off if we don't get it!

: I'm not sure if I'm comfortable leaving him to die when we have a chance to save him. What do you think, Fedot?

: I... Um...

So, do we listen to the Winged One and go for the box? Or do we save him but leave the box buried forever?