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Part 68: Floor 18 Town Dialogue

Floor 18 Town Dialogue

PC-88 Version

: You must be here to--

: Oh, is this about killing that rampaging monster?

: Mm? Slay the monster? No, no, it's not that sort of task. As I said, the Duke's daughter is adamantly against the idea. We have lately found an expert on the subject in the central area of the 18th floor. He knows much about the forest denizens... His expertise has been useful to us in the past. I would like you to meet him and ask his advice on what to do with the monster from before. They say he collects rare guns as a hobby... Perhaps you could take him one such firearm as a gift to curry his favor.

: Do you know what kind of guns he likes?

: You could try crafting a Volt Gun of Malachite and a material from the fourth Stratum.

: And just what is this material we need?

: Alas, my aging brain can't quite remember what it is... I'm relying on you.

That's the quest dialogue for the quest I took last update. You need a Wind Blade, which are dropped from the Windsnips, to get the Volt Gun. Let's get the regular dialogue.

: Do you remember the protector you met once in the Labyrinth? One of Guild Beowulf's members.

: Haven't met the guy myself, but I heard about him.

: Oh, Flausgul? Yeah, I remember him. Huh. It's been such a long time since then.

Now that I check, I posted those updates around 3 to 4 months ago. Wow, it's been a while, huh?

: Though he has passed on, the people of Lagaard still talk of his bravery. Your guild is the center of attention now... but try not to follow in his footsteps.

: Thanks, but I don't think you need to worry.

: I expect great things from you while you stay in High Lagaard.

PC-88 Version

: We just came to check up on you. As usual.

: Ah... well, I was just thinking about something. That fairy tale about the explorers's souls being taken to the floating castle... Long ago, when the Labyrinth was discovered, I was amongst the first explorers.

: Did you believe in the legend back then?

: My only thought was for combat and protecting the squad. Such legends merely bored me. Even then, though, I remember some sort of scroll that the Minister held... It had a picture of a winged man carrying people into the flying castle. I thought at the time it could have something to do with the legend... that it might be true. That's all the advice I have for you. Never underestimate the Labyrinth.

: So that's how...

PC-88 Version

: When yeh first came here, nobody knew yeh... and now everyone does!

: I've made a huge mistake.

: What was that?

: Don't yeh remember? Yeh had no idea what to do next! I thought yeh looked a mite scrawny to me, but... Just look at yeh now! Yeh're one of the strongest guilds in town! I still can't believe how quickly yeh got that strong... Well, we're all counting on yeh lot! G'luck with everything!

It's been 5 months since the start of the LP, I could've been quicker.

: A-Ahh... Yeh're back. I meant to talk to yeh about that request...

: Yeah, don't worry. We found the Wood Rose!

: Wait, yeh found it!? I hate to be the one to tell yeh, but the request was cancelled.

: And just why is that?

: Yeh're not gonna believe this... I barely believe it myself! Those two are getting married!

; What!? Why!? How!?

: After I sent yeh on yer way, that tosser came in, and I gave him a piece of my mind. “Have yeh no pride!?” I said to him. “All a real man needs to woo a woman is his own body!” And what happens then? The tosser comes back, lady in hand! He thanked me for giving him the guts to come out and propose to her. And listen to this... She'd already fallen for him the moment she saw him! What does she see in him!? That's what I'd like to know! According to her, she didn't want any fancy gifts, just an honest display of love. I couldn't believe my ears! She didn't want anything!? Does such a lass really exist!? But sure enough... That's how the request was cancelled. I feel terrible for yeh lot. ...... Just between you and me... We're mates, right? Well, I've a proposition of my own. If yeh don't need this rose thingy, I feel bad enough that I'll buy it off yeh.

: Oh my, is there a lady you have an eye on?

: I thought you said you didn't need a Wood Rose. I guess I was wrong.

: No, that isn't why! Yeh're way off base! I just feel bad for yeh lot, it all... Look, I'll just buy it, okay!? Here's yer money, and all sales are final. Now go home already! Until next time...

You've been doing all these, right? Because this is part of an important questline.

: Ah, there yeh are! I've got a job I know yeh can't refuse.

: What makes you say that?

: Well, yeh can't blame me for saying so when yeh've already taken two jobs from the client! It's more work for the shop. Go to Sitoth Trading to get the details, as usual. G'luck!

We're not taking this one. I need a level 50 Ronin to get the maximum reward.

The next in the Queen piece quest.

: Ahhh, there yeh lot are! It's another quest about those golden chess pieces. I found a guy who has a piece, and I doubt yeh'll be surprised at this... It's that doc from the Lagaard Hospital! He's got the King! That's one of the most vital pieces in the game! I don't know where he got it, but he says he'll be willing to part with the piece. What are yeh waiting for? Go over there and see him!

This is a start to another important questline.

: Hmm, now what qu- Fedot. You should take a look at this.

: Hmm? What's go- Cass? What's this quest about?

: Ahhh, how're things? I've got an unusual client for yeh... Guild by the name of Esbat. Old member of theirs asked for yeh special.

: To be honest, I'd be fine if I never saw you again.

: Shh. Go on.

: But now I have a favor to ask... And it's clear to me that only you can do it. You don't know how much I'd appreciated it if you helped me out on this...

: Well, spill it. What do you want?

: Ms. Artelind disappeared into the Labyrinth the day after you defeated the ice queen... Before, we had a sort of mutual understanding with the monsters on that floor. We promised to protect them... And I believe breaking that promise distressed Ms. Artelind. A guard said he saw her around the 9th floor, on the second Stratum. We can't convince her to come back. You're the only hope our benighted guild has left.

: The second Stratum should be child's play for yeh lot. Won't yeh help the poor man out?

: ...Yeah, we'll do it.

: Why? Didn't those two try to kill you?

: I guess it wouldn't be right to not help him.

: I didn't ask you.

: Well, she's right. That's pretty much the reason.

This quest might seem a bit simple, but we can't complete it right now. The area we need to go to is currently inaccessible to our party. We need to get farther in the 4th Stratum before we can complete this quest.

: You took another one of our requests? Thank you so much! My father is working on a new weapon, and we need materials to finish the project. This time, we need... Ummmm... 1 Plum Quill! It sounds hard to get... I hope it's not too much to ask. I'll be here in the store, so come by and sell it to me when you find it! We're really counting on you!

: Ah, we have a Plum Quill right here!

: When he did pick it up?

: Oh, he was just here to pick them up! Didn't... Didn't you see him?

: Uh, no?

: What a shame... I'd love for him to meet you all, but he just won't come outside. I'll make sure to introduce you to him next time. It would be wonderful if you all got along! My father is always telling me, you know... That the only husband for me is someone like you! He says only they can take over the shop. But I can't just force someone to take over here... He's so funny about these things! Oh, I think I hear him calling! Maybe he's finished...? Sorry, I have to go! Thanks so much for everything. I hope we can count on you again!

If you talk to Abigail instead of leaving after you sold everything, she'll say this following line of dialogue for every one of those quests.

: You came about the job, right? I was afraid of that... You already sold us all the materials we needed for our project! I'm so, so sorry. I really mean to go ask Cass to cancel the request... I knew there was something I forgot to do! But since you did complete the request a little early, you can still have the reward! It's over at the bar whenever you want to pick it up. I can't apologize to you enough... I hope you'll still help us next time we ask.

And here's her floor 18 dialogue.

: Um... Here are the cookies I baked for you all. Y-You will try them, won't you?


: Settle down Aliara! Save some for the rest of us!


: She's just stuffing them down her throat.

: How are they? D-Do they taste all right? I tried some, but... Just tell me what you think before you go!


: Huh, these are pretty good. Thank you.

: How'd it go? Ah, never mind... I don't need to ask. That shop owner never comes out of his workshop, right? But he was here just the other day. He asked me about Firefly, and at first I thought something must have been wrong. But once I started paying attention to the man, it turns out he really likes yeh lot. Yeh're really something, yeh know? Waltz in one day, and get the whole city on yer side. Us plain folk aren't s'posed to favor one guild over another, yeh know... But I'm hardly one to talk, am I? Haw haw haw! Just don't start expecting me to add a gratuity to yer rewards! See yeh next time. Take care of yerselves!

I'll show off all the new equipment at the end of the update.

PC-88 Verison

: You have the King piece, right?

: The golden piece? Oh yes, I heard from the bartender. One of the nobles came in here for treatment of a wound sustained in the Labyrinth. It was a difficult procedure, but I saved his life. He gave me this piece in thanks. I heard you're collecting them, so I posted a request. The patient said as long as I put it to good use, I can do whatever I like with it. And I can't think of a better use for it than giving it to you. This may sound awkward, but... Can you do me a little favor?

: Sure, what do you need?

: There's a patient upstairs, still a little kid. He's very sick, and he's due for radical surgery soon. I heard you've been to the fourth Stratum... Do you know the Gold Quill? It's a shining feather that a large, golden bird on the floating islands drops. It's absorbed so much solar energy that it's known to be able to cure any illness. Which is a myth, of course. If it were true, there'd be no need for doctors or hospitals! But the myth makes it a good placebo, if we gave it to him and explained the effects. Sorry, I guess I've said too much already... I'd like to give him both the Gold Quill and a Rook piece. I've already left the King piece at the bar, so trade in those two things when you find them. Thanks!

The Gold Quill is dropped from an enemy on the 19th floor. Let's see his regular dialogue.

: It's been a long day, and I had a very early start. Has anything happened?

: We reached the 18th floor. That's about it.

: Many guilds who followed you up to the 18th floor come back maimed or worse... When I ask what happened, all they can do is groan in response. But you're okay?

: Other than getting mauled by a pumpkin, yes we're okay.

: Phew... I'm very glad to hear it. If you'll excuse me, I have patients to tend to. Be careful up there, all of you.

: I get dizzy even thinking about how high up that must be. Sometimes when I'm out with my daughter, we look at the tree and guess where you might be. You guys don't look like much, but I know it's a different story in the Labyrinth. I wish I could see you in action... You'd protect me if I went in with you, right?

: Perhaps you could protect yourself? You look fairly strong.

: What!? You think I look strong enough to protect myself!? Oh, nononono! I'm a dainty flower of femininity! How could I fight a monster? Bahahaha!

I go fetch the items for the Dinner for one quest.

: Welcome back! Yer client was just by. I delivered the goods and she were pleased as punch. So, what now? Got any exciting missions in the works?

: Not really. Could you tell us more about what happened when she picked up the ingredients?

: Eh? Well, sure, I s'pose so. She did say she was off to cook his dinner and ran right home.

: Could you look up the ingredients we got for her? Something doesn't seem right about this.

: Fine, if yeh insist, I'll look them up. Now where'd I put it...? Let's see now... Hm... This is the stuff, right? Yeah, says right here in--wait one minute! Dangerous ingredients? H-Hey! That stuff's poisonous! Damn... this one, too!? Says it goes right through the bloodstream, making the heart... M-Mother o'...! Wait here! I'll be right back!

Cass leaves and comes back.

: Well!?

: Oi... Thanks for insisting I look that stuff up. The poor blighter nearly died! The woman was round the twist! Just cause she saw hubby walking around town with another girl... She decided to cook up a poison stew! Chills me to the bone...


: Good thing I put a stop to all that, innit? Though I didn't see what happened next... And I thought this quest'd be boring! Had more excitement than I bargained for... I s'pose domestic disputes can be more dangerous than the Labyrinth beasties, eh? Oh, nearly forgot. Here's the reward... Great job! I'll be counting on yeh!